Cancer And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Pisces can be dreamy but also practical as these two are versatile signs.

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The Cancer and the Pisces will get along very well and the connection between them, as two Water signs, is fulfilling and true. They will enjoy moments of passion and relaxation together.

They are both dreamy, so there will be a lot of understanding between them. Each of these signs needs space to calm and connect with their inner worlds.

CriteriaCancer Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤ ❤

The Pisces lover will allow the maternal Cancer to be him or herself and they will both build something long-lasting. The Pisces will be the one that needs to be saved by the Cancer.

The Pisces Cancer relationship will pretty much depend on how much they are willing to trust one another. They both like to live their own life and take it as it is, but as a cardinal sign, the Crab likes to initiate things and has a deeper understanding about when the Fish drifts off and goes into a different world to retreat emotionally.

When the Cancer and Pisces fall in love …

There are many things that make the relationship between a Cancer and a Pisces beautiful. For starters, both these signs are emotional.

When they fall in love, Cancers become nurturing and self-sacrificing. Pisces are no different. Also, people in this sign are known to have psychic abilities and guess other people’s feelings.

As Water signs, they will react slowly, so it will take some time before either one of them makes a move to hit on the other.

The Pisces will leave the Crab enough room to be vulnerable and caring. The Cancer will offer the Fish a safe home for the Fish is too chaotic to build this on his or her own. As long as they don’t allow emotions to overwhelm them, they both can enjoy a fruitful, happy relationship.

One thing that differentiates these two is the way they adapt to change. They are both adaptable, but in different ways. The Crab needs to filter everything through emotions, while the Pisces needs a connection with a higher, spiritual realm. Not impulsive, both of them are flexible and caring.

When it comes to money, the Pisces and the Cancer won’t be able to agree. The Cancer puts aside for a better future, while the Pisces will spend on the most ridiculous things, or donate to whatever organization they see fit.

And as far as self-respect goes, Pisces always doubt themselves, this is a very pessimistic sign. People in Pisces need to work on their self-confidence more than other signs. They often settle for less just because they believe they don’t deserve more.

Usually, the Cancer-Pisces relationship is smooth and enjoyable. The Pisces can put up with the Crab’s moods by guessing and anticipating. It’s the Cancer who won’t understand the Pisces because the latter often dream and get interrupted by the day-to-day life.

They need a break from routine to be allowed to make something of themselves. Being unsure all the time makes them miss on great opportunities.

The Cancer and Pisces relationship

If they are so perfect for one another, it doesn’t mean the relationship between the Cancer and the Pisces can’t be improved. They would both need to compromise a little bit. They have a caring and emotional bond and they get one another.

As relatives or friends, they will sacrifice what they have for the good of the other. As colleagues, they will help one another very often. They will be friendly and wish each other a good life.

When they’ll be business partners, these two will be a great team as long as the Cancer takes all responsibilities onto his or her shoulders.

As lovers, they will be protective and romantic. The way these two understand each other can’t be seen in many other people.

It’s essential that the Cancer doesn’t allow insecurity to dominate the relationship. The Pisces is very loyal, so there will be no room for doubt here. Sensitive and caring, giving their love will come easily to them. Sociable and friendly, they will have people love them wherever they may be going.

The Cancer needs to understand they are both likable and that no one wants to take the Pisces away. On the other hand, the Pisces needs to be more understanding with the Cancer’s wish to have a secure financial future. Cancers hate it when nothing is planned, and they definitely don’t like people who are lazy. And Pisces can often procrastinate, not to mention that they don’t know their way around money.

If they would take into consideration a few things about each other, they would be happier and their Pisces-Cancer relationship will last longer. The Cancer won’t mind helping the Pisces be more positive because they are often overwhelmed by depression.

If one of them is cranky or grumpy, it’s better that the other doesn’t insist too much on changing his or her mood. They must think they are on good hands. They shouldn’t manipulate each other with too much drama and exaggerated emotions.

When they feel like they need to manipulate, they should understand they in fact want more love. If they are patient and don’t try to change the other, they have a good chance at happiness.

Cancer and Pisces marriage compatibility

Affectionate and sensitive with one another, the Pisces and the Cancer can make each other feel great in a stable marriage.

The Pisces will bring a lot of romance to the Cancer’s life, and the Crab will protect the Fish all the time, in a nutshell, they’ll support each other in everything.

The Cancer will perhaps be the one who leads as the Pisces is too eccentric to be realistic. They will end all fights in the bedroom. Very compatible, these two will make their marriage successful and long-lasting.

Good parents, they will sacrifice everything for their children. And their little ones will always be there for them.

They may have some differences in their characters, but they can be overlooked. These two both want someone to love them. The Cancer appreciates a warm home and emotional stability, while the Pisces wants to feel more of everything.

Pisces usually idealize their partners and feel depressed if they can’t find the magic in their love story. The life with a Cancer can become routine, this being what drives the Pisces away.

Sexual compatibility

Because they are both sensitive and subtle, the sex between the Cancer and the Pisces can be very unique. Romantic and dreamy, these two will make an art from lovemaking.

They will have a mystical experience, something full of new ideas and maybe rituals. The Cancer will respond to any suggestion brought in by the Pisces because they like to be caressed and held tight. The Pisces is seductive enough for the Cancer to love their entire sexual experience. The former love role playing and games, and their partner won’t say no to all this.

The Cancer is the most sensitive around the chest, while the Pisces around the feet. Some candles and dimming the lights will release nights of passion between them.

The downsides of this union

Both secretive and very imaginative, the Pisces and the Cancer can hurt each other with things that probably aren’t even true. The Pisces may have problems with depression, substance abuse and addiction.

They will both strive to achieve emotional independence and they won’t even realize it. Both possessive, they may get lost in jealousy.

The Pisces may be an empath, but they often won’t understand why the Cancer needs to be smothered so much. Cancers can be very protective of their feelings towards someone when they have got their claws on that person.

The Cancer needs to be sure of the love the partner has for him or her. They will be suspicious and interrogate the Pisces about everything. And the Fish like being free, so they will try and escape the Crab’s tight grip.

On the other hand, the Pisces is lazy and often procrastinates, people in this sign have no idea how to deal with money and they run away from hard work and responsibilities. It’s difficult to rely on a Pisces because they are not at all reliable. And the Cancer will look for someone more trustworthy soon enough.

What to remember about Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer and the Pisces are two signs that follow the same path in life. The relationship between them is successful because they have the same values and similar traits, and also because they are both very emotional.

The Cancer-Pisces compatibility is natural: they recognize themselves in one another, so the attraction will be imminent.

Being the most emotional signs, the zodiac has seen, these two will form a spiritual connection and a relationship in which they’ll endeavor to never hurt one another.

What makes them so in love with each other is the fact that they are both emotional. As Water signs, they will rely pretty much on intuition. And they will like finding the same thing in the other.

It doesn’t matter how times will be or what life will throw at them, the love these two have for one another will always succeed. Their relationship will resist through tough financial times, issues with parents, different races or religions, long distance and many other obstacles.

Because they are both sensitive, both the Cancer and the Pisces can be destroyed with only a few words or a distant attitude. They understand how painful and tough words and actions can be, and they make sure they never treat someone with disrespect.

The Crab and the Fish will be very honest with one another. They will not lie or try to be who they actually aren’t. There will be no secrets between them if they will be a couple. While they both don’t open too easily, they will trust one another from the first moment they’ll meet.

And once their relationship will be more mature, they will be happy to know they have someone who they can rely on in the other. When life will be tough, the Cancer and the Pisces will turn to one another and find comfort. This is something only strong couples do.

Their love will be intense and they will get each other to feel secure. They are both in for the long term, so a marriage is not at all impossible. Like with any other people, conflicts between these two may arise as well, the Cancer can become too clingy and the Pisces too unrealistic. They should express what they expect from one another if they want to last for a long time together.

Resolving issues before they become too complicated is better than having to deal with a wave of problems at the same time.

But when they’ll be at their best, the Cancer and the Pisces will be romantic, sweet and very much in love. They have a lot to give not only to one another, but to the entire world. So don’t be surprised if they will get involved in all sorts of charity events.

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