Gemini and Libra Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can be quite undecisive and adventurous as these two Air signs seem to bring both the worst and the best in each other.

Gemini and Libra Friendship

The friendship between the Gemini and the Libra is based on the fun these two can have together as the Libra simply adores how the Gemini makes witty remarks, while the Twin loves to make the Libra laugh.

Both of these friends are very knowledgeable, so they enjoy talking about anything, from politics to gossips about celebrities. However, they may take hours to decide what movie to watch because the Libra is pretty indecisive and impartial.

CriteriaGemini and Libra Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityBelow average★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeBelow average★ ★

It would be better for them to just flip a coin or to close their eyes and to choose the first thing coming to their mind. It doesn’t matter what the Gemini and the Libra decide to do together, they’ll always think life is interesting, not to mention their friendship is founded on mutual understanding and a great ability to collaborate with each other.

When the two personalities clash

The Libra and the Gemini friend are compatible to an extent because they’re both Air signs and tend to start things and to not finish them. If these two will encourage one another to establish their priorities in life and to follow things through, they can very much succeed as friends and collaborators.

Both rely on their minds and are interested in new ideas or goals to achieve. The Gemini is more able to work from the shadows and to make things happen as the underdog.

The Libra wants to be free from an intellectual point of view and can see all the sides of an argument when analyzing things carefully.

When the Gemini makes a decision, the Libra can encourage him or her to go with it, but the latter should be careful not to restrict the Twin because this native needs a lot of space to think and to not deal with demands of others.

The Gemini is a little bit lightheaded and can never commit to a strategy because he or she is always thinking of what to do next. These two combined have many acquaintances, and if the Gemini sees someone as his or her best friend, things are very serious with that person.

It’s important for the Twin to spend his or her time with someone spontaneous because people in this sign are always looking for excitement and don’t ever want to get bored.

Furthermore, they’re great entertainers who are always interested in gossip and who love to talk about their adventures. However, they have a tendency to exaggerate, even if their intentions are good. When someone is in need, they’re always there to listen and they never judge because they’re sincerely sympathetic and eager to help.

When looking for friends, they want to see intelligence and wits. While moody, they’re still very adaptable and don’t think prejudice should stay in the way of a friendship. It doesn’t matter what the society says, they’ll always be great friends who know how to make things better in a difficult situation.

Those who have nothing happening in their life should definitely become friends with the Gemini because this native can always come up with ideas of what to do.

Furthermore, people in this sign are always worried they may be missing on some great adventure because they’re stuck doing something else.

When having a routine, they become impatient and annoyed. Libras are known for communicating very well and for having great taste, which means they’re popular in their group of friends.

Many will appreciate them for being good advisers and for imposing themselves in a diplomatic way. However, these natives never allow popularity to make them become spoiled and they’re usually using their leadership talents to mediate and to give good advice.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for them to keep secrets, so they may upset their loved ones when talking about intimate things. Furthermore, Libras hate confrontation and being involved in conflicts.

Therefore, when upset, they’re taking a lot of time before showing their true feelings. Because they never want to be seen as aggressive, they just prefer to not disturb and to keep a very likable image.

When feeling they can no longer handle a situation, they’re trying to justify their outbursts of anger and to say they’ve just express themselves in the best way possible.

One is appreciative, the other balanced

Libras are ruled by Venus, whereas Geminis by Mercury. These two planets stand for love and communication, which means the signs governed by them can collaborate very well and are able to make their points of view heard.

They won’t disagree too much because the Libra is only interested in balance and peace. The fact that the Gemini sees a debate as something fun and an opportunity to become more intellectual may cause problems, so he or she needs to understand the Libra wants to avoid arguments at any cost.

The Gemini and the Libra friends are very sociable and love to communicate, not to mention they respect one another’s intelligence and can make great things happen when together.

The fact that they belong to the Air element makes them even more compatible and curious about what they each have to say. Furthermore, they can have great fun when together because they love talking about any subject and don’t mind being childish.

As said before, problems may appear when having to make decisions because Libras can never seem to make up their mind and Geminis are changing their opinions from one minute to another.

Their friendship will probably last for a lifetime because they both enjoy good conversations and have a connection that seems indestructible. Being Air signs, they’re intellectuals who love learning new things.

The Gemini will always appreciate how the Libra is balanced and won’t mind doing more things at once, just like his or her friend.

Therefore, they’ll both focus on many intellectual projects and even finish more than one thing at once, especially because they’re working together.

Both of them have many interests, and the Libra wants to explore others’ intellectual side, just to see what interesting discussions he or she can have with them.

They find a way

The Gemini is mutable, whereas the Libra cardinal, which means the latter will initiate things and the first will follow, but only as long as not getting bored.

Neither of them will want to take credit for what they’ve achieved together, and both of them are better at starting projects than at completing any task.

When one will get bored with something, the other won’t hesitate to start something new. The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that they’re both intellectuals and can express themselves in a very efficient manner, not to mention they have many different interests.

The more they’ll motivate each other and show their intelligence, the more successful their friendship will become. It can be said these two simply enjoy one another because they can exchange many ideas and laugh about everything when together.

While making many plans, they never seem to stick to any because they just seem to jump to another project whenever feeling like doing it.

Some problems may appear when the Gemini is not as diplomatic as the Libra, and the other way around, when the Libra is too needy. Luckily, neither is known for holding a grudge and the Libra simply loves being sarcastic and telling jokes.

Both these natives are known for entertaining others with good stories and funny comebacks. Furthermore, the Libra is relaxed and known to only focus on peace, good conversations and great fun.

Because the Gemini is the same, these two make very good friends. It’s possible the Gemini will not be able to handle his or her large groups of acquaintances. However, the fact that he or she is very flexible will help in this situation and also in the connection with the Libra.

The latter will never feel pressured to do anything when with their friend. Even if the Libra can become very cold when annoyed, the Gemini will rarely say something bothersome to him or her. These two are capable of having a great friendship together and they’re usually not allowing emotions to rule them.

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