Virgo As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Virgo friend doesn’t judge and tries to help as much as possible, although there are some things they can be quite fixed about in friendships.

Virgo Friendship

The Virgo friends like intelligent conversations and smart topics. This is what they’re looking for in their friends, a certain profoundness of being, a depth of character, spiritual awakening. They want to experience the mystery of the world, to ponder on the greatest existential questions.

However, they should also find a way to get out of their comfort zone, to strike a bargain with their sense of immediate gratification and just go with the flow. Dynamism, passion, intensity, and spontaneity, that’s what they sorely lack.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Virgo friend:

  1. They can be supportive and helpful to the extreme.
  2. They can be cuttingly honest and trustworthy.
  3. They are discrete and serious about friendships.
  4. Know that they are very friendly and caring and will do anything to support you.
  5. They are quite sensitive and empathic.

They won’t befriend just about anyone

If you thought the Leos were very passionate and kind to their friends, you haven’t seen what the Virgos are capable of. They can be supportive and helpful to the extreme, precisely because they know how it feels to be in a bind, and because they can empathize with you.

However, they also feel the need to be appreciated back, to have their feelings reciprocated. Nothing would make them more content than that. Of course, they are doing everything unconditionally, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be glad when you send back some love. They’re very good at analyzing and systematically summarizing a problem.

The one and only reason why you ought to know that Virgos are trustworthy is that they are honest. They can be cuttingly honest, actually. There is no one more straightforward and blunt than these natives. When you ask them something, you’d better be sure that you want to hear the truth.

Even more, you are safe in their hands. You can tell them anything, your darkest secrets, all your problems because they will not judge. Instead, they will immediately start thinking of solutions to your issues. They are discrete and serious about friendships.

It’s obvious now that being honest isn’t just about maintaining a level of clarity and transparency with those around you. It’s also about telling the bitter and harsh realities of life, ones that everyone has to live with. Don’t be surprised that they’re sometimes apathetic and cold towards something.

This means that they are trying to be objective, to have a pertinent point of view, unblemished and untainted by personal emotions and subjective matters.

They wish they were above the mundane problems, watching and observing from a safe spot, where nothing touches them.

Virgos are perfectionists. You knew this from the very beginning. However, what does this mean? It means that, besides imposing iron rules on themselves, they are also looking for superior traits in their friends.

They won’t befriend just about anyone. They love differences, eclectic perspectives, a depth of intelligence that comes with knowledge and curiosity.

One thing that you should know is that Virgos are very attentive with their money. They never take it for granted, spending money that is.

Hard work and great efforts are necessary in order to raise your material situation, and there’s no joking about that. So, don’t even think about conning or deceiving them with this.

Calm and patient friends

Virgos are also very introverted people. They hold on to their feelings and thoughts, and they aren’t willing to let anyone in their private space. It’s going to take a lot of convincing, and you have to win their trust if you want to get to that level of intimacy with them.

That protective shell they’re taking refuge in is made as a form of security, to avoid being hurt and disappointed.

Prove to them you won’t ever do that, and everything’s going to be fine. However, once they do agree to your presence, it’s a relationship that’s going to resist the test of time.

They can criticize and objectively analyze your flaws. They can tell you when you’re wrong and try to point out the right direction. It’s actually a great help, having one of them around.

You know their perfectionism and desire to strive for excellence will pose quite a difficulty, but it’s also the best method to achieve success.

They expect you to have the same perspective when it comes to friendships, to reciprocate their feelings, to be kind and generous, to be punctual and serious, just as they are.

The best frendship partner for a calm and patient Virgo is the passionate and intense Scorpio.

These two natives cancel each other out, they complete one another, and the resulting combination comes in the form of a synesthesia of thoughts and emotions. The Scorpio is fluid and dynamic, while the Virgos are grounded, earth signs.

They know when to take a step back and give some breathing room to the partner, while also being very committed and loyal. They are honest and never beat around the bush. Mental and verbal debauchery, that’s what it’s all about with these natives.

Virgos don’t generally like dynamic and overly-enthusiastic people because they feel stifled, crowded, lacking in the time to breathe and analyze.

They hate it when they have to improvise and be spontaneous. And that’s why it would be better for you, as their friend, to be patient and not act on your instincts.

Know that they are very friendly and caring. They will do anything to support you in your time of need. Investments for the future, this is how they see friendships, loyal friendships that is.

On the one hand, Virgos are perfectionists who will always push you to attain your highest potential, to take a firm grip on your dreams and aspirations. They will correct and point out your mistakes, inspire you to be better and to overcome your limitations.

On the second hand, these natives are excellent when it comes to solving problems. Especially when they have to analyze and formulate a plan of attack, when you need a rational and objective opinion, call on them.

This is what they excel in, logic and reason. Complicated issues become simplistic matters in their hands. Moreover, they can be very funny and joke about a lot of things, just to make the atmosphere a little more enjoyable.

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