Gemini And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Aquarius is frank and imaginative as this is a highly intelligent combination.

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To the unrestrained Aquarians and adaptive Geminis, going for something deeper than just a one-night stand comes very natural. This relationship is one where both of them are ready and able to do anything it takes for things to go perfectly.

CriteriaGemini Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityDoubtful
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Flexible and imaginative beyond compare, they put hesitations and anxieties behind them, instead opting for a more direct and frank approach in all matters, especially those having to do with personal problems.

It’s a good thing though that they are very tolerant and understanding of each other, seeing as though they can be pretty different in personality or temperament.

When Gemini and Aquarius fall in love …

It’s a cosmic event, the meeting between these two heavenly individuals, the Gemini and the Aquarius. Wherever they go, they will eventually start to be curious about what exactly it is that is hidden behind the foliage, or beneath the steep ground, in other words they are deeply curious and anxious to discover the mysteries of the whole wide world.

And even better, it would be a great idea for both the Aquarius and the Gemini to set aside the lone-wolf attitude and instead go for a partnership. Who knows? Maybe it would be the best idea ever.

For example, whilst the ingenious Gemini lovers have the most inventive ideas ever, wanting to put them into practice comes significantly harder, especially at later phases. And this is exactly what the ambitious and perseverant Aquarians are good at. The result? Success, success and success yet again.

When they manage to leave out all extraneous thoughts and instead concentrate on a common goal, miracles will happen, and people will have to ask themselves what their secret is.

When things get really boring or muddied in routine, both have their own ways of coping with it, the Water Bearers putting in extra efforts at work, or at striving to build up a better future overall, while the Twins will doze off, a lot.

Yeah, that’s what they do when nothing new and exciting happens, they take on a lot of sleep. And this is exactly what the both of them should do, slow down the rhythm and take a well-deserved break from all the comings and goings.

Because both Aquarius and Gemini are endowed with great potential and a terrifyingly dynamic personality, there will be times when they’ll grow so fed up with each other, that personal space will become an essential concept for a period of time.

Not only this, but in general, both are liable to take the reins and start leading the troops into action, not even considering that there are other people who would want to voice their thoughts and opinions.

This is bound to receive a revision with time, because enough of these situations will eventually create a rupture in their relationship.

The Gemini and Aquarius relationship

The way these natives do things, and especially how they appear to most people, is not so much strange, as it is surprising, because they can’t seem to figure out how it is they manage to do what they do, in the manner that they do.

Well, if to others, it’s all a mystery, for each other, it’s nothing if not crystal clear, because only they understand what it takes to unleash true coordination of souls between partners.

It is exactly the highly complex and complicated psychology of both the Aquarius and the Gemini that befuddles a lot of people, because they might make it simple and obvious when they go around fiddling with a problem and solve it in no time, but it’s not as simple as that.

It requires a lot of focus, attention to the details, as well as the most important thing, an incredible trust in one another.

Professionally, these guys will have to be very careful, since both are over-achievers who want for nothing else than to reach a very respectable and successful position. That will come with loads of effort and time spent wisely, obviously, and so they won’t even have the time to spare a glance at one another.

Preferably, they should either have the same occupation, or be incredibly adept at splitting their attention to multiple things. Otherwise, the Gemini-Aquarius relationship won’t advance at all, and there will always be a risk of disaster and even a break-up if these situations keep piling up.

Socially, these natives are quite unique in their own way, in that the Aquarius lovers will often tend to forget about these puny and insignificant things such as going out and meeting people. What use does it have for them, other than a temporary distraction?

Well, social life does have its role, and the Geminis are there to explain this, by forcefully taking them out of their homes and putting drinks in their hands, or a nice, red balloon in front of them.

But when both are feelings anxious and unfit for anything other than staying in-doors? What then? Well, then, they should opt out for doing what pleases them both, and that is either of the following: research, intellectual debates and discussions about the not-so-common subjects of the world.

Be it philosophy, science, biology or chemistry, ethics or metaphysics, these natives have it all covered, like that’s what they’ve been doing for their entire lives, taking notes on these subjects.

Gemini and Aquarius marriage compatibility

Marriage? Not an option for most of the Aquarius-Gemini couples, because, considering their spontaneous and unrestrained, also unstable, nature, how could it ever be possible to settle down and establish a family?

It would take from their charm and mysterious allure, it would impede their development and suck away all their vitality. That’s just not something they would find worthwhile enough to make a sacrifice for.

Instead, they will focus on further honing their skills and aptitudes, because adventures are all around the corner. With the Aquarians high-pitched analysis skills and deductive abilities, the Gemini will have all the material and safety to encroach on yet another fun, yet dangerous endeavour.

It’s really quite the surprise how it is that these two haven’t yet sealed the deal and stepped at the altar already. They’ve been together for such a long time, other have already established a family and possibly even made a kid or two. How come they haven’t yet made that step?

Well, it’s because they are so deeply attracted to each other, thanks to all the similarities that bond them together. With so many great qualities and intriguing traits, they could forget all about the future and formalities, if they really become hypnotized in the presence of the partner.

Sexual compatibility

When you start having fun with Geminis in the bed, you better watch out for some unexpected surprises, like a hand suddenly making its way into some of those kinky places, or something of the sort.

They both may look like careful and lascivious individuals at first, who will always take it slow and seep into the passion with nice touches of charm and languid love. But, the truth is, there is quite a psychopathic side to Aquarius-Gemini couple, in that they can quickly change their sexual tune at a moment’s notice.

What is more interesting here is that the Aquarians are also quite keen on trying and experiencing new things, which is exactly what their partners want.

The downsides of this union

The main problems than can arise when these two are trying to fix themselves up for a long time is the lack of devotion and the weak emotional bond between them. They are carefree and spirited individuals who seek for adventure and the thrill of an exciting life.

If things are meant to be more than just for show, then it will take a lot of time for the bond to deepen and for each of them to grow accustomed to the routine and tediousness of a relationship.

One other potential issue between them refers to the contradictory sparks that appear as a result of Gemini’s tendency to walk through life unimpeded, having no worries as to what order and disorder mean.

Now, for the downsides which may create some problematic situations from time to time. Both the Geminis and Aquarians are pretty air-headed, pun intended, and will often appear to be gazing into the horizon, thinking about who knows what, leaving everything else tittering on the brink of success or disaster.

Responsibilities are something truly malevolent and abhorrent, why should they be forced to do all these boring and tedious stuff? They should be given the possibility to have fun all day long, and not work or do household chores. Yeah, this is going to be a problem, most definitely.

What to remember about Gemini and Aquarius

What could be so intriguing and enchanting so that they could forsake everything else and just stay levelled for such a long time, you ask? It’s a good thing that you asked, because this is also one of the reasons why, once they’ve made the final step, their relationship will jump to the heavens and never come back down on the common plains of love.

Intellectual fervor, curiosity, a cultivated mind, deep and complex discussions that seem to never end; these are the culprits, this is exactly what both of them are so good at, and what they’ve been ultimately searching for in a partner.

Everything is about freedom and the independence necessary to pursue their dreams with these guys. They won’t willingly encage themselves in a relationship if that means they won’t have any private space, and will have to spend all their time with the partner.

That would be one of the worst disasters that could ever befall them, and they will do everything in their power to either find someone equally unrestrained and adventurous, or give up on such a toxic relationship from the very beginning.

Furthermore, as far as emotional depth and romanticism go, Gemini and Aquarius are not the ones to go for that, and will instead prefer to ramble on for hours about science and geeky stuff.

The Aquarians are naturally more balanced types who require the safety and protection that comes from a stable environment, where there is a state of equilibrium, and where unexpected things are not often spontaneously happening.

What makes this relationship stand its ground against the corroding powers of time is that neither one of them is too clingy nor has exaggerated expectations, or possessive compulsions.

They each want to spend some time alone once in a while, and they realize that it’s completely normal to want that. As such, they won’t get mad at the partner for taking some time off, being enclosed in a space of one’s own, and will patiently wait for their resplendent return, better than ever.

Forcefully ripping them from their meditative calmness and making them return to reality would only lead to disaster.

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