Moon in Pisces Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Piscean instinctive reactions.

Moon in Pisces

Someone born with the Moon in Pisces is said to display the most beautiful behavior in the world. These people are using their imagination in a very impressing way and combine it with a lot of creativity and ingenious drive.

The Moon says a lot about one’s instinctive reactions and desires and when at the time of birth resided in Pisces, the individual will display a special type of emotions and will seek specific outlets through which to satisfy their needs.

Moon in Pisces in a nutshell:

  • Style: Intuitive and tender;
  • Top qualities: Enthusiastic, compassionate and philosophic;
  • Challenges: Vulnerability and pretentious behaviour;
  • Advice: Take time to be on your own.
  • Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Jackson.

Emotions and generosity

If you spend just an hour in their company, you will instantly be revealed their dreamer side, and you will observe that this side enhances their emotional personality and their intuition.

The Moon Pisceans have a natural need to isolate themselves from the rest of the world from time to time because the pressure had accumulated for so long, they really need the rest.

In general, though, it’s just something they do without having a reason necessarily. Just like an introvert needs to be alone and replenish their batteries after a long exposure to many social events, this native will put aside every other responsibility, refuse to answer the phone, and just stay cooped up in his/her home.

This is their method to regain the emotional balance necessary to take on life’s challenges, as well as the confidence required in their day-to-day activities.

Because they are ruled by a Piscean Moon, these natives receive the same inner satisfaction through random acts of generosity, helping someone in need, or being compassionate with a friend.

A person born with the Moon in Pisces takes their mental and emotional energy from sensations like affection, empathy, and so on. However, they must keep in mind not to overdo it in this sense, because sometimes, they can forget about their own person, and focus too much on the outside world, on the wellbeing of other people.

And this leads to forgetting the self, which is in no way acceptable, or good for them. These people, when surrounded by adverse conditions, are prone to escapist behaviors and to addiction. They are more sensible than others and could become sick or vulnerable unconsciously.

Compassion vs vulnerability

Compassion, tenderness, humanitarianism come as natural as breathing to the lunar Pisces and it’s actually not far from the truth that these small acts of kindness are a form of breathing for them.

They’re a vital form of energy, a mental one, that helps the Moon Pisceans achieve their goals, become better than they once were, and self-develop. They do create a goal out of helping people, and this can only be admirable because there aren’t a lot of pure-hearted souls like them out there.

The only danger here consists in their vulnerable nature under the Moon’s influence. They tend to trust people too easily, and this may come to their disadvantage because many could manipulate them.

Pisceans born under the watching gaze of the Moon are a very philosophic and imaginative bunch, always coming up with new and innovative ideas to put their plans into action. Everyone wonders about their abilities and potential because it seems to be endless and unfathomable.

The downside here is that this visionary personality comes at the expense of realism and pragmatism. They sometimes have problems settling on a battle plan, making a decision when it matters, in pressing situations. Just look at their symbol, the two Fish, swimming in apparent different directions, a contradictory nature that hardly finds peace.

And on top of this, add the emotionally disturbed nature of some Moon phases and you can understand why these natives are slightly unprepared if something unexpected comes up. A confident and rational partner is all they need, then.

Inspiration from the arts

If the Moon was residing comfortably in the sign of Pisces when you were born, then you shouldn’t really hide from whom you are, someone with the soul of an artist and intuitive prowess, someone who can see beyond the veil of the palpable world.

You are someone who would be capable of extracting profound knowledge from the world and transform it into a plethora of new ideas.

The source of this trans-mundane inspiration comes from the many cultural domains of art, which these natives are drawn to studying and to gaining knowledge from.

The least they would want to do is live with their feet on the ground, having to face their worst fears – reality, responsibilities, the real life. Thus, they live in their dream world most of the time, only coming out of it to take care of the day-to-day tasks or to have some humanly fun with friends.

Positive highlights

Meeting someone with the Moon in Pisces is an experience in itself and you can be sure that this native will make you feel very comfortable in their presence.

They are very good as friends, they have a very generous personality, and a very beautiful giving-heart, which is being governed by emotions and sensibility, as influenced by the Moon of course.

They are kind and peaceful and enjoy spending their time in nature or actually in any outdoor space, even in the middle of a busy city.

Another quality that these signs have relates to the fact that they put a lot of meaning in their professional life, and they are amazingly good leaders, which could also translate in the fact that they secretly wish to occupy important positions and make vast amounts of money.

What you may not think possible, given their dreamy nature, is the fact that a Moon in Pisces individual succeeds in regaining their balance from the worst periods in their life, with a smile brightly shining on their face, and with a lot of determination, because their heart is always open and sincere.

The downsides

Coming back to what we’ve mentioned earlier that the Moon Pisces are very good when it comes to leadership, you might want to consider yourself warned that this quality can actually easily transform in a flaw.

During tense moments especially, these natives are prone to exaggerations and a pretentious behavior. They may surface some high expectations from those around, although their actions may not reflect that they are giving back as much as they require.

If you are governed by the Moon in Pisces and you read this, you should always remember that the love and respect for your loved ones and the good harmony in your family are more important than your desire for domination and manipulation, because even if for the moment your ego can be satisfied, it’s not something that is going to last forever, but your soul’s happiness and fulfillment will.

Just give up on your dramatic reactions and be more patient, and you will see that this change of attitude will make you constantly happy.

And more than that, it will also give you the energy to continue through life unimpeded almost, and even give you the required strength to solve most of your problems.

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