The Aries Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

Sure of herself, she always needs to know where she stands in a relationship.

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The woman born in Aries will always be up for new challenges. When she’s in love, she’s even more enthusiastic and eager to live her life.

Ambitious and determined, this lady thinks fast and gets things done just as quick. When it comes to work, she’s great as a leader because she knows how to deal with people and address problems.

Not too emotional or sentimental, this lady sometimes needs to be encouraged in order to get over problems. If you are a passionate, positive person, then she’s the perfect woman for you. You both could go on new adventures together, having a lot of fun and enjoying life to its fullest.

As she has an irresistible charm, she often finds her prince and gets to be happy. What will strike you first when you meet her is her intensity and passion.

Complex and interesting, you will want to know her better. If she meets the man of her dreams, she will shine and be more sensual and emotional. Caress her, and make sure she knows that she’s the only one in your life.

This is the only way to keep her happy and secure. Because while she seems strong, this lady is in fact vulnerable and wants love more than anything else.

She will be more attracted to you if you are a person with high hopes. But be careful to always let her have control over the relationship, or else she’ll walk out on you. Her perfect match is a man who’s masculine and not scared by someone who’s self-centered.

When in love

The Aries woman in love becomes the most charming person on Earth. She can be insensitive at times, but you’ll learn how to cope with this.

She likes the flirting game and she doesn’t have too much patience when she wants someone. You should take initiative with her. This is what she expects from a man.

You will get all the hints as she is very sexual and direct when she’s attracted to someone. If she starts wearing sexy clothes and red lipstick around you, you can be sure she will be yours very soon.

New things and adventure are something that she wishes in her life every day. You could go anywhere with this woman. If she thinks things are going too slowly in the relationship, she will be the one to take initiative.

Charming and good at making men want her, this lady will attract other people like a magnet. They will want to know and understand her better. Because she has this energy that makes her seem a superhuman, she will often take on more projects that she can deal with. The Ram woman sees nothing else but challenge and she’s impatient, starting more than one project at once.

Always optimistic and wanting some sort of justice in the world, she will fight for the lost causes or people with whom others are being unfair.

It doesn’t matter if the project she has taken on makes her popular or not. She only needs to believe in what she is doing, and she will put in a lot of enthusiasm. With Mars ruling her and as the first zodiac sign, the Aries woman is always open to the new and the unknown.

She never looks back, only forwards and into the future. This is what makes her such a good leader. Many people will envy her for her strength. Don’t criticize her or she will attack you and you won’t be able to take her harsh words.

The right partner for her

The rule that opposites attract doesn’t apply to the Aries woman. She needs someone just as energetic and daring as her. If you are weak, needy or insecure, she will not want you in her life. Someone who’s sure of himself and wants to achieve great things is the perfect man for the woman born in this sign.

Not the most empathic person, she never understands why people aren’t as adventurous and courageous as her. If you are very sensitive, try hooking up with someone else as the Aries woman may be too direct for you.

For example, she would not do well with a Pisces who is intuitive and emotional. Her personality is often an acquired taste. People who want to be with her need to adapt to her style or at least have the same interests.

Her sexuality

With a high libido, the Aries woman will want to have sex when the time is not at all appropriate. She knows she’s attractive and she will use this as a weapon to make the partner go crazy about her.

She wants to keep her sex life private and she won’t talk too much about what she’s doing in bed. Instinctive as far as sex goes, she can be quite free from all her emotions when she’s having sex. Also, this lady will never accept to be with someone who doesn’t satisfy her sexually.

Understanding the Aries woman

The Aries woman is always expressing herself loudly and somehow aggressively. She will always speak her mind, so you will know how she’s feeling.

She can’t see other people’s issues when she is focusing on her own, so if you want her to be less self-centered, make sure she’s not stressed about something.

When she loves someone, she becomes this passionate and emotional creature who is very generous with everyone. Don’t take her efforts for granted. Appreciate her for what she is doing and you will be loved and cared for.

If you are jealous and possessive, she will turn her back on you. This lady needs to be independent in order to be happy and fulfilled.

If she doesn’t have her freedom in a relationship, she will run into someone else’s arms. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t get jealous sometimes. She will only have this feeling because she’s feeling insecure.

Reassure her of your love and you two will be back to normal again. She believes in true love, and she will always look for that special someone to make her life more beautiful.

Romantic gestures are something that she loves and appreciates. Be possessive only when you need to show her that you care and that she’s appreciated. When she gets jealous, just reassure her of your love and she will be fine.

Just like her male counterpart, the Aries woman gets angry quickly, but she forgets easily too. Generous and nice, she’s a true inspiration for others. You will notice when she’s bored. She will tell you when she’s no longer entertained.

The downsides of the Aries woman

While a lot of fun and highly seductive, the Aries woman has also some negative traits. For example, she can be way too straightforward. Not at all tactful, she can bother others with her opinions and the way she is saying things.

Another thing she’s not good at is understanding people’s feelings. Herself independent and totally capable, she can’t figure it out why others aren’t the same.

She is convinced that success is easily achievable, so when people fail, she doesn’t seem to get a grasp of how they did that.

Good luck settling down with her too. She will settle only if she thinks you are right for her. And you need to be very exciting in order for her to find you perfect.

She likes being wooed, so getting her to make something serious out of a chase will be the most difficult thing. But as soon as she has committed, you can start enjoying your great life next to her.

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