Cancer And Leo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Leo can be fulfilling for both partners as this is a realistic and passionate combination.

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Both playful and wishing a once-in-a-lifetime, long-lasting romance, the Cancer and the Leo look good together. They are neighboring signs in the zodiac, so many of their energies will be happily shared, fun and creative, these two can build a beautiful and fulfilling life.

CriteriaCancer Leo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

As a Fire sign, the Leo likes all kind of romantic attentions, and the Cancer has incredible ways of showing affection and love. They will cuddle and kiss all the time. The world will know they love each other.

Their holidays will be unforgettable and most of the time in exotic destinations. Romantic characters, they will make a lot of memories together, wherever they may be going.

When Cancer and Leo fall in love …

The Leo will be the superstar and the Cancer his or her manager so this couple will be a force together. While the Lion will shine at every party and social gathering, their partner will be more reserved. Not that the Cancer is not entertaining too, just that Leos are more dramatic and wants admirers.

They both wish to have a family and children to keep them busy. Because they like to be the ones who throw out the best parties, their families will usually gather at their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is also a great combination because the Moon, which governs the Cancer, reflects the Sun, which governs the Leo. The Cancer’s changing moods will be kept in line by the Leo who will make them feel loved and secure.

But the Leo needs to be flattered and admired all the time, not to mention that they are interested to dominate in bed. These two share some traits that make their relationship work better. For example, they are both loving and they behave with each other respectfully. They like to have a quiet and nice evening at home and they both enjoy a big family.

For the Cancer lover, there is nothing more important than family ties, while the Leo loves to shine at home or in front of friends. They will be loyal and devoted to one another. Communication will be something that comes easily for both of them because the Leo knows how to talk and the Cancer has a special empathy and guesses feelings and thoughts without struggling.

These two will never get bored. The Leo hates boredom and doesn’t understand it. Any activity designed to make people enjoy themselves will be in their schedule, from baking a cake to scuba diving or bungee jumping.

And they will not forget to spoil one another from time to time. Creative and nurturing, the Cancer will do anything to keep the Leo entertained.

The Cancer and Leo relationship

The Cancer and the Leo make a great team so they will be fulfilled and satisfied when in each other’s company. Not to mention they understand each other emotionally. They may have some differences, but this won’t be a problem.

The circumstances won’t matter that much, they will make the best out of any situation. Their differences will be what makes their relationship beautiful and lasting.

Relatives, colleagues or friends, the Cancer and the Leo will have a nice relationship in which the Leo will be the star. As siblings or other type of relatives, they will be fine only if the Cancer learns how to flatter the Leo. They can be good business partners, especially if the Leo deals and the Crab takes care of all the finances.

The Cancer and Leo lovers will be happy for a long time if the Lion understands the Cancer’s insecurities and does the best to reassure them of their love.

What they would need more in their relationship is comfort and a little bit of change. Sensitive and kind-hearted signs, the Leo is also known to have a temper, while the Cancer is famous for his mood swings.

They will sometimes be overwhelmed by their emotions and they won’t know how to deal with them or each other. The Leo’s weaknesses that top the list are jealousy and possessiveness, whereas the Cancer can lose control and always bring up the past.

Balance is essential if they want their relationship to work perfectly. Around Cancers, Leos need to be careful with what they are saying and doing. Criticism and high tones will only make the sensitive Cancer hurt and close.

On the other hand, Cancers need to learn how to be less negative when they’re having their moods. The past should be left alone as their relationship should belong to the future. With some light adjustments, these two can turn into a perfect couple.

Cancer and Leo marriage compatibility

The Cancer and the Leo should communicate above anything else, by taking into account the future. Everything life has to bring them should be discussed and shared. They both like to dominate in a long-term Leo and Cancer relationship, so it’s necessary they take turns at who’s the boss.

Besides, analyzing situations from the other’s point of view is also a good idea to make things work. Respecting each other will only help them better themselves. Their main problem will be the way they view the world because the Cancer needs to feel loved and the Leo wants to let people know about their relationship.

Social and fun, Leos are also domestic creatures as they want a family life more than anything else. They will be good parents, and their children will rely on them for everything. Also, the little ones will be talented and bring home all kind of prizes and trophies from different competitions. The Crab may think the Leo is a little bit superficial because of this.

Sexual compatibility

A Sun sign, the Leo will dominate in bed and if the Cancer allows them to lead in bed, they have a chance at a successful long-term relationship.

It’s something beautiful they can have together, but it looks like it’s not meant to last. The Leo is crazy about compliments and being admired.

Cancers are warm and cozy in the bedroom. They can play both the submissive and the domineering role. Leos have high libidos and love role playing. The chest is where the Cancer will get the most turned on when touched, while for the Leo is the back. They will seduce each other in the sack, some scented candles and flowers will make them both go crazy.

The downsides of this union

People in Leo and Cancer are romantic and sophisticated, but superficial. It’s like in that story in which the Sun and the Moon are not supposed to be together although they love each other. They should think about what doesn’t allow them to be with each other, why the Universe doesn’t allow this union.

It doesn’t matter how compatible the Cancer and the Leo may be, they will always have some problems. For example, the Cancer is too sensitive for the authoritative and domineering Leo. When the latter get annoyed, they become criticizing and irresponsible with other people’s feelings. And this will be a knock-out for the Cancer.

After all, Water (Cancer) doesn’t match Fire (Leo) that much. The Cancer is introvert, while the Leo is extrovert. They can both be extremely selfish and that’s not beneficial for a relationship. And the Leo has moods too.

The Leo-Cancer couple needs to let creativity emerge and each partner must be given their own personal space. Love may mean being together and always crazy about the other, but solitude is necessary as well for a balanced and objective view.

The Cancer may grow exhausted by the Leo’s constant need for admiration and they will be submissive, but too clingy.

Because they live too much in the past, Cancers will often not be understood by Leos. Regretful, emotional and frustrated, Cancers will worry about what already happened, about failures long forgotten. And this makes them rigid and uncontrollable. Leos are more systematic, and therefore may end up thinking that Cancers are chaotic and not in control.

What to remember about Cancer and Leo

Many would say the relationship between a Cancer and a Leo doesn’t work because Water and Fire don’t mix well. But things aren’t always quite like this. This relationship has every chance to be successful.

First of all, the Leo is fixed, which means people born in this sign are stable. As a matter of fact, the Leo is the most secure of the Fire signs. It won’t be difficult for a Leo to understand the feelings and emotions of a Cancer.

The man or the woman in Leo will stay next to his or her Cancer no matter the circumstances. Because they are known to have endurance, Leos usually wait patiently when they need to deal with a problem and this is exactly what the Crab needs. The latter will always crave for someone positive and realistic who can help with all his or her emotional fluctuations.

Both very romantic and caring, the Leo and the Cancer are looking to eventually get married. And when they’ll find that special someone, they will be the most faithful people ever seen. As a couple, they will help one another fulfill their dreams and pursue their goals. This is one of their biggest strengths, as a matter of fact.

The Leo will teach the Cancer how to be more assertive and get what he or she wants, while the Cancer will help the Leo calm down and be less impulsive.

Their governing planets may also be involved in what makes them get along so well and naturally. Governed by the Sun, the Leo is masculine and energetic. The Moon is the ruler of the Cancer, and it represents femininity and emotions. It doesn’t matter who’s the woman and who’s the man in this relationship, they will represent their ruler very well.

What’s also interesting about the Cancer-Leo couple is that these two partners are also good friends and this indicates there is a mature connection between them. It’s like their relationship is made up in heavens, not here on Earth where many things can be ugly.

As lovers, all they need to do is to understand each other and they will live happily ever after. While the Leo may get upset sooner or later, them two will make things work again even after a disagreement.

When they will fight, the Cancer will most likely start to bring into discussion all the past wrongs and mistakes the Leo has said and made. But all couples fight from time to time, so why this one should be any different? The Leo will balance the Crab’s moods, which is perfect as the Cancer needs someone to do this for him or her.

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