Moon in Aries Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the impulsive nature of the Aries.

Moon in Aries

You would think that someone born with their Moon in Aries would capitalize on the spirited and passionate Arian personality. And you would be right to an extent, especially in matters of the emotional life.

The Moon in one’s chart reflects on reactions and feelings and when it resides in such a straightforward sign, you can expect an intense and enthusiastic approach to life.

Moon in Aries in a nutshell:

  • Style: Freedom-seeking and straightforward;
  • Top qualities: Determination, competitive spirit and creativity;
  • Challenges: Impulsivity and disregard for authority;
  • Advice: Less assertiveness, more attention to detail and other’s emotions.
  • Celebrities: Friedrich Nietzsche, Salvador Dali, Whitney Houston, Angelina Jolie.

Enthusiasm and persuasion

The natives who are influenced by the Moon in Aries have their natural characteristics greatly enhanced. Thus, they are more active, more enthusiastic, daring, and perseverant than ever before.

They live life to the fullest, and take on life’s greatest challenges, only to emerge victorious, after countless struggles against seemingly unbeatable odds.

They can take on almost anything, and still have pretty high chances to succeed. They are in-born leaders, because they don’t hesitate to take any decision, no matter what pressure lies on their shoulders, and considering that they are pretty persuasive as well, we have the recipe for success right here.

The Moon also brings forth a strong emotional surge that gets them even more hyped up for life.

A little too much passion

These natives have a lot of emotion mixed up in their personality, which means that they feel things at a much stronger intensity than the rest of us. As such, just as they can love with extreme depth, with a fiery passion, and for a long period of time, they can also be extremely unstable at times.

Anger, wrath, jealousy, scorn, pessimism, pretty much any emotional state possible will eventually target one with the Arian Moon, and they will do so with a bang. It’s not really such a surprise, because these individuals are ruled by Mars, a planet which we know has to do with war, aggression, daringness, impulsivity, and feelings having to do with the dominative part of one’s personality.

It then naturally follows that they are also freedom-seekers above all else, because how else could they release all their enthusiasm, if not by being themselves and feeling uninhibited?

Assertive in love

As if it could have been a problem for these daring and overly-enthusiastic natives to not be assertive in love?! They’ll tell you exactly what they’re thinking, and their hearts are whispering constantly. It all has to do with you, and love.

They will display their interest and appreciation in many ways, gifts, hugs, a lot of touching, romantic gestures, and so on. In public, they’ll want to show everyone that the beauty standing besides them is actually taken, and it is theirs.

However, after you have also decided to be with them, the Moon Arians might lose their initial intensity, and instead become recluses from time to time. That’s not a problem at all, it will quickly pass, so just get used to it.

As previously said, these Arians are very kind and affectionate with their loved ones, and they will present you with gifts ranging from pretty toy bears, and the occasional bouquet of flowers, to a washing machine, just because they’ve seen how stressed out you were doing the laundry with your old one.

They are very thoughtful most of the time, but it happens that they don’t pay much attention to the other’s feelings, and they could hurt them a little when distracted.


Being a Moon Arian individual, you most likely have a very advanced sense of self, and will value free will with renewed strength.

So, the problem is not whether this native is independent or not, because that’s a given from the get-go, but rather who exactly is going to pay the hospital bills for the people who will try to inhibit their independence?

Jokes aside, the native, regardless of their Sun sign, when influenced by the Moon in Aries, feels at home when doing exciting and challenging things. They need freedom to do whatever they see fit.

Not only will these people hate being deposed of their right to act as intended, but they will also retaliate with quite the passion and determination.

Straightforward and frank, this native doesn’t like it at all when societal regulations infringe on their independence, especially as they are not big fans of them in general.

How could these impulsive and action-oriented individuals take any decision? Would they think things through with a calm and strategic mindset, or play rock-paper-scissors and choose the option that seems to bring the greatest amount of fun? Yeah, the latter seems more realistic, doesn’t it?

Positive highlights

Have you ever heard of the OES, the overly-enthusiastic syndrome? Well, those born at a time when the Moon was passing through the sign of the Aries, may be familiar with its symptoms, if this was a real thing.

They are hedonists through and through, because they seek for pleasure, comfort, the satisfaction of their immediate desires, above all else.

Immediate gratification was never more obvious than with these guys. Never hesitant and always ready to act, it’s really a very pleasing experience to watch them take on life’s challenges with such a radiant smile on their lips, and emerge victorious in the end.

These natives need to be constantly stimulated by future prospects, exciting ones as well, not of any kind. This is how they manage to maintain their enthusiastic and productive pace, by literally viewing the future through their lenses of impulsiveness and excitement.

If something goes amiss and they no longer feel challenged, in their workplace for example, boredom will obviously ensue, productivity will suffer a sharp drop, and they will feel drained of all energy.

These people effectively need an electrical jolt to resuscitate their dying enthusiasm from time to time.

The downsides

Being dangerously intense and passionate about many things means that they won’t have the time to deal with people who can’t follow in their footsteps.

Not everyone can hope to reach the highest peaks and breathe in the rarefied air of the mountains, and those people need to keep their expectations low.

If they don’t, the Moon Arians will make sure to tell them that themselves. Also, under the influence of the Ram, they won’t ever think things through before acting on their ideas, because that would be a complete waste of time, and it wouldn’t do any good. Why wait when you can do it right now?

Waiting’s for cowards and those who can’t decide. Unfortunately, this often leads them to failure, which they obviously don’t accept or take responsibility for.

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