Gemini and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is full of variety and intense moments, these two knowing how to bring out the best in each other.

Gemini and Cancer Friendship

The friendship between the Gemini and the Cancer doesn’t happen easily, but it can be very fulfilling because the first is a true intellectual, whereas the second has a life full of emotions.

These two react very differently to life, and the Gemini can show the Cancer how to control his or her feelings. In return, the Crab can teach the Twin everything about the importance of a friendship.

CriteriaGemini and Cancer Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

Lucky to be friends

The Gemini will never understand why the Cancer is obsessed to be stable from a financial point of view, while the Cancer won’t get why the Gemini so agitated.

However, most of the time, these two will laugh at each other’s so called negative traits. The friendship between them is very interesting because one relies only on the power of mind and the other is a person of emotions.

The Gemini will always impress the Cancer by being very intelligent and by making him or her open up more than normally. On the other hand, it’s easier for the former takes things slower and appreciates life more, when friends with the latter.

Problems may appear when the Gemini doesn’t appreciate or gives the Cancer enough importance. These two can get along very well, even if they’re very different and have opposing approaches to life.

The Gemini will all the time struggle to make new friends and to bring variety in everything he or she is doing. People in this sign are very opinionated and can rebel when things become too boring and are stuck in a routine.

Their individuality will always be expressed and they appreciate freedom more than anything else in the world. When Geminis want to have some fun, they can simply call one of the many friends they have and get to do whatever they want.

It can be said these natives are creatures of extremes because they want enjoyment and to live an exciting life, not to mention they’re known to easily get bored.

It’s very difficult for them to just stay at home and watch TV because they just want to go out partying and enjoying all the life’s pleasures. Therefore, they have many friends and want to hang out with as many people as possible.

The Cancer is the exact opposite, but doesn’t mind how the Gemini is living his or her life, so the communication between them is easy and based on a strong intellectual connection.

Those who are lucky to be friends with Cancers know these natives are highly protective and treat their friends like family because they’re loving and cherish every moment spent with the loved ones.

The Cancer will always remember the good things, and his or her friendships are usually very entertaining. However, they don’t trust people that easily and believe relationships with others have all the chances to become disappointing.

Therefore, the Cancer needs to see his or her friend is investing many efforts in the connection with him or her and to feel appreciated, or else he or she gets to feel hurt.

The Gemini sees the good things in everyone, so he or she will think the Cancer is a great person to be around. Geminis will always be there to listen to their Cancer friends, which is a rare thing because not everyone is open and patient to do this.

Their childish sides

The Cancer is intuitive and usually sees beyond words, so it’s impossible to lie to him or her. Usually, the friendship between the Gemini and the Cancer is very strong and relaxed, even if these two natives function very differently.

For example, the Twin loves to talk, whereas the Crab is a hard worker. While the Cancer may seem very gullible from time to time, he or she is not at all like this. The Gemini can always appreciate the Cancer for whom he or she is, and these two are capable of doing great things when together.

Because they’re both paying attention to the materialistic side of life, they may go to many luxurious places and attend events that require them to pay a lot of money. Furthermore, they can help one another interact with others because they know what each other wants from relationships.

These two have their childish and playful sides, which means they can find many interesting things to do when together and they’re usually laughing at everything. The Cancer will always be teased by the Gemini, but he or she is patient enough to have good comebacks and to act smartly.

Neither of them has an intention to hurt, but if one gets to feel somehow touched, a more serious discussion is necessary. The Gemini won’t hesitate to apologize and to say he or she is feeling terrible for saying anything wrong.

The Cancer represents home and motherhood, whereas the Gemini is a thinker. Therefore, the second will always protect the first from getting hurt and make sure he or she is not interacting with the wrong kind of people.

In return, the Cancer can make the Gemini feel at home when visiting him or her because people in this sign know how to create a domestic atmosphere.

It’s possible the Cancer sees the Gemini as someone ideal, and he or she can act in a possessive way. In this situation, the Gemini can reassure his or her friend of the fact that he or she is appreciated and cherished.

Furthermore, the Gemini has to listen to the Cancer because the latter has a strong intuition and can always offer strong advice in difficult situations that have something to do with emotions, not to mention Cancers are always there when needed.

The planet ruling Geminis is Mercury, whereas the Cancer is governed by the Moon. The openness and expressiveness of the Gemini will always be appreciated by the Cancer, who often struggles with emotions.

The Crab has a feminine energy that gets expressed in an intense way, so the Gemini can all the time learn how to be the same. The Moon has control over the tides of planet Earth, which means it affects all life in a quiet way and the Cancer has strong feelings, while the Gemini is all the time full of ideas.

Being intuitive and a little bit slower, the Cancer can show the Gemini how to no longer be so agitated and how to really appreciate life for what it is. Therefore, the Gemini will no longer be so rushed to start the next thing that comes to him or her.

In return, the Gemini is fun and courageous, which means him or her can push the Cancer to achieve any dream. Anyone who wants to do something should call the Gemini because people in this sign are always ready for anything and usually doing something out of the ordinary.

Furthermore, these natives know a lot of things about art, so they can be asked any question about what museum to go to or which concert in town is the best. They don’t mind sharing their knowledge with friends and can really explain what a painting is meant to express, without making anyone feel less educated.

What to remember about the Gemini & Cancer friendship

The Gemini is Air, the Cancer is Water, and these elements can work very well together when their natives are ready to collaborate and to use their emotions or intellectual abilities in order to do fun things and to complete projects.

The Cancer will always help the Gemini be softer, while the other way around, the Gemini teaches the Cancer how to open up.

However, the Cancer can have too many emotions and all of his or her Water can sometimes interfere with how witty and enthusiastic a Gemini is.

In return, the Air can make the Water move in a turbulent way, which means the Cancer can be tossed and turned by the Gemini. These two signs need to always talk in an open manner if they want to have balance in their friendship.

The Gemini is mutable, whereas the Cancer cardinal, which means the latter can initiate ideas and the first will just be open to all of them.

Looking at them from the outside, the Gemini may seem to lead the situation because he or she is brave and ready to face any challenge, but in reality, the Cancer is the one who leads because he or she has strong emotions and can weigh all the pros and cons before making any decision. These two need to find a common ground and to meet there when wanting to interact.

Furthermore, they both have to give their love and appreciation in equal amounts. The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that as soon as they get to realize they can collaborate very well, it’s possible for them to achieve great things when together.

The Gemini is always thinking about the future, whereas the Cancer can support him or her from the shadows. It’s a known fact these two have what the other is missing, which means their friendship is very fulfilling.

The Gemini will always enjoy having lunch with the Cancer because this native knows how to cook and where the best restaurants are. When these two will spend a lot of time together and gossip about others, they’ll get to develop a very strong connection.

The Cancer loves how the Gemini is very intelligent, while the Twin adores the Cancer for having a good sense of humor. Both of them love to watch people and to talk about them.

Obviously, the fact that the Cancer is moody can sometimes annoy the Gemini, while the other way around, the Twin can hurt the Crab with his or her harsh remarks.

Luckily, the Cancer doesn’t stay upset for too long and the Gemini is always ready to apologize. Furthermore, people born in Gemini simply love to go out and don’t mind getting into trouble when spending a lot of time with their friends.

These natives are obsessed with new adventures and doing all kind of activities meant to innovate. They only want excitement and to have fun because they simply love to talk about their escapades with people who weren’t able to join them.

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