Key Traits of the Wood Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Rooster knows how to work their pleasant character in their favor.

Wood Rooster

Wood Roosters are real jokers on the outside but deep inside, they have intense emotions and want affection more than anything else. However, they should learn how to be independent and not rely on the others so much.

When it comes to money, they are pretty lucky so they seem to lose on one side and gain on the other. You can count on them to be honest and to keep their word. Their ideals are high and they usually fulfill their dreams because they are determined. It seems these natives function better in teams than alone.

The Wood Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Diligent, meticulous, sociable and charismatic;
  • Challenges: Not very honest sometimes, secretive and irresponsible;
  • Secret need: Achieving wealth and social status;
  • Advice: They should try to be less idealistic and more grounded.

They will do great in life, but they can lose themselves doing too many things at once, whether it’s about domestic issues or their work. As far as their social and family life is concerned, they are very dependable and loyal.

The character of the Chinese Wood Rooster

While wanting to do everything perfectly, the Wood Rooster individual believes that anyone can reach his or her maximum potential and do a great job.

These natives will never have the work half done. Their responsibilities will be met through hard work and an attention to details.

Like it was said before, they want everything to be flawless but this attitude is not all the time helpful because they can end up alone. Not everyone is eager to be as meticulous as them, not to mention they’re demanding and would hate to see others failing.

Don’t think they can’t work easily in teams because they have the power to inspire. They are not at all selfish or individualistic.

Wood Roosters think everyone has the intelligence and imagination to come up with good ideas, but they are also rational as to what can be accomplished, so they won’t ask the impossible if they happen to be the bosses at work.

The projects they are running will be most likely finished earlier than supposed. And when someone will check their work, they will be pleased to find the best results ever.

More sociable than Roosters in other elements, many would say they are not honest. However, they would be wrong because these natives are in fact direct and don’t like to play with words.

The only difference between them and the Metal or Fire Roosters is that they don’t like to give advice or to suggest that their ideas would work better.

In critical situations, these natives will prefer to remain quiet until someone will ask for their help. This gives them an advantage because they can express their opinions whenever they feel like they can’t hurt anyone.

When it comes to money, it can be said they are unstable. Not that luck isn’t beside them, it’s that they can lose and then win again when they least expect it. If they would buy gold or invest in Real Estate, they would be much luckier.

Being more down-to-earth would be very helpful for them as they can change too many jobs and not stick to what seems to work. It’s suggested they don’t get friends and money involved with each other because they would end up fighting with the people they have lend their finances to.

As far as love goes, Wood Rooster people have charisma and a sensitivity that will make them attract many people of the opposite gender. But they won’t last too long being passionate about a new relationship.

If they want a happy family life, they need to pay more attention to their own emotions. While they are giving themselves a lot of importance, they also care about others.

What’s interesting about them is the fact that they really want to give a hand when needed. More than this, they can renounce their own dreams just to make others happy. Even when strangers are involved, they still want to be of help as much as possible.

The influence of the Wood makes the Roosters more caring and prepared for a job that would require them to be needed so working with charities or volunteering would be a great idea for these natives.

High standards for everyone

Wood Roosters are different than the natives of the same Chinese sign but different element because they enjoy being part of a team and not in the center of attention.

They are great friends who love the company of others. It’s very likely you’ll find them working to make the world a better place or to change what’s wrong with our society.

They expect everyone to do their part in changing the world, to volunteer and to give a hand for the environment. When they commit, these natives are never even thinking of giving up.

The Chinese Wood element makes them sociable and fun. They are the most likely to cooperate from all the Roosters because they enjoy creating a community around them and to helping their peers to achieve their objectives. Just like the strongest trees out there, they can support and endure sustained effort.

But this means they will have high standards for themselves and others. Many people can find it difficult to make them happy. Some will give up on them because they can’t live up to their standards. They can see the world in a very realistic way.

When someone has a problem, they immediately jump in to give a hand. It’s possible for them to work hard and improve the social conditions of those around them. Their honesty and sense of justice can’t be stopped.

Therefore, they would do a great job as lawyers, volunteers and doctors. As a matter of fact, anything that would require them to work with people would be perfect as their job.

When it comes to their life lessons, they should realize others are not as strong and capable as them. They should use all their sympathy and understand that not everyone is strong and reliable. Their high standards and expectations should be reduced a little bit. Only this way, they will be able to avoid disappointment.

The Wood Rooster man

The Wood Rooster man is active and wants to help his loved ones. Loyal, he will always be interested in making his friends and family happy. When it comes to work, he’s very responsible and comes up with many useful ideas.

His bosses will always be impressed by how much he can improve labor and productivity. Energetic, this man is sometimes too busy to take care of his personal life.

Smart and educated, he can talk to anyone. Not to mention how much he knows about any subject.

But he can be that stubborn to believe only in his own ideas and principles. Many people will be confused about this attitude of his.

However, he remains respectful and a person with whom it’s nice to talk. Because he has charisma, many ladies will be at his feet and wanting to engage in a conversation with him.

He’s the type of gentleman who can make any woman remember his charm because he has a great imagination and doesn’t allow people around him to get bored.

When in a family, he will be faithful to his wife and will serve the interests of his children. It’s rare that the man in this sign and element will ever lie or deceive. He may be busy, but not with the ladies.

The Wood Rooster man likes to surprise the ones he loves because he’s romantic and pleasant. You’ll rarely see him arguing. He finds peace only at home, with his family, and he likes to be reminded that he’s being loved.

The Wood Rooster woman

The Wood Rooster woman believes everything is possible. She is goal oriented, active and resourceful. This lady will do everything in her power to have her plans succeed.

Many will see her as noble and nice. She likes being around people because her friends and loved ones make her feel better. And others will love her for being positive and honest.

She won’t be manipulative or try to argue with someone just to have her way. However, she will use her attractiveness to reach her goals.

Because she’s optimistic, she will overcome difficulties with ease. When someone has a problem, she will be of help as much as possible. As far as love goes, she can’t wait to meet her soulmate and to adore him.

This is the type of woman who believes in marriage and wants a family life. That’s why she’s devoted and caring. Her children and husband will be very happy to live their life with her.

There won’t be any domestic problems to bring her down. Enthusiastic about anything, she will have her work around the house done more efficiently than other women.

But she is not known for being patient or flexible. While she will invest efforts to get things done, she will expect the same thing from her family and relatives.

When they won’t be able to deliver, she’ll feel like she doesn’t have any balance in her life. This is not the type of woman to hold grudges, reconciliation being her first option.

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