Love Advice Every Aries Man Must Know

As the driven Aries man that you are, you must become less self-absorbed and intimidating and pay attention to your partner’s needs.

Aries man love advice

While courageous, straightforward and very independent, the Aries man still doesn’t want to live without his soulmate.

He’s a natural-born leader and has all the Fire element’s passion, so he needs to share this with someone and to have a partner-in-crime. The woman who can put up with all this is surely the right one for him.

The best love advice for the Aries man:

  • Be careful not to become a little too jealous and obsessive;
  • Leave your stubbornness aside and compromise in love when it is the case;
  • Try not to be aggressive with your expectations because this scares off anyone;
  • You love intensely but you need to make sure that your lover doesn’t misinterpret your actions;
  • Don’t expect to always have your ego stroked and pay attention to your partner’s needs.

Who are you, really, in love?

You, as an Aries man, want a relationship with a woman who treats you like a child because you need to be supported and encouraged when you come up with the most creative solutions to problems.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to be told what to do, as you want to have control over everything and usually don’t listen to advice or give importance to responsibility.

The perfect woman for you needs to be independent and strong, but also feminine, in love with art, intelligent and stylish. You’re the type who thinks he’s right even when wrong.

Your ego is huge, so you may feel like there’s no one out there to feed it. Hating to be corrected, your lady must be very careful around you and never try to prove to you that you may have somehow been wrong.

You wouldn’t accept such a thing, which means you need someone who knows something about reverse psychology and has a lot of patience. You’re attracted by ladies who go with the flow and allow you to take charge.

This means you don’t like being approached and prefer to initiate. Therefore, the girl who’s interested in you needs only to look into your eyes and to smile.

She will know if you’re interested because you know how to flirt and can charm her with a very interesting conversation, even if you may flatter her with some of your compliments.

At least you understand body language and understand when you need to tone things down a little bit. What you want to know first is if the lady you like is interested in flirting and if you can be self-confident around her.

When feeling confident, you become a real force of Nature. Intrigued by the mystery, you go after the girl who keeps you wanting for more. You will not hesitate to ask for a date if you’re interested.

While unpredictable, you are sure to pursue the person you have fallen for, not to mention you’re impatient and hate feeling insecure.

The lady you’re after needs to not allow your excitement to deflate, which means things need to be kept spicy while your ego is being fed.

This is why she needs to be patient and to overlook the fact that you’re arrogant. If she knows how to positively criticize you, she’s a match. Since you have a lot of energy, she must be ready for any adventure and to be spontaneous.

The least pleasant side

The Aries man can be too self-absorbed and interested only in his own life. He can’t understand others because he’s too self-confident and makes up for mistakes by acting like a child.

His temper usually surfaces when he’s arguing with someone, a moment in which he also reveals his big ego. Besides, he doesn’t have enough patience to get to meet a person, which means he’s quite insensitive.

If you’re an Aries man, know that underneath your loud exterior, you’re a naïve child who doesn’t judge things too accurately and can be easily hurt.

You’re also intense and competitive, also always in need to use your imagination and to use your energy.

The woman who wants to be around you needs to have thick skin because you’re intimidating and very stubborn. More than this, you need encouragement and to be listened to, even if you’re never humble or tactful.

Advice on dating for the Aries man

When dating the Aries man, things can turn into a real adventure. You surely like romantic dinners, but what you love the most is doing unexpected things and putting yourself in danger because you’re a little bit crazy and very wild.

You’re testing your dates to see if they can put up with you almost all the time. The girl who wants to try everything at least once is the one for you. If she refuses to do something you like, you’re very likely going to run away from her.

In an ideal world, she wants to go on adventures with you, to try new foods and to visit places. Usually, you’re the one who imagines the perfect place for a date. In case you can’t come up with a very original idea, your lady has to.

You don’t necessarily need to be taken bungee jumping, but you surely have to do something exciting. Most of the time, you let your feelings known and want to receive the same response in return.

However, a woman doesn’t have to move very fast when with you because you don’t like for her to chase you.

On the other hand, she also doesn’t have to seem uninterested because she may lose you. What you need the most is to lead because you’re the first sign in the zodiac.

Being intelligent, fun and spontaneous, the Aries man wants to be with a woman who’s just as intense and interesting as he is. Very loyal, he pays a lot of attention to his partner and can offer a lot of love.

If you happen to be him, you probably already know how fast you get bored in a relationship. The girl who will keep you watching Netflix every weekend and doesn’t want to explore the world by your side will surely not be in your life for too long.

For you, boredom is the worst thing that could happen, no matter if it’s in the bedroom or life. When in love, you hold on tightly to the person you like, not to mention you can turn into a tyrant.

Relationships with you aren’t easy because you usually throw tantrums and become aggressive when arguing.

A woman can have mental breakdowns during your nasty episodes. However, since there’s no love without fighting, this indicates that a spicy connection with you may be just the right one, especially since you’re very good at makeup sex and become very intimate with your lady after a fight. Your love stories are usually written in tears and intense emotions.

What about action in bed

As far as sex goes, the Aries man is very passionate and wants to please his partner no matter what. He treats women like queens in the bedroom but needs to receive the same in return.

He has a lot of endurance and sometimes sees sex as a sport. Generous and adventurous, you, the Aries man, don’t like shy women who hold back on their wild side.

More than this, you need to be appreciated for all your efforts and to be with someone who can heat things up. Your ego must be stroked in bed just as much as it is in life.

Expectations for the long-term

If with the right person, the Aries man doesn’t have a problem getting married. However, the connection with him needs to be kept alive and passionate.

Besides, he doesn’t like insincere women who change as soon as having a man by their side. He likes to have a balance between the time spent with his other half and the time spent with his interests.

If you are him, you most likely already know that you don’t mind your partner having different hobbies than yours. On the contrary, this makes you happy because your relationship can’t ever be suffocating.

The perfect woman for you needs to make you happy, to offer you a lot of comfort and never be boring. The more you feel like you’re truly living your life to the maximum when next to her, the better. This means she needs to be exciting and to want to experience new things.

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