The Moon in Pisces Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She knows how to read people, how to intuitively perceive their motivations and attitudes based on the way in which they manifest emotionally.

Moon in Pisces woman

This woman is very kind and compassionate, and she intuitively knows how people feel and why.

This also means that she is very vulnerable to emotional trauma. The energy vibes floating around other people can affect her on a profound level, especially when this comes from someone close or a love partner. Also, she’s very idealistic.

The Moon in Pisces woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Sociable and visionary;
  • Negatives: Emotional and pessimistic;
  • Soulmate: Someone with great taste and patience;
  • Life lesson: Making time for personal development.

Great at solving problems

A Moon in Pisces woman will always stay true to her inner child. Always enthusiastic, highly energetic, and buzzing with anticipation at even the smallest of joys, she’s one of the cutest and most adorable of natives out there.

She can get scared really quickly, just like a little cat, she’s pure of heart, and she doesn’t like overly-aggressive people. These things make her take some distance, but not back away completely.

In fact, she can be quite determined and ambitious in her own way, unlike her male counterpart, who is more liable to give up easier.

She knows how to read people, how to intuitively perceive their motivations and attitudes based on the way in which they manifest emotionally.

This greatly helps her in her social relationships, but this ability can become quite problematic because it’s not something they can just turn off.

They are literally psychic sponges, feeling anything and everything at a much more intense way than the rest of us. Negativity, sadness, depression, disappointments, they will be wrecked by all of these on an emotional level.

Realistically speaking, these natives are pretty good at solving problems and at dealing with challenging situations.

Surprising or not, given their high emotional vulnerabilities, they aren’t efficient in this regard because of their abilities or ambitious nature. Not at all!

They are imaginative, creative, visionary, and they have many weird ideas that they put into practice. With the help of their intuition, they apply these ideas to the problem at hand, and voila, problem solved.

Besides being able to connect the dots immediately and put this to a practical use, they can also find some outlets to pour in their creative energy, artistic interests.

It may come as another surprise, but these women aren’t dependent on their partners, at least not in the sense that they would search for their personal fulfillment through the other person.

Emotionally, sure, they have some expectations from their partner, but in general, they can be pretty detached. This helps them in avoiding certain problems and the potential disappointment.

Hurting them thus becomes harder, but not quite impossible. They still remain one of the most sensitive women out there, but this is just a layer of protection.

The tender lover

If you are interested in a woman born with the Moon in Pisces, you should know that she has a very powerful and magical allure when it comes to being sensual and romantic, and sometimes this can be more than a normal society can take.

For you as a partner, this will be really worth it, because you will taste an incredible and colorful love. But you have to be very careful with her if she had some bad emotional experiences in her past.

Even if she has an incredible power of forgiving someone, she doesn’t have the ability to pass through all those negative feelings.

You have to help her to overcome them, or she will never be able to do it alone. But all your efforts will be rewarded fully because she will treat you like her guardian angel.

When she loves, the Moon in Pisces woman acts with tenderness, affection, and utmost compassion for her partner.

She will literally look at him with renewed eyes, with the eyes of a lover, of someone who would do just about anything for him.

This native doesn’t need long to fall in love with someone, and it’s usually very intense and passionate in the beginning phases.

However, this can be quite lethal because it’s all contingent on one simple fact – that the partner is honest and real with his intentions.

If he turns out to be a prick who just wants to have a good time with her, it’s going to smack her right in the head with a bang, and it’s all going to be a tremendous shock to her. It’s always a surprise, unfortunately.

The Pisces Moon in woman has a little problem when she chooses her partners. Even though she is good on a psychological level, emotionally, she is tempted to ignore all the bad things that her partner does, thinking that she can live with him without calculating all those aspects.

That’s why she may find men who don’t respect her, most of the times, men which manipulate her and who use her for their selfish pleasures.

If she will not solve this, she may end up really disappointed, divorced or unmarried at an old age, because this woman has the ability to save herself eventually from such a toxic relationship.

Because this sign is really mental flexible and open-minded, she can be a really interesting and loving partner for you.

She is calm and tolerant and she can put you up on a pedestal to make you feel really appreciated, but be sure that she will put you down immediately if you wouldn’t treat her like you should treat a woman.

Because of her easy-going personality, she makes a good team with a Virgo, but you shouldn’t forget that she is a perfect partner for a Taurus as well, Sagittarius and Capricorn. In a way or another, the magic of the Moon in Pisces will make things work perfectly.

Watch out

Even though you’re a sensitive and empathetic woman thanks to the influence that the Moon in Pisces has on you, you must really pay attention to your emotional vulnerability.

You find fulfillment in helping others overcome their problems, but they also consume your energy at the same time. All that negativity and sadness affect you, even though you may not see it at first.

You should find some ways to relax and forget all about the problems of other people. Let the joy of life fill your pores once again.

Moreover, as a Moon in Pisces woman you can be a little too sensitive at times, and you may feel attacked for no reason at all.

One of the most difficult things to accept for the Moon in Pisces woman is the boring day-to-day chores, those responsibilities that you just “have to do”, or even working to get money, which you then use to live your life however you see fit.

All of these meaningless responsibilities and tasks that you do, these women understand that they mean nothing and aren’t important at all, at least from the perspective that they aren’t permanent.

As such, you would prefer to dream, to roam around the world and experience the best possible feelings, to fulfill yourself emotionally.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.