Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

This friendship will involve a lot of fun and talking, as expected, but can also be very deep and practical.

Gemini and Gemini Friendship

Two Geminis are able to immediately spot each other at a party or in a busy place. It’s normal for these two to be in such locations because they’re both very sociable. Furthermore, they’re smart, full of charm and fast-thinking, which means they love having a good talk with anyone.

This also suggests that they really enjoy being in the company of one another. Very knowledgeable, a Gemini and another Gemini can talk about many things and make the funniest jokes.

CriteriaGemini and Gemini Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

When bored of each other, the two Gemini friends won’t hesitate to just go separate ways and get together at a later date, as soon as they’ll have more things to share.

A fun loving combination

Two Geminis together in a friendship will never get bored and they’ll talk about many interesting things. Furthermore, they simply admire one another’s independence and need for variety.

People in this sign are great at communicating and the fact that they’re intelligent and have a good sense of humor means they’re a great pair, especially since they can laugh at anything happening to them. Other people will always admire their connection.

Geminis love teasing and making comments that are sarcastic, so they don’t mind a little bit of criticism, from time to time.

However, it can be difficult for them to take life seriously because they’re always bantering and making fun.

At least they’re both very positive and looking for fun, which means they can have an exciting life together. It would be better for these two to pay attention to their emotions as well because they’re usually allowing only the intellect to rule.

Geminis are known to easily get bored of either people or situations, so humor and intelligence is absolutely necessary for them to come up with new activities.

The friendship between a Gemini and another Gemini can be very strong because these two natives can really understand one another. However, they’re both forgetful about birthdays and what they’re supposed to do.

The good thing about this is that none of them ever has a bad intention and they’re interested in making it up to one another other.

Amusing, intelligent and very skilled with conversations, Geminis can make anyone laugh, so their sense of humor makes them very appreciated. They can bring about drama and make any situation intriguing because they’re surprising and don’t mind making jokes with strangers in order to make their friends laugh.

While they have many acquaintances and seem busier than the CEO of a big company, when together with someone, they make that person feel the most important in the world.

While they can know someone very well, it’s difficult to know them as they truly are because even if they simply love interacting with others, they’re pretty on guard to not reveal too many things about themselves.

Furthermore, these natives don’t get close to others immediately because they want to see who is their true friend and who is ready to do anything for them.

When meeting with those who aren’t that important for them, they’re just doing it for the sake of the situation and for the fun.

The enthusiastic friend

Geminis are known to hate superficiality and to not appreciate people who are selfish, this being the reason why many sincere individuals get close to them as they’re proving to be trustworthy and loyal.

As soon as they’ve made a new friend, they simply love hanging out with that person and developing a relationship of trust that is deep and meaningful over time.

They’re certainly not the type who will reveal themselves from the very first meeting because they prefer to make conversation and to allow their friends to discover them like they would do with a puzzle.

This way, they can appreciate every little detail about a person’s personality and have the occasion to know his or her history. The two Gemini friends love to have fun, to go out and dine, so the friendship with them is an occasion to socialize and to go to many new places.

They’ll always love a good wine and hearing about a person’s likes and dislikes because they think this is the way they can form bridges between their mind and others’.

These two friends enjoy interacting with different cultures and discovering new places, so their friends will be taken to many newly opened restaurants and spend a lot of quality time in their company.

It’s important for them to just keep the important dates in their friends’ lives in a calendar because they tend to forget all about these things and to disappoint when special anniversaries are approaching.

If they could remember when to make a special gift and to send out their love, the results of their actions would be truly impressive and appreciated because they like to spend a lot of time thinking what can make their loved ones happy.

Even when times seem difficult and really troublesome, they still manage to keep their optimism and know what to do for everything to get better. Nothing seems to influence them when they’re focusing on finding solutions, which means they can offer great solutions in times of need and they’re truly good friends.

Furthermore, they’re never judgmental and tend to give only the best advice, even if they’re sometimes exaggerating, but only to make themselves look good.

The friendship between the Gemini and the other Gemini is full of laughter and many fun episodes. It’s possible for these two to also be flat mates because they really enjoy being in one another’s company

All their other friends will be influenced by their good energy and enthusiasm. Because they love to interact with people and they’re always active, Geminis don’t mind flirting with their friends and truly appreciate being made fun of or complimented.

It’s important to notice them first when in a crowd and then to invite them to a bigger party because this way, they’ll think they’ve found the perfect companion.

Furthermore, they pay a lot of importance to the conversations they’re having with others because this is what determines the way they’ll get along with people further on.

What to remember about the friendship between two Gemini

The planet that rules this sign is Mercury, which means Geminis pay a lot of attention to talks and simply love being in the company of another Gemini because they’re both interested in the same things and love to talk about topics that seem interesting for the general public and especially themselves.

Many think Geminis are too talkative and therefore, superficial. However, these natives can employ many skills when talking to someone and they’re famous for being knowledgeable.

As an Air sign, they’re only interested in logic and don’t rely too much on emotions. When they’re good friends, these two can have together a great intellectual capacity and become very productive if collaborating on a project.

The fact that they only want to get involved in new plans means they’re paying attention to things for short periods of time and after get bored.

However, they’re both inventive and can come up with many ideas of what to do, regardless of how they’ve spent their time before.

Being both mutable signs, the two Gemini friends don’t mind compromising from time to time, so the arguments between them are very few and easily settled. Neither of them likes to hold a grudge, so they’ll fight and soon after make up.

The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that they’re both highly intellectual and interested in doing exciting things, which means they can never get bored when together.

These two will make one another’s lives richer and even help their other friends to achieve their goals. It’s important for them to be forgiving with each other because they’re capable of great love and loyalty, even if they’re forgetting about birthdays and sometimes gossip.

It’s important to confront them when they’ve been spreading news about someone because they’re not doing this with a bad intention, they just want to communicate as much as possible and to find out more things about a person.

Two Geminis as friends can be very noisy because they really enjoy talking and even laughing at others. They’ll read many tabloids and gossip about all the celebrities presented there.

Because they’re both in love with reading, they’ll exchange books and have many interesting debates about different authors.

The downside about their friendship is the fact that they’re both eager to stand by their own opinions when talking about the things they love the most.

Besides this, neither of them is reliable, but at least they can’t be upset at each other for too long because they immediately go back to their old cheerful selves after a fight.

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