The Gemini Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Her personality is intricate but her needs are simple.

As a dual sign, the Gemini woman is known to have a split personality. This is, in fact, how all the Gemini are no matter if they are women or men. As far as the Gemini woman goes, she is not at all shy.

She possesses a wealth of personalities who can change from one minute to another. This unpredictable aspect makes her very attractive and people end up being fascinated.

Intelligent and chatty, the Gemini woman will be able to talk about anything, from politics to sports and religion. She can juggle with conversations like some people juggle with words.

She will keep in mind the most obscure facts and she will know many things, on different subjects. She isn’t quite the adept of small talk as she likes meaningful, knowledgeable discussions.

Governed by Mercury, the woman in Gemini has a witty mind and she’s a genuine intellectual. Her views on life are unique and interesting. You can easily bore a Gemini woman as she needs to be continuously entertained and amused.

All Geminis are known for their charisma, so the woman born in this sign will have it too. She will make use of it to obtain what she wants and she will be successful at it.

Intelligence, passion, cleverness and charisma, they are all traits that help the woman in Gemini succeed in life.

She will pursue a career as a writer or politician. Capable of luring anyone who comes in contact with her, the woman born in Gemini is flexible about any situation and person.

Some examples of famous Gemini women include: Queen Victoria, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Upton or Venus Williams.

Actually patient in love

Not sure of someone, the Gemini woman won’t stop at that person. As said before, she is governed by the planet of communication and socializing, therefore she tends to be more inclined towards easily falling in and out of love.

She seeks the perfect partner, but she isn’t a dangerous woman. It’s just difficult to find someone for her standards.

Let’s remember she needs an individual who is good at conversations, who is amusing and entertaining.

I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle.

But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

Marilyn Monroe – A famous Gemini

It is rare for a woman in Gemini to be enamoured 100%. She will always test a person before engaging in a relationship.

She prefers to wait for that perfect person who should be able to make her laugh and feel good. As soon as the ideal partner is in her life, the Gemini woman will start to unleash many interesting aspects of her identity.

For Gemini women, love is more than physicality. It’s something that goes through the mind and heart.

She likes being wooed and she will offer everything to the perfect person. Love with a Gemini native is complex and mentally forceful. She will stimulate all of her partner’s senses and she will be imaginative. In bed, she is full of surprises and warmth.

Her multiple talents shine best at home

Alluring, demanding, intricate, complicated, and energetic are the keywords to her personality. This is how the woman in Gemini is and much more.

Being a dual sign, this lady needs balance and stability from a relationship. Her partner needs to have a lot of energy to keep her outside of the boredom range.

She won’t stay next to someone who can’t amuse her. She knows there are many other possible lovers out there, and she will go on looking for the perfect one.

If you don’t know how to surprise her, find out small, romantic gestures are the ones to go. She likes if you make an effort for her and she will repay you for it.

She will be anything you want her to be as she has many personalities and talents. When involved in something serious, Gemini women are faithful and energizing.

The Gemini lady likes to flirt a lot. It is hard for her to settle down with someone as she enjoys the chase more than anything else.

Don’t think she will forever be like this. When she finds someone, she’s devoted for good. Communicate and share your dreams with your Gemini. As a true Air sign that she is, she will listen and reciprocate.

Family life with a Gemini woman is fun and relaxed. She can offer advice from two different angles and she is recognized for her knowledge. Click To Tweet

When she’s home, she’s worried to make everything cosy and welcoming. She likes splitting the bills. As a mother, she will teach her children many new things and they will be happy to learn as she is also playful.

As people who are able to see the both facets of a situation, the Gemini are excellent arbiters. Their friends know this and they appreciate them for such a quality.

The Gemini woman will always have something to talk about, and she will offer sound advice. She is never boring and that’s why she is surrounded by many friends.

The impulsive shopper

The way she is able to communicate makes the Gemini woman successful in any career she may be pursuing.

Self-assured and with a logical thinking, she would make a great journalist or lawyer. Since she likes to talk so much, she would also be a great actress or politician. Many Gemini ladies are newscasters or public relations experts.

The woman born in Gemini prefers to spend on a fresh pair of shoes rather than saving that money.

She can be an impulsive shopper so she needs to have more than one credit cards. She likes spending on hobbies and other things that make her feel good.

Forever young

In general, Gemini need to relax and calm their speed of thoughts so they don’t get any stress-related diseases like depression and anxiety.

Externally, Gemini is linked to the hands and arms, internally, to the respiration processes. This is why the Gemini woman must be careful not to contact any respiratory disease.

The Gemini woman is famous for being able to look young even after the years have passed. It is believed her attitude towards life is the one responsible for this, including the fact that she is rather cautious with her health.

The Gemini woman has a flirty, playful sense of fashion. She likes being in trend and will be chasing all the new outfits that are in. Her closet is usually big as she has clothes for each and every mercurial mood she’s in.

The materials that look good on her are cotton and chiffon and she like subtle colours, although she may break them with a bit of yellow and gold from time to time.

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