Leo Sun Aries Moon: A Frank Personality

Active and demanding, the Leo Sun Aries Moon personality is not one to sit aside but would rather take on board the craziest of initiatives.

Leo Sun Aries Moon

When the Leo Sun Aries Moon people speak, the world listens. Aggressive and trusting their own abilities, these natives achieve a lot in life by being courageous. They are bold enough to talk, to take risks and to not have a single inhibition.

Born leaders, they are the happiest when they’re controlling things. Their energy and determination will always bring them enough for their egos to be fed. And most of them have really big egos.

Leo Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Enthusiastic, frank and productive;
  • Negatives: Fantasist, controlling and impulsive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who challenges them in all sort of ways;
  • Advice: They should be humbler when it comes to own achievements.

Many of them are warriors who perceive the world as their fighting scene. It doesn’t matter if it’s about philosophy, romance or the everyday life, they can’t find the fun in a situation without putting up with a challenge.

Personality traits

Leo Sun Aries Moon individuals pay little attention to fantasy. They are too busy for it anyway. You will never find them daydreaming because they are the type who just takes action.

That’s why life next to them is never boring. Just like all the free and expressive personalities, they are constant and very sure of themselves. Their inner thought and emotions will never be suppressed.

All of their aggressiveness will be focused on something constructive and productive. They give a lot of importance to their career. Just like all the Leos, they want to be recognized and to live a comfortable life with many pleasures.

There will be no one and nothing to stay in their way because they’re determined and focused. Their passion and enthusiasm make them as hot as fire.

It’s not unusual for them to engage in projects that seem impossible because that’s the way they prefer to live their life.

What makes them tick is being appreciated for their efforts and talents. They love to know that others are aware of how much they can express and come up with.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon combination indicates they want to leave something behind after they’re gone. They will fight for a cause or a person will all their strength because it makes them feel they are fighting for themselves.

Just to sit aside and observe things happening is simply not their style. They need to get involved and to leave their mark. And they will use all their courage to have a battle with themselves and to become great leaders.

This will be another opportunity for them to show how confident and reliable they are. It’s suggested they learn it can be hard for others to adjust to their pace. They also have to see how their charm, generosity and motivational ability are something they need to service others with, no to use as a show off.

Their ego can often take over and they can become so self-centered that they forget all about their values. Realizing their power relies also in their flexibility and ability to compromise will have them winning any battle.

Having win-win situations can also help them be happier and at peace with others. But too much pride, risk taking and confidence in oneself don’t have to rule their life. Not to mention they sometimes can be too passionate and forget all about logic.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent they are, Leo Sun Aries Moon individuals still need to think before acting. Because they are aware of their own forces and they trust their intuition, they will sometimes stop and be proud of what they’ve decided.

But no one can be sure of what they have done all the time, so being humble is the best way to go. Listening to advice from others is also a good idea.

Noble spirits at heart, these natives have a tendency to be arrogant. Because they’re straightforward and frank, they will often hurt with their words. Not that they mean to, they simply are too honest and eager to express what they truly feel.

Controlling this will help them make others understand they have respect for everyone. When it comes to their job, they’re creative and productive if everything around them is in good harmony.

Impulsive lovers

Leo Sun Aries Moon people should pay more attention to their lover’s actual needs and desires because they can become too protective and even intimidating.

Leos want recognition, to be in love and dramatic. They are their own heroes who need a companion.

Enthusiastic and always in love, they want others to be as honest, trustworthy and loyal as them. Especially in their love life.

However, their spirit of adventure and passion will have them betraying those principles. They will be with a person who’s as passionate and exciting as themselves. And it can be difficult to find people like this.

Not to mention they need a partner who admires and appreciates them like Kings and Queens, every day. When they are bored or feel neglected, they break up and start looking for someone else.

Moon Aries lovers have to be challenged. You’ll never have them doing domestic tasks or sitting on the sofa, just relaxing. That’s why they need a partner who challenges them.

When they want to show that they trust someone, they burst into emotional tantrums. If they will tell you that you’re annoying, you can be sure they care about you.

Their defect is impulsiveness. And when they experience it, they no longer care about anyone. They like to let their emotions rule. But this is not bad. What’s nasty about them is that they can be selfish and not one tiny bit empathic.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon man

Because they can’t seem to have fun without overcomplicating things, Leo Sun Aries Moon men are always doing something. They also have high principles of loyalty and honor. Not to mention how well-established their morals are.

While aggressive, they would never betray someone. Dishonesty and duplicity makes them want to run away.

As they’re energetic and ambitious, they will never sit around and wait or daydream. They will always take action. These natives are too busy to fantasize. They know how to make their voice heard. And they definitely are very courageous.

They will talk about their feelings and ideas without being inhibited. As natural born leaders, these Leos are the happiest when they’re in control. Because they take action and have great aspirations, they will always gain the attention they so eagerly require.

Their Aries influence makes them warriors. Life with a Leo Sun Aries Moon man is never boring. Because he’s so happy and innocent, he will never suffer from emotional or psychological issues.

Trusting himself, this guy will never try to hide his inner urges. The fact that he’s direct and ready to take action will have him doing something constructive all the time.

Just like all the Leos, he gives a lot of importance to his job and social position. He wants to be appreciated and to have a comfortable life. His views and principles are high.

A noble soul, it’s like he’s a member of the aristocracy. But he can forget that others get hurt when he’s being so direct and expresses his harsh opinions. Yet he likes the way he is and expects others to be the same.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon woman

Women with their Sun in Leo and their Moon in Aries are intense, intuitive and highly driven by challenges. These ladies can be very courageous and take some risks that others wouldn’t even dare to think of.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon woman will take on any project without hesitating. Her temper is quick, and her reaction time is incredible.

She hates failure and she always tries to make things better as soon as they start to go down. If someone will threaten her honor, she’ll immediately become defensive.

She’s a fighter who always wants the first place. Problems that she has will be addressed with the utmost dedication and effort. People will see her as having the talent of an executive.

Active and open to the new and things that can enhance her confidence and image, this lady will enthusiastically and intensely pursue her goals.

She may be impulsive and too hurried, but she will try everything in life. The responsibilities and obligations that she has will always be fulfilled. She doesn’t like it when people are more intellectually developed than her.

She thinks she’s not that smart anyway. But no one will know this about her as she’s always in control and leaves the impression that she’s superior.

Common sense characterizes her very much. She will play the leader’s role very well, either at home or at work.

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