Cancer Sun Aries Moon: A Sophisticated Personality

Charming and sociable, the Cancer Sun Aries Moon personality always makes the best out of any chance to mingle with others and is a master at creating amazing first impressions.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon

Those born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aries benefit from very strong emotions and a fierce determination.

They tend to take things personally and to get upset for nothing. And while they’ll confront anyone, they won’t see behind their own subjectivity. Their courage to show their feelings is famous, though.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Self-expressive, independent and creative;
  • Negatives: Airy, complacent and fatalistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who challenges them;
  • Advice: They should avoid displaying unnecessary pride and ego.

These natives enjoy relaxing and getting physically challenged and when it comes to love, they are tough and daring.

Personality traits

Cancer Sun Aries Moon people think of themselves as superheroes. In this combination, the indecisive, emotional and cautious Cancer personality competes with the impulsive, settling and confident Aries.

These natives know they are natural born leaders, but they’re too cautious, insecure and not sure of their abilities to become as big as they imagine they can be.

Each time they won’t be able to keep up with everything they dream of themselves, they’ll become moody and lethargic. Not to mention they think others don’t understand them because they have a superior perception of life.

Natives with the Moon in Aries are fast thinkers and benefit from a great memory so it’s normal for them to remember things others have completely forgot about.

Wanting to succeed, Cancer Suns won’t give up until they are happy with their results. They get along with everyone because they carefully choose their words and avoid hurting others.

They will immediately get defensive when criticized. These natives can’t stand themselves and their loved ones to be addressed with unkind words.

It’s possible they’ll regret the words they’ve used themselves when fighting back, but at least they would know their intentions were good. Money is not that important to them but people and emotional fulfillment are.

When it comes to their ideal partners, Cancer Sun Aries Moon individuals prefer someone outgoing and kind. What will help them solve the problems in their life is self-acceptance.

These natives need to understand attention can’t be on them all the time. Reaching the goals they set for themselves can be at times impossible, so they need to slow down or they’ll end up with a nervous breakdown.

It’s just that they always tend to think they could have done much more than they did. Appreciating what they’ve already done, they will realize who they’re tailored to be.

Accepting oneself is important for anyone. Talented and energetic, these Cancer like being around people who influence them to evolve and improve. They would be good as social workers, engineers, politicians or counselors.

Since they’re minds are working at 110% capacity, they would do great in an academic environment too. They are talented and able enough to express themselves creatively.

Artistic endeavors can help them reach the ideal image they have about themselves. While giving and attentive with others, they somehow also feel like they’re superior and that many of their acquaintances fall behind them.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon natives are ambitious and enthusiastic, not to mention proud and impulsive. And these characteristics are not necessarily helpful in their endeavors to build up a secure future for themselves.

Expect them to be the first, no matter if they’re students or employees. They will want the front row from both an intellectual and spiritual point of view. But they also have the tendency to be destructive when they feel things are not going their way.

Not to mention they don’t have the patience to learn a skill or the submissive qualities to accept being ordered around. And these traits are necessary for any person who wants to advance. The hardest lesson for Cancer Sun Aries Moon people is learning these qualities.

When it comes to their social life, they’re friendly, positive and flexible. They like being in the center of attention. Their charm and cleverness are enough for them to be wanted at parties.

With their closest friends, they’re devoted, reliable and always the same. They don’t mind waiting for love to happen because they have a romantic soul. And when it happens, they become loving and faithful.

It’s a pleasure for them to work for their other half, to be emotionally supported and encouraged by a person with whom they are spending most of their time.

In the beginning of any relationship, they will be attentive, passionate and affectionate. Just like all Cancers, they feel emotionally safe with a domestic life.

But these Moons are more stable and stronger than others. They make a home anywhere because they’re secure with themselves only.

A cautious lover

Cancer Sun Aries Moon people can’t think of a life without love. They have a romantic heart and a generous spirit that needs to both give and receive affection.

These natives will reach their maximum creativity when they will have someone to share their life with. They feel emotionally stable when with a partner.

Devoted and trustworthy in a relationship, they are also very protective, but they need to be careful not to become too suspicious and jealous.

Sun Cancers have to care for someone and also to protect. This works perfectly for them when they’re in a relationship. Emotional and able to feel their partner’s emotions, these natives are cautious when getting closer to people.

It takes some time to make them trust you. But when they’ll feel comfortable with a person, they will never want to let go anymore.

It’s specific for them to turn moody and irritable when they’re feeling neglected. Don’t think they’re not aggressive because they are. Especially when their emotions are being played with.

Moon Arieses are creatures of self-expression. If a partner makes them feel comfortable, they become less adventurous and temperamental.

These natives can’t live without being challenged. That’s why they need someone exciting and fun.

Very independent creatures, don’t expect them to deal with domestic tasks. If routine starts to eat up their life, they become agitated and prone to abandoning their relationship.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon man

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon man is a fast thinker with a great memory. He has a lot of self-respect and is very determined. But don’t think that he’s egoistical or insensitive because of this.

On the contrary, this man can feel other people’s pain and wouldn’t do any harm to anyone. It can’t be said he’s very complex when it comes to his emotions. He usually is what’s being shown to others.

Because he’s emotional, he’ll become ill-tempered when offended or criticized. At least he doesn’t hold grudges and easily forgets that he was upset. His feelings can change from one minute to another.

He can say things that he’ll later on regret. And it would be sad for others to think he’s not well-intentioned because this wouldn’t be at all true.

While wanting only what’s best for everyone, he will fight for his friends. But he can’t respect their opinions. As a matter of fact, he won’t even think of what their closed ones are saying if it opposes their way of thinking.

He can’t be fooled, maybe toyed with his emotions, but never fooled. It’s because he’s suspicious. He would do a great job in the humanistic sciences rather than in any type of business. Not to mention he wants to be around people more than he wants money.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman

Being happy with herself is the best way for the Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman. She will always have an inner struggle between whether she should be fast-acting and forceful like the Aries, or cautious and highly emotional like the Cancer.

One thing’s for sure, she wants to be everything for everyone, and this can be exhausting. The thing is, she has everything to be a commander, but the Cancer in her is too slow to take risks and to be assertive.

She wants the spotlight no matter what. It’s not necessarily for her to live like she needs to conquer the world or to attain the most impossible goals. She will only get sick doing all this.

When this woman can’t follow her dreams, this lady becomes disillusioned and begins to display moods that no one could ever understand.

But all in all, Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman has enough motivation and talents to obtain what she wants in life. She would make a great politician, engineer or any other thing that requires her to make improvements.

She’s intelligent enough for the academic environment too. If she wants to be her ideal self, something creative would be great for showing her talents.

But she may think she’s superior, even if she doesn’t seem to even imagine such a thing. And this will cause her many problems.

Because she doesn’t have any patience and she’s proud, her career path will often be difficult, no matter how ambitious she will be. Attentive and caring, she will grow to be a sophisticated lady from a young age.

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