How To Attract A Gemini Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Be a fun companion.
  2. Show her you are dependable.
  3. Keep her interest alive.
  4. Be adventurous but not mindless.
  5. Don’t be judgmental.

Despite her naturally playful side, a Gemini woman will never engage in games that endanger own heart. This means that you should employ a more intellectually focused approach when attempting to seduce her.

After all, this is what drives a Gemini woman, it is the source of both her strength and beauty. What will make your initial conversation even more key is the fact that she talks fast and thinks fast. You need to have her attention quickly, otherwise you will just be one more person in a crowd of many.

You can speak directly to her adventurous side by keeping guessing all the time. Standard dinner and movie dates will bore her – instead you should be thinking of ways to surprise her and stimulate her brain.

This is a far bigger priority for a Gemini woman than someone who can please her sexually. Simple and mindless conversation is a one-way ticket out of her life no matter who you are.

If there was a phrase that summed up how Gemini women live their lives, it would be “variety is the spice of life”.

Use this when dating her, try something new every day. It is always best to try something and find she doesn’t like it than to stick to the mundane. She needs someone who is exciting, innovative and unpredictable.

Gemini women possess an energy seldom found in other signs. This helps her make you feel relaxed and at ease. She is however constantly observing you, making mental notes about what you’re like.

While this isn’t enough to say that she is judgmental, it is enough to ensure that the first impression you make should be the absolute best you have.

Draw her in with engaging, deep and mysterious conversation, as this will showcase your intelligence and wit.

Gemini women are some of the most cerebral around, so conversations about edgy, significant topics are sure to grab hold of her attention. If she comes under the impression that you’re smarter than she is, you’ve more than half way there.

There should be far less effort spent in trying to make yourself look physically attractive. Her opinion of you will be determined more or less by the words that come out of your mouth, rather than the price tag of the watch on your wrist.

Focus on being humorous and entertaining to speak to the inner child in her personality, but also be witty and intelligent to keep her on her toes.

Settling into a single routine is one of the worst things you can do with a Gemini woman. She was born to spread her wings and fly, so you should be making an active effort to do different things and speak about different topics.

This isn’t to say you should jump erratically from one thing to another, but rather showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm for a wide selection of areas.

It is crucial that you don’t overpower or suffocate a Gemini woman with your presence. She needs her own time and space to be herself and cannot play second fiddle to anyone.

She needs an articulate companion

Listening to any woman is important no matter who she is. However, this is doubly true for Gemini women. Put simply, she talks…a lot. Not helping matters is the fact that she can converse about almost anything too.

With this in mind, your initial contact should be focused on appealing to her intellect, but at the same time you should be reserved and detached, creating an aura of mystery around you.

Painting the picture of your mind or articulating yourself eloquently will go down very well. As mentioned earlier, she is also a keen observer, taking in everything around her – for both enjoyment and awareness in equal measure.

Add to this using your own experiences in life, as this will show her you too are well versed in the many varieties that life has to offer.

This acute sense of observation also means that she prefers an outdoor seat at a café on a bustling side street rather than a table in the corner of a secluded bistro.

As Gemini’s are naturally so cerebral, they do often struggle with periodic lapses in mood. Your mind-set will have a huge impact on her.

She will pick your brain as she looks to discover new currents and spread her wings once more.

Being an Air sign, the Gemini woman is highly adaptable, which goes hand in hand with her experimental side too.

This of course applies in her sex life as well – Gemini women prioritise the fun side of sex more so than the spiritual aspect and never take it too seriously.

When it comes down to it, Gemini women aren’t too different from any other female – they’re looking to settle down with Mr. Right. Only with this particular sign it can take longer to get to this stage – and she prefers it that way too.

They’re far more attracted to men who dabble in the more fun things in life before plunging into deep feelings. With this in mind, keep it casual, light and playful. Don’t worry about needing to put on grand displays of emotion and intimacy too soon, as she isn’t really looking for it this soon.

The Gemini woman cannot be tied down and will steer well clear of anyone who thinks they can keep her under lock and chain.

Giving her space is vitally important. This will require you to trust her – even more so when you consider her wit and energy when speaking to others, but this really is the only option.

Forcing any level of control of possessiveness over her will only repel her. Trust her and trust yourself, give things time and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

Depending on who you ask, some astrologers have little trouble doubting a female Gemini’s loyalty when in a relationship. On the other hand, some astrologers say that Gemini women are as faithful as they get – when with a strong, confident man.

Be warned though, if you’re only there for some light-hearted flirting, your Gemini woman will definitely have little trouble keeping up – she knows far too well practiced in this game to be outdone.

What to avoid with your Gemini lady

By nature, Gemini women feel intensely and have strong emotions. If you find yourself in possession of her heart, you’ll feel an attachment from her seldom found anywhere else. Unfortunately, a by-product of this attachment is jealousy, greediness and expectation.

Often is the case where she won’t mind you speaking to any of your female friends, but, just as the wind changes direction at the drop of a dime, she can also become infuriated at your attention going elsewhere.

She can be demanding too, and tends to drop into her negative mind-set when her demands aren’t met.

With that in mind, drama should be avoided. Gemini women are easily troubled and like to maintain an emotional distance if affairs go beyond her comfort levels.

While you needn’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells, don’t obsess over the little details. Instead, take each event as it comes and just let crises play out their natural course.

Gemini women love change and embrace impulsiveness. Disorder is not a problem for her. Try not to become frustrated or impatient with this, as it is simply who she is.

Rather, try to enjoy the constantly shifting landscape, knowing that rarely will there be two days that are the same with a Gemini woman.

You should also shy away from making overly flattering remarks, or getting too mushy with her. She isn’t gullible. She can read people easily and will know straightaway whether there is truth behind your words or if they are empty.

It isn’t difficult to live with a Gemini girl. You only need to give her space to be. Even in a long term and committed relationship she will rarely want to spend every minute of every day with you.

This isn’t an issue, but it will soon become one if you try to impose yourself on this lifestyle. Any attempts to tie her down will result in her feeling anxious, fidgety and uncomfortable. Let her free and she’ll come straight back to your arms when the day is done.

You need to match her mood, energy and wit in order to keep pace with her and satisfy her intellectual needs.

Being a mercurial, she will always be distracted and curious about everything. Her attention darts from one place to the next – so you should love how she can have such an avid interest in such a wide variety of things.

This is why you should refrain from being easy to read in front of her. This isn’t to say that you can’t be 100% true with her, but rather you should maintain an aura of mysticism about yourself.

Make it so that you’re a book that she never wants to stop reading because she can’t predict what will come next. This need for constant change is what drives her.

What you need to keep in mind about the Gemini woman

Head strong, determined, and adventurous – Gemini women possess all these characteristics in abundance and will only keep in the company of well-read, intelligent men that can keep up.

Naturally, Gemini’s aren’t particularly emotional signs, though being female she will feel deeply, even if she approaches them somewhat superficially.

Given her proactive, take-no-nonsense attitude, she isn’t likely to stay with one partner for long if he can’t satisfy her emotional and intellectual needs.

That said, by their very nature, Gemini women aren’t born to be in relationships anyway – she is an Air sign after all and her wings were meant for flight, not to be tied down and held back from the world.

This unpredictability does mean though that she can showcase her heightened maturity one minute yet exhibit the tenacity of a curious child the next. Predicting her next move is a somewhat futile endeavour, you’ll be much more likely to spend your time wondering what she will do next instead.

The Gemini sign is chief of speech, but this isn’t to say that she will talk for days without end. Her words are meant to mean something. If she does chatter relentlessly, this is usually driven by a need to be acknowledged. Even then, this attention needs to be given in such a way that it is meaningful yet distant – she needs to feel the vibes of everything around her beyond the mere confines of her mind.

Capturing the heart of a Gemini woman is no easy feat – so if you have your heart set on this pursuit then get ready for a serious challenge. Her friendliness and talkative traits are part of her character and shouldn’t be mistaken as a signal that she is interested in you.

Her natural tendency to flirt is just one of many characteristics that could mislead you, despite this not being her intention.

She’s looking for someone equally energetic and active in a bid to save herself and keep her mind stimulated from the monotony and boredom that comes from everyday life.

This is why Gemini women love to travel, no matter whether it’s a simple A to B or from country to country.

Exploring new sights, ingesting new cultures and meeting new people are all part of who she is. During these endeavours, her charm and energy will more than likely end up breaking a few hearts along the way too.

This process is essentially mirrored when trying to find a partner – she will keep searching until she finds her man. When she does though, she wants total and complete loyalty. In return, you will also have her total and complete loyalty.

As alluded to above though, her natural curiosity means that she will lose focus easily, though this shouldn’t be interpreted as disloyalty – she just wants to scratch her exploration itches.

Any insecurity shown by her man will be met with full but limited sympathy. Gemini is naturally a mutable sign, she can adapt to you when she wants, but it is vital that she has her own room to be her own person too.

Ultimately, what she’s looking for is a companion who can be her closest friend, lover and spiritual mentor…simultaneously. Indeed, this is a rare mix – if you must capture the heart of a female Gemini, you will need to be as close to the perfect man as you can get.

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