Capricorn And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Capricorn and Aquarius can be strong but not overbearing and will benefit both partners.

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Neighboring each other on the zodiac wheel, the Capricorn and the Aquarius can build a comfortable relationship and are able to overcome their differences and perhaps withstand the test of time.

CriteriaCapricorn Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When in love, the Aquarius is friendly but detached. As a matter of fact, the atmosphere a Capricorn and an Aquarius create is quite detached and casual. And this works for both of them, as they are very cautious when it comes to commitment.

When they’ll first go out, these two will act more like friends and not like two people who are romantically interested in one another.

An Air sign, the Aquarius will keep things distant and pretty much impersonal. When on a territory he or she doesn’t know, the Capricorn lover is formal and reserved. The trust between them will get built at some point, and a common ground for them to develop on will be created.

When Capricorn and Aquarius fall in love …

Neither the Aquarius nor the Capricorn are afraid of a challenge. These two like to dream and work hard to achieve what they have in mind. This is what will bring them together.

They won’t quit easily, no matter the situation. When they will be in for a relationship, they will give their best. The Capricorn makes the Aquarius more practical, while the Water Bearer helps the Goat to be more relaxed and try multitasking.

These energies mean they will motivate and support one another in life. Their relationship is one of mutual exchanges. Capricorns are known to sometimes be wild and break the rules when it comes to taboo subjects, and Aquarians like people who are daring and unconventional. The Aquarius will do anything to help the Capricorn achieve success.

Communication between them is easy and fruitful. Open and understanding, Capricorns will always know what the Aquarius is saying. Also serious, Capricorns will never allow a problem to become too real. They are supportive, hardworking and they like to obey rules.

When the Aquarius will be authoritative and practical as they usually are, the Caps will highly respect and appreciate them. Both social butterflies, they will be everywhere the action is.

More than this, they will respect each other’s freedom. And this is very important for the Aquarius who demands to be independent and free. The Capricorn will never restrict an Aquarius from doing what he or she wants to.

The Aquarius will like that the Capricorn builds a safe space and offers security. The fact that the Capricorn will accept the Aquarius as they are, will matter a lot for them. Besides, the Capricorn will also help the Aquarius be more serious and drop some of their weirdness and eccentricities.

But the Capricorn is not scared of anything and is ready to try all sort of things. Their connection will be strong but not overbearing.

The Capricorn and Aquarius relationship

The Capricorn-Aquarius relationship is promising. Everything that makes these two different will, in fact, bring them together because they will complement each other.

The Capricorn will love the fact that the Aquarius is witty and sometimes crazy, but the Aquarius needs to understand that Capricorns need security and comfort in their lives.

What their relationship would need is more respect from the Aquarius and more spontaneity from the Capricorn. If the latter will continuously encourage the former to not change and they would support each other’s hopes and dreams, everything will be perfect.

The Aquarius has to learn how to open up about his or her feelings. Only this way, the Capricorn will feel secure.

On the other hand, the Goat needs to work on his or her interpersonal skills. The Aquarius is a socially active person, so their partner needs to adapt to an electrifying social life.

If they will ignore what differentiates them in the sense that it drifts them apart and only focus on what brings them together, these two can have the most beautiful life as a couple. The Aquarius is known to be determined and to give a meaning to everything he or she is doing.

The extremists of the zodiac, Aquarians will always break the rules and sometimes live unlawfully. This is what will shock the Capricorn.

Aquarians never judge before they have identified some solid principles after which they can make appreciations. And the Capricorn will love this about them. They say the Aquarius is the one who always knows the truth, the seeker who discovers what is real.

It’s sometimes difficult for others to truly understand Aquarius natives for this reason. Astrologically, the Capricorn is not the best match for the Aquarius and the other way around. If they would learn how to appreciate each other more, their relationship would be much more successful.

The Capricorn can help the Aquarius to be more sensitive. With these two, everything that is negative must be put aside and forgotten. The Aquarius needs to learn how to offer stability to the Capricorn, and the Goat‘s role would be to discipline the Water Bearer.

It’s not unusual for the Aquarius to be domineering and also demanding, wanting to be appreciated and admired by the partner all the time. The Capricorn will analyze everything the Aquarius does.

Capricorn and Aquarius marriage compatibility

The Aquarius’ first wish is to be free, while the Capricorn’s is to dominate. Their relationship will always be one of friendship. Intimacy will come after they have managed to be friends first.

Inventive and having a free-will, the Aquarius may not stay in love with the so-practical Capricorn for too long.

The Aquarius and the Capricorn both know who they are in this world. They each value different things in life: the Capricorn boundaries and the Aquarius complete freedom.

They could be together as a grounded family, but that would be a little bit difficult. Neighbor signs, it’s hard to believe these two don’t get each other, but the Aquarius needs to be free too badly.

If they study themselves better, they can discover that they have a few things in common that they can build on for the long term. For example, they both appreciate loyalty and determination. Also, they both consider studying people is more than necessary to make it in life.

What will make their relationship work will be considered long before the third date and they will never allow others to dictate what they should do about their love life.

The Aquarius likes to be on the move and to spend as much money as possible. The Capricorn is more settled and reserved when it comes to spending. The Aquarius may change many jobs, but the Capricorn likes to have financial security too much to even consider this idea.

If they would be more compromising and understanding with one another, things would happen more smoothly and their relationship would last forever.

Sexual compatibility

From an astrological point of view, the Capricorn and the Aquarius are sexually compatible. Energetic and kinky, the Capricorn will arrange classy surroundings for the Aquarius to enjoy in the bedroom. You can turn the Goat on by touching him or her on the legs. For the Aquarius, it is the ankles and the calves.

While the Capricorn wants to dominate, the Aquarius doesn’t like the submissive role. Some space for the latter would be more than necessary. Sensual, both of these signs find great pleasure in sex. The Capricorn may find that the Aquarius’ appetite for pornographic materials is a little bit too much, but they’ll get used to one another.

The downsides of this caring combination

Cool and composed, the Capricorn looks for something sure and real, thing the Aquarius may find impossible to provide. It’s not all honey and milk with their relationship.

They both have some flaws that can make them distant with one another. For example, the Capricorn is an introvert and the Aquarius an independent.

Where the Capricorn is intimate and passionate, the Aquarius is not caring and detached. And they can drive each other crazy. The Water Bearer will rarely want what the Capricorn has to offer, which is comfort and stability.

The Aquarius looks for the innovative, while the Capricorn is very conservative. The former are a little bit flirtatious, thing that can really bother even the most patient of partners. Not that they would act on it, but they surely like to smile a lot with everybody.

And the Capricorn is quite jealous, wishing for love security, all whilst their chosen one is unpredictable. The rebel of the zodiac, the Aquarius will avoid being tied down as much as possible and this can generate problems in any relationship.

You can’t judge or label an Aquarius, which is actually a favorite past time of the Capricorn.

What to remember about Capricorn and Aquarius

At first, the cool Capricorn will be attracted by the positive vibe of the Aquarius and the latter will want to see more of the Capricorn. But as soon as they’ll get to know each other better, their differences will start to appear.

Ultimately, these two are compatible because they can give each other enough without being threatening to their identities and what makes them strong.

The Capricorn is very organized, while the Aquarius likes to go with the flow. The Goat will try to change this in the Aquarius and will find out that he or she can’t.

The Capricorn is conservative and the Aquarius is known as the rebel of the zodiac. When they’ll have a smooth relationship, everyone will be able to see the Earth-Air connection in action. Earth signs like Capricorns are fixed and pragmatic. Air signs like Aquarius are lightheaded and they can help their partners to be more dreamy and free.

The Aquarius has all sorts of innovative ideas but is not at all practical. This is where the Earthy Capricorn comes along and gives them some roots and a purpose to his or her ideas.

The Goat will want the first place in his or her partner’s life. Also, they want commitment and to be with someone long-term. The Aquarius is slow on commitment. This is why the Capricorn will often have to give the Aquarius ultimatums or he or she will quit and look for someone else.

On the other hand, these two will respect each other a lot. They are both intelligent, so the Capricorn will eventually have an understanding of the Aquarius’ need for freedom. They will each learn where the limits of their partner’s stand and will not push each other too far. They will make a tacit compromise with one another, but that’s love after all.

The astrological compatibility exists here because fixed signs like the Aquarius understand the Capricorn’s need for stability, although they don’t necessarily share it, all whilst the cardinal sign Capricorn will get how innovative and optimistic their partner is, values they also share.

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