Aries Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Aries man may have some difficulties adjusting to his new role as husband but once he sees the benefits, he’ll love it.

Aries man in marriage

It can be said Aries men are a force of nature because they have a lot of ambition, they’re impulsive and know how to obtain what they want in life. As a matter of fact, they have so much passion that their opponents are often left behind, especially when they dare to chase the same woman as them.

However, Arieses are so excited to take part in new adventures and don’t have all it takes to be good family heads. This is the reason why many of them prefer to remain bachelors and to try new things every day, at least until they get to meet the woman they’re dreaming of.

Aries man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Daring, compassionate and progressive;
  • Challenges: Jealous and competitive;
  • He will love: Having innocent fun with his soulmate;
  • He needs to learn: To temper his emotions and be patient.

Is an Aries man good husband material?

Since the Aries man is more focused on his own independence than on relationships, he may have some difficulties adjusting to being a husband.

He can encounter problems because he wants to be free and to express his individuality, not to mention he may not be as committed and dependable as other husbands.

However, after he has married you, the lady of his dreams, he won’t hesitate to play the hero, but only if you accept for him to dominate the connection between you two.

Don’t insist on being the one who’s wearing the pants when with him because he may feel like his masculinity is threatened, which is a good reason for him to want a breakup with you.

Get ready to go through many financial crises and also moments in which you can afford anything. Being restless and at the same time impulsive and rebellious, he may not be the perfect provider for those who want stability.

However, you can be sure to never starve if you’re part of his family because he likes playing the savior and usually gets to be next to his loved ones during difficult times.

Living with the Aries man can be very fun, but not in any way peaceful or silent. He likes everything on the edge, so you’ll never know what he’s planning to do next, so life with him can be incredibly exciting.

If you want to be happy next to him, have a lot of patience and be ready to all the time adapt to last-minute decisions.

While he loves starting new projects, especially around the home, he often finds himself abandoning what he started as he’s always hurrying, hates dealing with difficulties and can’t stand it when something interferes with his plans or delays him.

The Aries lover can have a quick-temper when things aren’t going the way he wants them to. However, he also calms down very rapidly, doesn’t hold any grudge and is amazingly good at making up.

Not the person to have a routine and to stay at home too much, he likes being in the middle of things and is never curious about boring tasks.

Don’t make the mistake of believing he doesn’t want to be the boss at home because of this. If you want a peaceful life next to him, you must allow the Aries man to rule and do whatever he wants while you’re cleaning up the mess he’s usually making.

The Aries man as a husband

The Aries man is the living representation of masculinity, so many ladies will be at his door waiting for him to give them a sign.

He’s romantic and knows exactly how he wants his future wife to be: good-looking, intelligent and a person with a very good soul.

He’s not looking for someone too bohemian or abstract because he’s wants strong morals and standards, even if he sometimes is completely lacking all these things.

Open to many suggestions coming from the woman he loves, he’s still a slave to sex and would dump the lady who can’t satisfy him in bed for another one who’s completely capable of doing it.

He has a lot of pride and can be very romantic if he really wants to. However, he has a huge problem making all of his romanticism more physical. His libido is very high and only a few women can put up with it.

If you really want him as your husband, you can be sure he’ll be by your side for a lifetime, but not if you can’t sync with him when it comes to sex.

Warm and determined to get things done as rapidly and efficiently as possible, the man born in Aries is very dynamic and needs to be in an agitated environment.

He wants by his side a lady who can take care of herself so he can focus on his own projects. Impulsive and hurried, he may become aggressive when someone is interrupting him from what he’s doing.

The Aries man seems to like helping people with their relationship problems because he sees things clearly and is very precise. He’s also a risk-taker, an honest and direct person with a tremendous energy to do just about anything.

His love is proven by the actions he’s taking, not by his words. His partner will fall madly in love with him because he’s spontaneous, funny and refined.

He really enjoys seeing you proving your love for him. Don’t hesitate to talk about this either because he likes hearing how important he is for you.

Don’t even think of cheating on him because he’ll immediately ask for a breakup. In love with sex and foreplay, you’ll need a lot of sexual energy to be his partner for a lifetime.

How to get him to tie the knot

Arieses are known for their spontaneity, openness to learn new things and to take on any challenges, for being competitive and for taking control in any situation. However, they can be domineering and act like tyrants from time to time.

There are few ways to convince an Aries man to take you to the aisle. First of all, you’ll have to make his romantic side reveal itself by taking him to a beautiful place during the weekend or organizing a special dinner under candlelight.

He may suddenly decide to come up with the big question if the atmosphere is right. Furthermore, be patient and show your affection for him with every day that passes.

Don’t even think of flirting with other men because he’s very jealous and will surely not hide his feelings. Any suspicion and flirt from your side can make him look for a new partner.

While domineering and full of passion, he simply loves the role of the knight in shining armor and can be very attracted to seeing you vulnerable. This way, he gets to feel strong, not to mention how much he loves rescuing damsels in distress.

It can be confusing to make him like you a lot because he also wants a lady who knows what she wants and how to get it. It would be a good idea for you to take good care of yourself and sometimes be vulnerable for him to see.

While stubborn most of the time, as soon as finding the woman to whom he can commit, he starts turning into a very sensitive creature. It may sound hard to believe and almost impossible, but he can sometimes make compromises more easily than others.

However, he needs to see you’re doing the same thing and that you two are equally sacrificing for one another. He most likely was or is the bad boy who believes in the high ideal of a soulmate.

This man doesn’t mind waiting for his perfect partner and can suddenly fall in love with the right lady for him. He usually doesn’t accept rejection and can even go for unavailable women.

It’s important to let him chase you for a long time because he’s a slave for new challenges and loves wooing.

Allow him to work for the relationship you two are having and he’ll be very committed knowing how long it took him to win the race of making you his.

The Aries man needs his freedom, but he’s very loyal and would rarely stray. However, he wants his time alone and to go out with his friends whenever he feels like it.

The woman who can offer him all this will be very happy by his side. When arguing with him, stand up for yourself, even if he has a quick-temper and can make a small disagreement turn into a big fight. If he’s upset, just allow him time to calm down because it’s very likely he’ll apologize to you pretty soon after.

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