Taurus Sun Pisces Moon: A Protective Personality

Gentle and kind, the Taurus Sun Pisces Moon personality is a great reader of people, however, many will try to take advantage of their tolerant nature.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon people may seem like they belong to a different plane of reality. These Taurus natives are great at remembering things in great detail.

Disciplined and down-to-earth, they can give shape to the most seemingly impossible dreams. But they need to be alone in order to find their inner peace and analyze the vibes of people and situations. They are motivated only if their heart agrees to do something.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Reflective, fair and compassionate;
  • Negatives: Riotous, critical and devious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is gentle and allows them their space to dream;
  • Advice: Be careful with the dreams you are trying to follow.

They don’t like to be criticized. While they are generous and open, they need to be respected for them to act like their humorous, playful selves.

Personality traits

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon natives are creative and imaginative. They tend to create a dream life for themselves, often losing their connection with reality.

The Taurus makes them more stable and peaceful, but the Pisces inspires them to be changeable. While wanting affection and to be appreciated, these natives can isolate and restrain their feelings for their own protection.

Because they are sensitive, they won’t be able to put up with stress. Learning from others’ mistakes is not their strong point either. At least they are ambitious and bold even though it seems difficult for them to be like this.

When others don’t agree with their point of view, Taurus Sun Pisces Moon individuals just hide their head in the sand.

It’s important they accept themselves for whom they are. Deep and gentle, people will admire them for these qualities. Not to mention they have a knack for the artistic and spiritual world.

As a matter of fact, Moon Pisces are the most creative Taurus natives in the zodiac. It’s the wisdom and practicality of the Taurus combined with the deepness of the Pisces.

These people wouldn’t even think to ever hurt others. They are self-conscious and know how to be fair. And they should appreciate their sensitive side more often.

Only this way, they would have more compassion for themselves. If they would disapprove of their own actions, they would only fail in life.

Strongly attached to their own emotions, they are also easily impressionable when someone flatters or shows them love. They will respect everyone, no matter where they will be.

What they think of people is usually accurate and correct. Because they are so kind and tolerant, it’s possible many will try to take advantage of them.

That’s why they need to somehow discriminate when choosing their friends. While taking everything seriously, they have a tendency to think as if they are not part of this world.

It’s very easy for Taurus Sun Pisces Moon people to lose their grip on reality. If they won’t allow their stubbornness to interfere, they will become much more powerful and able to get things done more efficiently.

Another problem they may have is that they can have too much of everything: from too much food and sex to even drugs and alcohol. Both the Taurus and the Pisces are prone to excesses.

Opening themselves to others can help them stay on the right track in life. They are a combination of sensuality and spirituality.

While they can dream, inspire and realize, they can also become delusional and deceiving. This combination of the Sun and the Moon makes them inventive and original, their ideas being appreciated by everyone.

But as said before, there is the danger they lose themselves in a fantasy world, which makes them more artistic at the same time as delusional.

The Taurus keeps them grounded, the Pisces makes them dreamy. The same Taurus is the one responsible with discipline and self-control.

When it comes to friends, these people want to have as many as possible. However, they tend to spend a lot of time alone.

When someone wants to know them, they become open and sociable. In their love relationships, they will be very affectionate and often romantic.

They won’t let themselves be influenced by the wrong people. It’s suggested they don’t overdo things because it can be very harmful for them.

The more confident, optimistic and proud of themselves they are, the happier they become. When they are feeling great, Taurus Sun Pisces Moon natives are idealistic.

They usually trust their feelings to a great extent. What they are dreaming about will very much influence their relationships and connections with the material world.

Love characteristics

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon lovers are very friendly when they need to be natural and spontaneous. Being in love is something they really appreciate and want from life.

They are very interested in pleasuring all of their senses. Many would say they are too simplistic, but these guys really know what enjoyment is all about. Not to mention they have a special ability to keep a relationship secure.

As the most sensual people in the zodiac, Sun Taurus natives are amazing lovers. All they want from life is peace and love. They are famous for their patience, so they’ll never push their loved ones to do what they don’t want.

One of their main defects is their stubbornness. Moon Pisces are intuitive and dreamy. When their partner will think of something, they will immediately pick it up and make it their own.

As the most sensitive Moons of the zodiac, these guys need a calm and gentle partner who’s able to offer them peace and quiet when they want to dream.

Moon Pisces are often living in a different world, one of dreams and fantasy. It’s normal for this sign to transcend reality. That’s why they need a positive, more down-to-earth partner.

When life seems too harsh, these Moons retreat in their dream world and never come out. They are generous people who can forget about themselves when they are loving others.

The Taurus Sun Pisces Moon man

The Taurus man with the Moon in Pisces is a mutable sign belonging to Water. He’s emotional and can feel things that others have difficulty perceiving.

Because he has this connection with the Otherworld, he can be a great artist. The Taurus Sun Pisces Moon man will always be in tune with the moods and the feelings of others. He will be able to put them into words, to interpret and play them as if they are his own.

His artistic creations will probably be among the most appreciated. It’s sometimes difficult for people in Pisces to differentiate their feelings from others’.

This man will have it all, from great highs to the lowest lows. Governed by Neptune, they need to carefully choose their friends because when not in sync with others, they become too emotional and inefficient.

Moon Pisces man’s big heart will always convince him to help those in need, no matter what. Because he’s so empathic, he needs to set some boundaries between him and others or he will no longer find his way.

His friends and family will always appreciate him for being next to them all the time. However, this guy needs to learn how to be less stressed and not to carry the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.

The Taurus Sun Pisces Moon woman

Delicate, affectionate and a lover of sweet talking, the Taurus Sun Pisces Moon woman can be negatively influenced by some of the relationships in her life.

But she’s responsive and intuitive, so she’ll manage herself all fine. Gentle and calm, this lady needs to be more pragmatic because she has the tendency to retreat in this fantasy world and live an illusion.

Her friends need to be chosen carefully because she can get easily manipulated. She wouldn’t need someone aggressive to push her around. Also, not someone domineering and insisting.

If she wants to be truly happy with a soulmate, she shouldn’t hurry to marry from a young age. Her partner would have to understand her sensitive and caring nature before being her husband.

The more this lady will be open and communicate easily with others, the happier she will be. There are many things she can offer, so why should she keep them inside?

The Taurus’ perseverance is present in her, so she will very much succeed at what she may be doing in life. Her power will come from her ability to renew.

Her spirituality can also be a good source if she knows how to address it. The more she will explore her creativity, the more restrictions she’ll have.

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