Cancer and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is well grounded and intimate, with great prospects of growing into one of the best friendships possible.

Cancer and Virgo Friendship

The Virgo can be the best friend for the Cancer because he or she knows exactly what gift to make the latter and how to help him or her be more at peace.

The Virgo will never hurt a Cancer’s feelings, even if giving his or her honest opinion. Luckily, the Virgo likes the Cancer just as much as the other way around.

CriteriaCancer and Virgo Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

The analytical and the emotional brought together

The Virgo is also known for being harsh with him or herself because he or she thinks others deserve more from his or her side. Anyone can make a Virgo smile by bringing a cake or tickets to the cinema.

It’s true he or she will think the Cancer is too protective, while the other way around, the Crab will see the Maiden as neurotic.

However, most of the time, these two will love being in one another’s company, especially when doing things like enjoying the outdoors and or a crafty activity.

The Cancer and the Virgo are very good friends also because both of them love spending their time around the house.

They simply love wasting their time with good friends, and the Cancer will always make the Virgo feel better by being encouraging and mentioning him or her that he or she is incredible.

The Virgo will never forget what the Cancer is saying, which makes the Cancer feel important. Furthermore, these two are capable of being honest with each other without saying hurtful things.

When they’re friends, the connection between them is intimate and grounded, not to mention capable of becoming stronger in time.

Both these signs are focused on succeeding and can work with discipline. More than this, they’re known for loyalty and devotion, which means none of them works without a purpose.

The admiration they have for one another is tremendous because the Virgo respects how the Cancer is quiet and at the same time strong, while the Cancer admires how the Virgo adapts to anything.

The friendship between them may take a while to become stronger, but it sure will because it’s based on value and appreciation towards common sense.

Both these signs can be focused on the materialistic side of life because they’re hard workers and open to invest efforts into having comfort.

Problems may appear when the Virgo starts to criticize and the sensitive Cancer begins to easily get hurt. Therefore, the latter must learn how the first doesn’t mean anything personally, he or she just can’t refrain him or herself from criticizing.

The Virgo will not like how the Cancer is stubborn, but has enough patience to deal with this thing along the way. Furthermore, the Virgo loves going with what the Cancer says, while his or her servicing nature combines very well with the Crab’s nurturing side.

The Cancer is ruled by the Moon, while the Virgo is governed by Mercury. Both the Moon and Mercury are in the proximity of the Sun, so they’re close to each other, even if different.

The Moon is nurturing and acts like a mother, so the Cancer is just about the same. Mercury rules over communication and features both feminine and masculine energies, which means the Virgo is very adaptable.

Furthermore, its natives are great intellectuals who can read other people’s minds. It’s easy for a Virgo to understand what the Cancer wants and to become very loyal and thoughtful as a friend.

Each with their strengths and weaknesses

When friends with someone, Cancers are incredibly helpful. As soon as one of their loved ones is sick, they’re not only hurrying with food and pills, they also want to do everything in their power to make that person feel better.

Because they’re a cardinal sign, they’re action-oriented but being very sensitive makes them also touchy, which means they’re more prone to hold grudges and to imagine getting hurt, so being careful with words when around them it’s the best idea.

Because they have great intuition, they can immediately identify what’s bothering their friends and guess feelings. They have strong emotions and love being surrounded by those who are like them.

Very sentimental, Cancers want to prove their friendship is real by doing something very personal for their loved ones.

Being hard-working and a perfectionist, the Virgo will find it easy to get involved in the Cancer’s plans. Therefore, the Virgo will support the Cancer, even if he or she has already moved on to a different project.

The most difficult thing about being a Virgo’s friend is the fact that these natives tends to become so comfortable and getting them involved into new adventures becomes impossible.

There are Virgos who ask all the questions in the world before deciding to do something fun and joining their friends.

Some of them need to be encouraged and told they’re going to have someone next to them wherever they may be going.

Virgos never want to say big things about their friends when in public because they think their company speaks for itself. Therefore, they can feel embarrassed when someone becomes affectionate with them when with others, or even too emotional.

However, they appreciate being loved and enjoy shared feelings. Anyone can count on the Virgos to give a hand with anything, regardless if it’s putting together some furniture or taking a friend to the airport.

These natives love to get stimulated with new ideas and because they’re opinionated, many think of them as very naughty and hurtful.

In conclusion, they need to be careful and not make others feel bad when being criticizing. It would be better for them to try and be spontaneous instead of analytical.

A Virgo will always pay attention to what a person does and doesn’t do, to his or her words and bodily movements. Those who want to betray them should be careful because they immediately observe a change in someone’s behavior.

However, it’s easy to have them feeling good about anything by giving them a purpose and proving the love towards them. Even bringing them some sweets can truly make a change if they’ve been upset.

What to remember about the Cancer & Virgo friendship

The Cancer is Water, whereas the Virgo Earth, which means the latter is all about practicality and the friendship between him or her and the former will always be based on comfort and materialistic achievements.

Water signs are all about intuitive hunches and emotions, which means the Cancer appreciates friendship and fuels it from the shadows.

Virgo and Cancer friends will never fight about who’s giving more importance to the connection between them.

Both Cancers and Virgos want to make good money and to have all sort of fancy things at home. Therefore, they could easily live together and lead a steady life as neither of them would lose control.

The Cancer is cardinal, whereas the Virgo mutable, which means the first comes with new ideas and the second moves from one thing to another, according to his or her feelings.

The greatest thing about the friendship between the Cancer and the Virgo is the fact that they’re both focused on the same goals and have similar interests.

This brings them together and Cancers are always honest or eager to live everything in a passionate manner, especially their emotions. These natives can feel things at a deeper level, so when upset or angered, they just burst into tears or say something about the situation.

When happy, they transmit only positive energies and warmth. This is one of the reasons why people in this sign and Virgos may sometimes not get along straight away: the Virgo doesn’t have such intense feelings.

As a matter of fact, these natives are known to only use cold logic. It can be said these two are very different, even if they respect each other very much. The Cancer has many values and wants to deal with people of high-quality.

The Virgo rules his or her life after strong principles and wouldn’t be attracted by money or a high social status. When these two get together, they can support one another in great ways.

Of course, the Cancer won’t understand why the Virgo is so obsessed with neatness. In return, the Virgo won’t see how the Cancer can be so emotional.

In the end, these two will get along very well, with the Crab teaching the Virgo what unconditional love is and the latter showing the friend how to no longer be so sensitive.

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