Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Scorpio can be sacrificing as this is a combination of two very strong characters.

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From the beginning, you should know that the compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio is rather tricky. Just think of the natural phenomena, when a strong Air element meets an angry Water element, the result is a tornado.

CriteriaGemini Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Both Scorpio and Gemini are very interested in psychology and how the human mind works, and they can talk for endless hours about this very subject alone. However, it’s a pity that the Geminis tend to lose focus and interest in a subject if it’s been under discussion for way too long.

This carefree and unrestrained attitude of the Twins creates pretty big problems for the steady and grounded Scorpios.

When Gemini and Scorpio fall in love …

The bond between the two can grow deeper and deeper with time, contrary to all beliefs, despite them having their secrets and enigmas, which not many can hope to answer, least of all each other.

And on their path to answering these, they will move mountains in order to uncover the secrets hidden within, this being exactly what is most intriguing and interesting about them. Furthermore, Scorpios are very romantic in general, and while they may want to keep their partners for themselves, and not implicate other people in their private moments, the sociable Geminis may have other plans.

While Gemini lovers need to be constantly kept in state of perpetual enthusiasm and activity, in the permanent need to do something and being entertained with certain crazy ideas, their partners, the Scorpios would do anything but that.

They prefer their peace and quiet above all else, and these bouts of impulsive and energetic events will take away from their overall happiness and comfort. Both Scorpio and Gemini will have to become accustomed to the other’s way of life, and maybe cut them some slack, seeing as though they could live together after a short period of time, if the odds are right.

Without some compromises, and without sacrificing anything, no relationship is going to work out, because nothing is completely perfect in the beginning. They have to put a lot of effort in order for things to be just as they should.

The Gemini and Scorpio relationship

It may appear as though the Universe has made a wrong decision by putting these two together, seeing as though one looks at the world from a bright and optimistic perspective, while the other can’t help but furrow his eyebrows constantly.

Fortunately, this also means that they can successfully compensate and fill in the blanks that each of them has as a result.

Furthermore, while the Scorpios are not as sociable and outgoing as their partners, this doesn’t create problems in their relationships. On the contrary, the Twins find this quite intriguing and will become more and more interested in their partners as a consequence.

If a relationship does indeed form between these two, one thing is sure, there won’t be any problems having to do with indiscretions, cheating or adventures. There is a great sense of trustworthiness and devotion between them.

Maybe because of the Scorpios’ innate resolute and steady personality which doesn’t allow the Geminis to make their moves, or because the Twins have finally realized that someone loves them deeply and without hesitations, that they don’t want to hurt them.

Either way, what matters is that this Gemini-Sagittarius bond is unbreakable from that point of view. Also, there is a great sense of understanding between the two of them, not so surprising, given that the Geminis won’t ever try to hide themselves or pretend to be something they are not.

Together, they can go across many events and situations, social ones at that, which may strain other people, but they can not only manage to find their way across, but also develop themselves along the way.

This is to say that, by combining all the strengths and qualities into one big source of power, they can deal with pretty much anything that comes their way.

From professional challenges, to romantic hiccups, even to attacks from the outside, nothing stands tall in the face of these natives’ unwillingness to give up and almost perfect cooperation.

Gemini and Scorpio marriage compatibility

It’s a pretty wild card, no one would tell you otherwise, right? The chances for these natives to marry should be slim, next to none, given how terrified and scared out of their wits the Geminis are when the concept of marriage turns up in a discussion.

You would have to perform an exorcism to calm them down, and soak them in holy water. Marriage is the work of the devil, is how they would put it. Well, it’s not really like that.

Most are just freedom-seekers who don’t want to be restrained in any way, and this dulls with time, it’s not a permanent attitude. Theirs is not an irrational fear, because if that were the case, the problem would have been a lot more critical and worse than it is now.

From the perspective of the Scorpio, settling down at the right time with a nice home and children to fill it, doesn’t seem like that far of a prospect.

Sexual compatibility

There is a lot of potential for these natives when it comes to sexual relationships, and this is given mainly by the Geminis’ strong inclination towards physicality and a strong passion for making love with intensity and enthusiasm.

Also, the Scorpios are also pretty enamored with the feelings of being satisfied and satisfying the partner’s sexual desires or urges. There is not a feeling in the world that compares to having a night together with the loved one. Literally nothing compares to this feeling, not even their daily explorations of the unknown.

The downsides of this union

As expected, problems arise because of the contradictory personality traits between these Scorpio and Gemini. One is more of a recluse who prefers living in their own world, tending to own needs and never telling anyone about their comings and goings, while the other is very open and straightforward with their secrets and emotions.

For once, the Geminis’ constant tendency to modify their surroundings and their approach to how they deal with things annoys theirs partners to no end, and things will eventually reach a climax when they won’t take it anymore.

Furthermore, the way Scorpios tend to hesitate and wallow in their inactivity, their periods of silence and introspection, these are certainly not to the liking of the spirited twins, who would rather gnaw at their own hands than have to live through that.

What to remember about Gemini and Scorpio

The relationship between these two signs may or may not be the most romantic, but what’s true is that they do love each other, even if one is overly-possessive and affectionate, while the other has other things that they must do as well.

It’s pretty obvious what role each fits in the picture. Who else other than the unrestrained and freedom-seeker Geminis could be the one craving independence, and who else other than the intense and jealous Scorpio could be the clingy partner? Theirs is a problematic and conflicting relationship which will pass through many trying times as times goes on.

Scorpios tend to be very honest, generous and trusting from the very beginning, and won’t accuse their partner of anything until they have their suspicions confirmed.

That possessiveness and clinginess stems not from jealousy, but from love and the desire to keep that person as close as possible, affection and tenderness being essential here.

However, if and when they do have their suspicions, they suffer a 180 degrees transformation. These expectations are pretty hard for the ever-changing Geminis to accomplish, because they don’t even know what they’ll be thinking and doing tomorrow, let alone the next moment.

Putting together the Geminis’ high sociable skills which could rapidly turn into grade A flirting material, and the Scorpios’ unwavering love and loyalty, which can instantly turn into monstrous jealousy, is there any doubt that the end result is nothing but catastrophic?

Either one eases up with the friendliness towards other people, or the other learns to be more trusting, confident and self-controlled.

Arguments could just as well appear and degenerate when the Scorpio-Gemini couple is pretty skilled at the art of word-warfare, one being the eternal persuader and manipulator, while the other is just plain poisonous and sulfurous when enraged.

It may seem like they don’t have a future together, or at least not an easy one, but the truth is, they are very attracted to one another, from many points of view. Character, personality, approaches to solving problems, even on an emotional level, they find some common points and similarities.

So, even if they might have some ups and downs from time to time, they will quickly regain their peace and come back together, ready for another ride full of exciting and entertaining things.

Of course, it’s going to be difficult to achieve perfection, or even something near that level, but then again, what is truly worth fighting for is not easy to accomplish.

Both of them will bring out the best in themselves, and if it succeeds in making the relationship take another step in the right direction, neither will hesitate to show their most inner and hidden aspects of themselves.

As a matter of fact, both will receive something from the other, in that they will change for the better thanks to the partner’s influence.

The Geminis, for example, with all their carefree attitude, will manage to get the Scorpios to ease up on the seriousness and overly-brooding attitude. They just can’t seem to enjoy the moment, and they really needed this in their life.

In turn, the Scorpios show their partner how efficient and worthwhile it is to learn to be determined, resolute and perseverant. All that matters is that they manage to see beyond the superficial aspects and fight for a better future together.

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