Gemini And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Pisces may be seen as an exploration game as these two form a joyful combination.

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There is quite a potential here, for the Gemini and Pisces compatibility, at least in the initial phases of a potential relationship, where both of them feel attracted to each other purely on a first-hand premise, the first look telling them enough to keep the dance going.

CriteriaGemini Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Beginnings are always fun and joyful, and both are incredibly able to offer the other unforgettable experiences, but the question remains whether they will be able to keep the show going? It all depends on what they are ready to do and how much they are willing compromise, because, after all, there’s no outer force that objects to their potential union.

The Twins are, obviously, keen on seeing how the Fish think, how deep they can go with their chain of thoughts, and cultivated they are.

In turn, the Pisces lovers, being especially in-tune with the supernatural beatings of the Universe, as well as having a really emotional personality, will look for the other’s reactions and emotional quotient.

When Gemini and Pisces fall in love …

Realistic prospects and down-to-earth attitude? Ha, these things are overrated anyway, and will take out the life force from anyone, especially the unrestrained and dreamy Pisceans, who would very much prefer roaming around the world, than staying put in one place.

Gemini lovers are their exact copycat, in that they prefer chaos to order, unpredictability to stability, the thrill of going on adventures where they can explore the unknown and take in the beautiful vistas.

Obviously, their emotions are going from a scale of 1 to 100 in a couple of seconds, if something happens that awakens their interest and leaves them mouth agape. What is most funny is that the bond keeps on getting deeper and deeper, and even themselves might not notice this at first.

Pisces are, as we’ve said, very emotionally attached and really affectionate people who can get very clingy, very quickly. In their case, love takes a shorter amount of time to work its wonders, so it spreads in their body like crazy, taking control over all their thoughts and feelings.

So, when the normally sociable and communicative, even flirty, Geminis start to frequently go out in public and at parties, their partners will often feel threatened or afraid that something might happen, that they will be betrayed or have their love stolen from them.

This is why Pisces natives will try to monopolize their partners’ time, and will even attempt to stop them from taking part in social events from time to time.

The Gemini and Pisces relationship

There could be problems appearing that might shake the foundations of their relationship, mainly because the Geminis are too sociable and outgoing for the possessive and jealous Pisceans.

When the latter feels ignored or doesn’t get enough attention, bouts of sadness and depression appear, with showers of tears flooding the whole house. It’s really a symphony of sobs, tear-jerking and dramatic monologues, followed by the usual arguments and conflicts, demands and expectations that have to be paid attention to by their partners.

And the partners, the Geminis in others words, are very carefree and disinterested in these bouts of anger and exaggerated possessiveness, something which deeply hurts the Pisceans.

The main point of attraction between the Gemini-Pisces couple is the verbal potential, meaning that Geminis love to talk, have long discussions about deep subjects, and would like someone to listen to them drivel on and on about who knows what.

If they were to throw in some compliments to boot, they would surely appreciate it even more, that’s for sure. Well, the Pisceans are exactly that for the talkative Twins, an auditorium, that person who listens with a fascinated look, stays completely focused and gasps from time to time, as if they’ve heard the most exciting things ever. Obviously, this couldn’t be any better for someone seeking acceptance and a form of confirmation.

Moreover, with both of them being liable to fall into deep and sublime dreams about the future, imagining themselves on a happy tour of the world, exploring unseen locations, taking in the surreal beauties of the sea at sunset, even discussing enthusiastically about a future wedding, these are small things that gather up to create a form of closeness.

And this closeness in the Pisces and Gemini relationship builds up over time, encompassing their every aspect of life, going above and beyond all the arguments, conflicts, misunderstandings and bickering that happen from time to time.

It’s about whether they are willing and conscientious enough to move over such issues, and instead realize what potential they have together.

Gemini and Pisces marriage compatibility

Marriage is definitely on top of the list, as far as priorities are concerned. The Pisces just want to feel that sense of security and stability that comes with the formalities of being tied to one another, while the Geminis just want to hang out in the crowd, saying hi to everyone, enjoying and taking in the enthusiasm of being surrounded with people.

Of course, no one truly realizes that the wedding is actually going to take place, seeing as though these natives will usually think about settling down as a last resort, when they have either consumed all their deep desires and wishes, or when they mature enough to do that.

Now, as far as family life goes, the way they organize and devise their little retreat from the outside world depends on what both of them are good at, usually the Pisceans at household affairs, doing the necessary work, while the Geminis would arrange the house, furniture and all of that.

All in all, the Gemini and the Pisces are pretty different overall, with how they deal with difficult situations, how they keep one another afloat, and sometimes things might not come full circle, or match up completely.

But, after all, that’s the way it is in any relationship, nothing is perfect, and it all depends on whether you have the will and perseverance to become better and try again.

Sexual compatibility

As far as sexuality is concerned, it all goes well, because they are both pretty passionate and intense in bed, Geminis more on a verbal note, while the Pisceans in the actual sense of the word.

In fact, for the Fish, sex takes on a more serious and deep meaning than just mere physical satisfaction. All their pleasure, mental power and high-paced childish enthusiasm is fueled in some way by the act of making love, because it’s more like a deepening of the bond with the partner, not a simple physicality.

Also, Pisceans may turn into pretty sentimental and intense lovers, maybe a bit too much for the insecure and unsure Geminis.

The downsides of this union

Problems arise when we take a look at the fact that Pisceans are naturally more affectionate and emotional than most other natives are, where love and romance are concerned.

They become way too involved and reach a level from which they can’t easily come back, and if they are hurt deeply in their beliefs when at that altitude, they might have their wings broken.

This comes as a result of the Geminis’ relative lack of empathy or sentimentalism, as well as the innate tendency to seek freedom above all else. They will always prefer to fly away and take in the serene air of the open skies, than stay closed up in their house, cuddling and hugging their partners.

The essential here is that the Twins must find a way to open up more, to fully express their feelings, because they do have feelings, contrary to popular beliefs. That would greatly alleviate the Pisceans’ hunger for emotional depth and make their relationship heal with time.

What to remember about Gemini and Pisces

For these two, it seems that they’ll make quite the couple, because it’s more of a “love at first sight” kind of thing, at least from a physical point of view.

Pisces and Gemini are deeply attracted to each other, and will have been in very friendly relationships before realizing that things could be even better if they followed the same path together.

However, that’s a harder thing to accomplish, because while the Pisceans dwell in their cosy and romantic palaces where the heart is the ultimate ruler, the Gemini rule the electrifying and cerebral labyrinthine corridors of their astounding brains. The latter are not so good at expressing their emotions, and that’s quite a problem.

Being free-spirited thinkers and adventurers, both the Pisces and the Gemini will seek for the unknown, for the thrill of exploring what is mysterious, beautiful and what could possibly hold some long-lost secrets.

They will travel to exotic places, taking in the fresh air of the joyous moments spent together, feeling even more energetic than when they’ve first met. And that particular moment was magnetic and electrifying, to say the least.

You can then guess how intense these moments are for them, and they will experience blissful moments at a constant pace if they manage to combine all of their qualities and common characteristics into one place.

For all the emotional gaps that the Geminis have, they can still get around this whole situation quite nicely, by using their innate talent for persuasion and sweet words. The trusting and innocent Pisceans will fall into the trap of believing the Twins, whose sharp tongue plays out a charming and mesmerizing melody.

However, as time passes and they get used to it, the hypnotic effect starts to wane, until finally the Fish wake up from the trance and realize the emotional ineptitude of their partner. This is one of the moments when the relationship could really go down the drain, and if they don’t strive to put it back together, then it’s really all over.

In order to repair the Pisceans’ broken heart and cover up for the disillusionments, the Geminis should do everything in their power to better express their feelings, because they do have feelings, of that there is no doubt.

It’s just that they just can’t find the correct way in which to reveal them, like everything would conspire to create the most awkward situations ever.

And it would really be the biggest mistake for them to give up, because there is a lot of potential in their relationship. A combination between the Geminis’ logical and rational mindset with the profound emotional depth and tenderness of the Pisceans is definitely something worth fighting for.

If the worst comes to pass and the situation degenerates into a point of no return, then someone must take the final decision and opt out for the break-up. That someone will most definitely not be the innocent and loving Pisceans, and as the Geminis break it down upon them, their partners will begin to cry and promise that things will get better if they just tried harder.

And then they go at it again, with fresh powers, and a new start is seeing the light of day. If only this one wouldn’t lead to the same outcome… That remains to be seen.

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