Gemini As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Gemini friend may get bored quickly but is loyal to their real friendships and can bring a ray of sunshine in anyone’s life.

Gemini Friendship

Gemini people are very enthusiastic and friendly. They will literally talk with anyone about anything, and they won’t stop until they have completely exhausted a subject. They’re looking for new things to do, to spice up the lethargy and monotony of the day-to-day life.

As their friend, you’ll be taken to places you’ve never seen before, trying activities that you didn’t even think about before. It’s all a road to pleasure, spotted with interesting conversations and casual jokes. They can be easily bored so don’t be a party pooper.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Gemini friend:

  1. They know how to behave and are straightforward, trustworthy and reliable.
  2. They can turn gloom into crazy joyfulness in an instant.
  3. They are very open-minded as a result, and there aren’t many things that surprise them.
  4. They are very observant and know how to make one feel appreciated and valued.
  5. These people like to entertain their friends, to see them smile and make everyone laugh.

Fun to be around

In order to truly get in their good book, you’ll have to spend some time trying to befriend them. Most of the time, there’s nothing you can do other than wait for them to give you the green light.

Some observation and analysis are required before this. The Gemini natives have few close friends because they don’t like fake people or dishonesty.

Moreover, they are very loyal and devoted to their true friends. They will never betray or let down someone else’s expectations. Knowing how to behave and how to gain someone’s trust by being straightforward, trustworthy and reliable, this is one of the main qualities of the Geminis.

These people like to entertain their friends, to see them smile and make everyone laugh. This spirit of partying and debauchery manifests itself in countless ways. Usually, they invite everyone to a private party where they play the part of the host, a hospitable and joyous one that caters to everyone’s needs.

They are especially good at tracking down the best places to eat in town, and they are great food lovers.

These natives must have taken notes about all the special dates and events that will take place. They remember all the birthdays of their friends, all the anniversaries, and everyone can appreciate this, deeply so in fact. How can you not admire and appreciate such people?

Even more than that, Gemini friends buy gifts and show their kindness in many different ways, spending time thinking about the best options, putting in a lot of effort and attention. They might even want to create something hand-made, just to up the ante with uniqueness.

And then there’s the fact that they are never taken by surprise when life decides to screw things up. It’s like they can predict the unpredictable.

For this reason, people come to them asking for advice, knowing them to be reliable and responsible people who can fix a problem.

Naturally extroverted individuals

They are very funny and enthusiastic. Literally, everything gets them going, and you might as well come along with a lot of friends over because these people are out to have some fun.

They can turn gloom into crazy joyfulness in an instant, just as they can spark the flames of conflict in a seemingly peaceful atmosphere.

They are multi-faceted and profound enough for you to spend the rest of your life trying to figure them out, sometimes with no visible result.

The ones who appreciate these outgoing and spirited Geminis are the Aquarians. It’s really interesting and fun to watch them dangle together, to share in the joy of living a spotless and worry-free life.

They can go around the world without a worry, travel and see what it’s like to never stay put in one place for too long.

The reason why this relationship works is that the Aquarians will know when to take a step back and let the dual-natured Geminis deal with their inner contradictions and conflicts. Sometimes, it’s really hard to deal with a raging two-faced Gemini who doesn’t know when to stop, and this is why they choose to back off for the time being.

However, because of this wideness of scope and extremely flexible perspective on things, Geminis are very good at showing you the large picture. They can analyze something from many different directions, see what it’s really like.

They are very open-minded as a result, and there aren’t many things that befuddle them. Try it and see for yourself! When you don’t know how to deal with an issue, ask for advice from these ambiguous natives.

Expect cutting honesty though, no matter what you might want or ask of them. If it’s a sensitive subject you’re having problems with, it would be better to deal with it yourself rather than asking for help from the Geminis. They aren’t known for their diplomacy or empathy.

They can be very annoying and say the wrong things at the wrong time, but what’s totally irritating is that they almost never take the blame for their mistakes. It was just another impulsive extension of their other persona. They aren’t to blame, that’s how it always goes.

Astrologically speaking, the Geminis are very fiery and endowed with the potential to be the center of attention wherever they go. It seems like they are naturally extroverted individuals, outgoing and prone to making friends wherever they go.

They like making jokes and seeing others appreciate this, getting complimented and even seductive attempts. However, don’t invite them to a one-on-one date from the get-go.

That might make them feel hard-pressed and pressured. Instead, take them out to a crowded social event. The usual conversations from parties will create that connection between you too.

If you think your Gemini friends have been talking about you behind your back or they’ve been digging apart your part, then don’t be so hard on them.

That’s just because they want to know all the sides of the picture before they take a decision. It’s a natural curiosity that they’ve been born with.

Moreover, they are very talented and knowledgeable. It’s really a surprise and pleasure to see such an intelligent individual explaining something to you without making you feel stupid and uncultivated. But they do have this ability.

Instead, they are very observant and know how to make one feel appreciated and valued. Honesty is a way of life for them, so when a compliment comes your way, you must know that it’s real.

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Written by Denise

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