Key Traits of the Water Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Rooster will attract attention wherever they go and this happens involuntarily and because of their amazing charm and sense of diplomacy.

Water Rooster

Water Rooster people are full of pride but know how to hide it very well. They rely a lot on intuition and love everything that’s beautiful. People in their life will always support and understand them.

Because they get along with everyone, including at work, they’ll most likely have a good career and enjoy a happy life. Intelligent and fast thinking, these natives always come up with great solutions to their problems. Because they have patience, they will stick to what they have to do and usually succeed.

The Water Rooster in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Tender, perfectionistic and gentle;
  • Challenges: Absent-minded, childish and possessive;
  • Secret need: They wish they could worry less;
  • Advice: Try to temper your need to say things as they are.

Proud like all the Roosters, you won’t still see them boasting around. When they need to speak their mind, they don’t hesitate to do it as honestly as possible because straightforwardness characterizes them. Their work will bring them a lot of satisfaction, but they need to be careful not to annoy their peers.

The character of the Chinese Water Rooster

Water Roosters can convince anyone to do what they want because they’re cooperative themselves. This will also help anyone deal with any tough situation happening to them.

Because they’re great intellectuals, any interesting conversation will immediately attract their attention. Always energetic and prepared to deal with any challenge, they will stick to a project they’re involved in, no matter how difficult it becomes.

But it’s possible they’ll waste too much time worrying about unimportant issues. All the Roosters love being in the center of attention.

They like shiny things and powerful colors, so you can only imagine how they will dress. More than this, they like to talk about their accomplishments, which can put people off.

But they would only make themselves feel better, so it’s suggested to let them talk and hope they will finish at some point. Don’t think for a moment they are lying when boasting because if there’s something that characterizes them very much, that is honesty.

It’s very rare that these natives lie, so expect them to always mean their compliments. Very smart and having many talents, they do many great things they should be proud of.

Water Rooster natives love being admired, this being the main reason why they talk so much about themselves, not that they are trying to put someone else in the shadows.

When it comes to money, they are very careful with what comes in and goes out. That’s why they’ll never be in debt and won’t understand why some people can’t seem to hold on to their finances.

Saving and investing wisely is easy for them. And when it comes to spending for others, they don’t hesitate to do it.

If you happen to be in a bad financial situation, just ask for their help and they’ll come up with a great solution for you. The Water affects them a lot, and the Chinese Horoscope says they are simply all the time going with what comes and goes.

Where the rest of the Roosters need to know what they are going to do all the time, the ones in Water are more open to take others into consideration and to plan accordingly.

They are more pleasant in a conversation than those in the same sign. And also, less interested in talking about themselves all the time. These Roosters will be less enthusiastic than other Roosters too.

People will be able to see them more clearly for who they really are, and will want to make friends with them. Relaxed and more forgiving, many will want their company because they’re able to see how intelligent and talented they are.

These natives can inspire others to be more organized and energetic. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who lift up spirits at work. When it comes to their friends, these can always count on them to keep their word.

Attentive to details

The Roosters with the Water element in their chart are kinder and flexible. They’re decisive and hard workers who can communicate in an impressive manner, convincing others to help them or to fight for the causes they’re fighting for.

Other Roosters should definitely take their example on how to be kinder and more open. They’re intelligent and composed just as they’re easy to deal with.

They can adapt to any situation and are never looking to offend or to be pushy. Because they’re so good with communication, they would make great writers or public speakers.

Their energy levels will have them work hard on their projects. People will be inspired by them to be more creative and firm themselves.

Water Roosters can notice the details very well, this meaning they are almost meant for the scientific field. But being so meticulous can also be their greatest enemy. They want perfection and focus too much on what’s not important, losing track of the big picture along the way.

It’s normal for them to always have strength and to keep a quiet attitude. The Chinese Horoscope says they like being alone very much.

While energetic and fun, they can also have moods and speak their mind openly, destroying everything they have built with these traits.

This is why they may face difficult situations. Because they work hard and are persevering, they will find solutions to all the problems they may have.

Not to mention they’re intelligent and their intuition is very strong. Composed, they will make decision and will always be logical.

Expect them to apply practicality because they are always thinking to do things in the most effective way. When it comes to love, they’re incurable romantics who love poetry.

They will always take care of their partner and wish for their relationship to last a lifetime. These Roosters will never have a problem with working hard or getting along with others.

What they need to pay attention to is not to lose themselves in too many unimportant details because this can drive their loved ones away.

The Water Rooster man

This man has a subtle way to feel his surroundings. He’s decisive and energetic, but he would never cross the line with someone.

With him, you can always be sure you’ll get the truth in its purest form. While diplomatic and calm, he won’t hesitate to take action whenever life would require him to.

The Water Rooster man will never try to offend anyone with what he’s doing, though. If he decides a career where he has to interact with the public is for him, he’ll attract many admirers.

It may seem that there are no negative traits about him because no one who knows him can say a bad thing about this person.

All that he seems to spread is great respect and good vibes. Women will see him as the Prince Charming because he’s mannered, careful with their feelings and always ready to please.

While he may exaggerate servicing others, he will always remain sincere. His lady will get to spend her life with someone who’s loyal and up to do what he has promised.

Imaginative, he’s always looking to surprise the woman of his dreams with presents and great holidays. With his family, he’ll be talkative and never aggressive or harsh.

He’s the perfect father and husband who loves to talk about anything with the ones he loves, the type who abandons work just to go on a family trip. But he can worry too much and even be a hypochondriac.

The Water Rooster woman

This lady is mysterious and secretive. She never criticizes, nor praises, she just expresses her feelings openly and honestly.

It may be difficult to identify what the Water Rooster woman is feeling because she has these moods she simply can’t control. She’s intelligent, wise and she knows how much she’s worth.

You’ll never see her exaggerating, but she still won’t be happy with less. She wants only what’s best, even if she acts slowly and is very cautious.

This lady hates conflict and tries to avoid it as much as possible. She would make a great leader who rules by example because she’s a hard worker who only obtains great results in her career and on a personal level.

When it comes to love, she’s pretty sensitive and wants someone to protect and support her. What terrifies her the most is losing what she has with a man, so she’ll give her best to keep him away from other ladies.

While she’s secretive about her relationships, she will sometimes lose herself in her senses and spend all her time with her partner.

This woman thinks seriously about marriage and will continue to be a good lover even when the domestic problems will overwhelm her.

It’s very possible she’ll want to give up work for her family, but she can also combine the two very well.

She’s always active and friendly, knowing how to solve any problem she may have. Her loved ones will never feel lonely or ignored with her, no matter how far she will get in life.

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