Aries Sun Aries Moon: An Admirable Personality

Self-confident, the Aries Sun Aries Moon personality may sometimes express too openly and risk hurting others with bold words and conclusions.

Aries Sun Aries Moon

With the Aries Sun Aries Moon in the birth chart, you get to have double the Aries influence. These people recharge only when they are very active and involved in situations that require them to be more courageous.

When these natives will have to react to emotional matters, they will be quick. They are also open about their feelings and enjoy confrontation. Fresh starts are what make them tick in both their professional and personal lives.

Aries Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Responsible, visionary and intuitive;
  • Negatives: Contradictory, moody and egocentric;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will challenge and keep them entertained;
  • Advice: They need to understand that their peers may not be as adventurous as them.

Personality traits

Aries Sun Aries Moon people will always be fresh, charming and positive. Only their insensitivity is negative, because they find it difficult to listen to others, or to make time for friends and family. The combination of the Sun and the Moon reveals intelligence, a strong intuition and even brilliance.

Still, this doesn’t mean people born in this conjunction are right all the time, or that they shouldn’t listen to others. If they acted less on impulse, they would have better relationships.

Most of the time, these natives live in the moment and can’t remember what mistakes they have made in the past in order to avoid them in the present. And experience can be a great teacher for anyone.

Because they are so energetic, they need to have many hobbies. Physical exercise is something they absolutely have to include in their life. It would be impossible for these natives to have a routine.

They need variety and to be challenged all the time. The higher the difficulty of a project and the more responsibility it involves, the happier they are. When bored, they become frustrated and self-destructive.

Students of life, Aries Sun Aries Moon individuals like progress and for situations to change as often as possible. They will be interested in science, social studies and medicine.

They want to make their voice heard and to face new situations with courage. They are the happiest when they have power.

It’s important for them to realize that only by understanding others they will be able to understand themselves, too. A person can’t be themselves without comparing with others.

Every idea the Sun Aries will come up with, the Moon Aries will intensify it. People born under this conjunction may be so independent that their romantic relationships won’t work. As such big individualists, they need to be tamed. These natives are so impatient with others, they seem intolerant sometimes.

Arieses are reckless people, so imagine what happens when both the Sun and the Moon are in this sign. The people who have this combination in their chart will answer to any provocation.

Everything the Sun Aries stands for will be increased by the Moon Aries’ influence. Self-confidence will be home in those who are born under this conjunction. They will probably suffer because they are too reckless, especially when it comes to personal relationships.

They may express themselves too openly and hurt the ones they love the most. That’s why they need to carefully choose their words.

These people might want to be careful about taking people for granted, and about their impatient and intolerant nature.

Appreciating facts, these individualists will never express an opinion they are not sure of. Materialistic too, they won’t engage in activities that don’t bring them any palpable results.

When it comes to traditions, they are simply bored by them. They may not be the most educated people on Earth, but they surely are smart and passionate about everything that gets their attention.

The fact that they are always ready for action is their greatest quality. Aries Sun Aries Moon people want to get stuff done fast. They can invest a lot of energy in any of the roles they are playing at the moment.

Good leaders, they may sometimes feel like others are holding them back. When they express themselves, they will be dramatic and convincing.

But they simply can’t listen or understand what other people want and need. At the same time, they will want attention and to discuss their problems.

These natives’ minds are always busy talking, reading or working. You can trust them to get things done immediately. While they are great in leadership positions, they have issues progressing because they aren’t tactful and considerate.

Love characteristics

Aries Sun Aries Moon lovers need to be more sensitive with their partners. They are enthusiastic and passionate when they fall in love, but their selfishness will never be of help when it comes to romance. Competitive, these people like fighting for the person they love.

Aries Sun natives love to chase and to set hardly attainable goals for themselves. They need to be challenged or they get bored. Their partner has to keep them guessing, to be unavailable and in the same time interested.

Arieses will never be into something long-distance. They want things to happen here and now, and they focus only on their own goals.

Aries Moon people live in contradiction because the Moon wants security and the Aries can’t think of something else but adventure. People born under this combination will always look to challenge themselves and others emotionally.

When in love, they will trust the other only if feelings are expressed openly. They don’t mind confrontation; they are turned on by it. When they are comfortable with a partner, they tend to let go.

As the Moon is all about being dynamic, a less energetic sign like the Taurus would be more compatible with it.

The Aries Sun Aries Moon man

The Aries Sun Aries Moon man needs to be flattered and challenged. Stubborn, impatient, bold and energetic, he will never be too open about his most personal thoughts. This guy doesn’t want someone too conventional.

This man is looking for confrontation and to be helped to succeed in life. His manners and romanticism will always impress. It doesn’t matter how in love, he will always want to dominate.

As a husband, he’ll be troubling; as a colleague, courageous. His children will enjoy the fact that he’s unconventional. Irresistible, he will have anyone’s heart on his table. But he has a bad temper and can engage in too many projects he will never finish.

And work is as important to him as romance. Always straightforward and confident, he will never be too scared of expressing what he’s feeling.

Because he likes to travel, his partner will be taken to exotic places. But as he likes everything to be a challenge, he will most likely not choose luxury and comfort.

Competitive, the Aries Sun Aries Moon man wants to be the first at everything. He needs to be told he’s the love of his partner’s life and that he’s the most interesting person on Earth. Not that he won’t believe these things in his heart. Since he’s not intuitive or considerate, he’s the happiest when being told what others are feeling.

The Aries Sun Aries Moon woman

This lady is not subtle, she can have anger outbursts because of her temper. When calm, she likes to read. While an independent lady of the zodiac, she won’t mind staying at home and looking after her partner.

She’s jealous and loud, so, don’t cheat on her or you’ll witness a nasty scene. But she doesn’t mind apologizing when she’s mistaken. If deceived, this girl will immediately be back on her feet.

The Aries Sun Aries Moon woman is great with or without someone in her life because her own needs are more important. This is a woman who’s very grounded when it comes to her own emotions.

When interested in someone, this lady makes sure the person she likes finds out about her feelings. At home, with her children and her husband, she will impose discipline. And she will never adapt to her loved ones’ ways.

As far as work goes, she would do great in the military, trading the stock market or patrolling the woods as a ranger. As a matter of fact, she would be good at anything she wants to do. Efficient at work, she won’t be very popular among colleagues.

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