Aries Ox: The Persistent Innovator Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Aries born in Ox year

Aries Ox
  • Aries people are born between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • These people tend to be very authoritative and assertive.
  • The Aries Ox woman can be quite impulsive and she often ends up regretting it.
  • A career person, The Aries ox is very rational and composed.

Imagine what happens when the reliability and contemplative shyness of the Ox meet the impulsivity and wish for action of Aries.

This is definitely one of the most enthusiastic people there are, one who will tell it as it is, no matter the consequences. These are the innovators of our times, determined to achieve what others think is impossible.

The Determined Aries Ox Personality

The Aries Oxen are confident and have the determination of the Ox, but they aren’t shy as many people born in the year of the Ox are.

Assertive, these people know how to express their feelings and they have a deep way of thinking.

They are open and sociable and they like to surround themselves with people.

You’ll discover that the Aries Oxen are honest people who give straight answers no matter how serious the question is.

They know their ways around conversations and they take other people’s feelings into consideration, but they only speak the truth.

The Aries born in the Ox year of the Chinese zodiac is powerful and has enough energy to move the mountains.

These are hard-working people and they never like to do things halfway. People who have just got the chance to meet them can’t see their kind and honest side. It takes time to get to know the Aries Ox.

Since they find domestic chores to be difficult, the Aries Oxen are a little bit disorganized at home. They prefer to do some gardening rather than cleaning the house. This is also because they simply love being outdoors.

Top Characteristics: Bold, Expressive, Conservative and Honest.

A natural born leader, the person born in Aries the Ox year will know how to stand up for him or herself.

They are quite conservative when it comes to deciding what job they are going to take or with whom they are going to be friends.

As said before, they really don’t like cleaning and tidying up. They think these tasks are very boring. But this doesn’t mean they’re not doing a great job when it comes to something else.

They only thrive in professional environments where the progress can be met through steady efforts. Their ambition makes them successful in everything they are doing and they always manage to reach their life goals.

An Aries Ox will always be successful no matter what he or she may be doing. And it’s all due to uncompromising determination.

These people tend to be authoritative and to have a bad temper. When the two signs, Western and Chinese, combine, the person who is born under them channels the authority and temper into productivity.

The Aries Oxen will always advocate their optimistic outlook on life, convincing others to be happier with the changes that arrive. They expect people to be as energetic and efficient as them.

Perfect careers for Aries Ox: Hospitality, Education, Music, Programming and Accountancy.

They are talkative and they enjoy constructive conversations, especially when they need to take care of business.

Those who want to be friends with them need to be on the same level and see things the way the Aries Oxen do.

They are not the most sociable people in the zodiac and they rarely take the first step in establishing a friendship. Their best friends will be the ones they had in childhood as they are not quite interested in making new acquaintances. They don’t make new friends easily, but they are truly devoted and loyal to the ones they already have.

Stubbornness is their main weakness. Another would be their impulsiveness. They get better with age, but when young they make bad decisions out of boldness, especially when it comes to money.

They learn from past mistakes at each step of their life and this is main reason why they constantly evolve with age.

You may find an Aries Ox into the same place twice but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re stuck. Is just a matter of time when they move on to the next stage in life.

Love – Uncovered

Masters at being the ideal partners, the Aries Oxen will devote their life to their partners and they won’t brag about it.

They are not the best at offering compliments or romantic gestures, but they love with passion and they are loyal.

Because they have a natural honesty and they are visionaries in love, these people have to feel secure in a relationship. No matter what happens, they will always be protective with the ones they care about.

Most compatible with: Leo Rooster, Leo Rabbit and Leo Monkey.

Reliable and straightforward, the Aries Oxen are not the most romantic people in the zodiac. It’s because they don’t really know how to express their feelings.

They also reveal their emotions very rarely and they get jealous when they’re involved in something serious.

They are only looking to have a relaxed, harmonious relationship with the person they love most, so being faithful when in a relationship with an Aries Ox is essential.

Aries Ox Woman Characteristics

The Aries Ox woman is known to be impulsive and also to have a bad temper. She only acts without thinking of the consequences.

That’s why many people don’t understand her. She is self-confident and energetic, but she often can’t finish what she has started. It is advisable that she learns how to control her emotions.

As well, she should think more often about how she can improve herself. Only like this she will find contentment. She is interested in other people’s lives and she has a contagious type of energy.

At maturity, the Aries Ox woman will become more self-aware of her impulsiveness and she will change.

This is a time when she’ll learn how to appreciate what’s important and see what comfort really means. Her financial situation will also improve at this age.

She knows how to act and she often plays with other people’s feelings in order to discover what they are thinking. And this can make others not so crazy about her.

Even when she has found her soul mate, she can ruin everything in the spur of a moment. Her impulsiveness can affect others too, but she doesn’t necessarily realize it.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Ox: Leona Lewis, Jim Parsons, Pharrell Williams, Veronica Cartwright, Jessica Lange.

Aries Ox Man Characteristics

The Aries Ox man is spiritual and he rules his life after certain moral principles. He can be so attracted to study other people that he forgets all about the material world. Introvert, he is looking for others to support what he may be thinking.

But he is good when he expresses his thoughts through art. The Aries Ox man is characterized by success as he distributes his immense energy properly. Rational, calm and thoughtful, he’s a reliable and devoted friend.

When in a relationship, he is the same. He likes helping everyone. You can trust an Aries Ox man. He doesn’t like when people lie to him as he is very honest himself. He often doesn’t need people to cope with what life throws at him.

He needs a partner who cares about him, and he will reveal himself after some time being in the relationship. He’s forgiving with his other half and he will always support her through life.

It is recommended the Aries Ox man to keep his realistic side and not become a workaholic. He can lose people around him if he becomes too pessimistic or drowns in too much work.

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