Aries Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

The Aries woman remains her competitive and charming self but in time, as a seasoned wife, she’ll know how to get under her husband’s skin.

Aries woman in marriage

When in a relationship, the Aries woman can be a very good ruler because she’s masculine and famous for her leadership skills. This is all due to the fact that Mars, the planet ruling over war and determination, is her governor.

When facing a problem, this lady loves to take matters into her own hands and is even more eager to do this if her marriage or family are somehow involved.

Aries woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Noble, sincere and attractive;
  • Challenges: Difficult, intolerant and demanding;
  • She will love: Someone who is daring and bold;
  • She needs to learn: To stay with her feet on the ground in marriage.

The Aries woman as a wife

While impulsive and hurried, the Aries woman won’t get married until sure her future husband is right for her. Therefore, she may not decide to walk down the aisle too early in life.

There are many ladies who can’t wait to become wives and are planning their wedding to the very last detail, ever since small children. Wanting to make their dream a reality too much, it’s possible for them to end up disappointed with the union because a beautiful wedding can’t guarantee them a happy life afterwards.

The Aries woman knows all this and is very nervous when wedding is being brought up into discussion. Used to having the power and control of any situation, she’d be destroyed to end up divorced.

For this reason, she prefers to not think of getting married that much and to just wait for this event to happen.

She’s considered one of the most progressive ladies in the zodiac because she’s ambitious and fascinated by new challenges, which means she needs a husband who’s determined to succeed in life as much as she is.

Physically healthy, intelligent and independent, this lady loves having intellectual conversations and spending her time with knowledgeable people.

When married, she may be a little bit too nosy and interfere with her husband’s businesses. The Aries lady can never get bored or stay in bed and do nothing for too long because she’s very active, not to mention she simply refuses to ever complain about anything.

Noble and sincere, she could be the best friend of her husband. He’ll love her for this and for the fact that she always looks impressive. As a matter of fact, it’s very likely he’ll be very proud of her looks.

The woman born in Aries has a very high opinion of herself and the ones she loves the most, which means she doesn’t hesitate to boast in public with her own achievements and loved ones.

She can be jealous and very competitive, two of her most negative traits. If not given enough attention by her husband, she starts to feel jealousy in its rawest forms because she thinks no one is better than her and that he should only cherish her.

This lady is intelligent and logical enough to realize that a wedding can’t reveal how much she and her partner love each other, not to mention she’ll never marry the man who can’t make her laugh.

More confident than other women, the Aries woman in a relationship is also less prone to fall into the trap of becoming a housewife and nothing more for a domineering man.

Since marriage can’t guarantee that she’ll be happy for a lifetime, she’ll most likely be hesitant when hearing about it. However, she may eventually decide to take someone as her husband, but only after analyzing how caring, respectful and fair he is in the relationship with her.

Aries women believe in themselves and don’t need any validation from others, so they’re not eager to get married. They love chasing men and being the hunters, which means they have very good chances of finding their soulmate.

When in love, these ladies are ready to do anything in their power to make the man they like theirs. Anything will be tested, from heavy flirting to keeping the distance.

They want their man to give them his heart and can be a little bit childish in matters of love because naivety and innocence are in their nature.

Her wild side and marriage

In marriage, Aries women like keeping everything simple because they’re not trying to prove anyone anything. Furthermore, they may not wish to have a big wedding as this could make them feel less intimate and disconnected from the love for their partner.

The Aries lady will never say “yes” in front of the altar if not feeling that both her mind and her heart are agreeing to be with the man who’s asking her to marry him.

She can be committed to a relationship for years, and the subject of marriage may never come up for her. It’s not the paper that keeps this lady in love and she’s aware of this fact.

She’ll never feel responsible for the man in her life because she’ll naturally be by his side, not out of duty. Because she’s independent, no one can tell her what to do and how to live her life.

Usually, when being given the idea of getting married, she can be very reluctant and skeptical in the beginning. This woman is highly intelligent and has a wild side because she never seems to think twice before doing or saying something.

Each and every day of her life will be lived the way she wants to and always after she has judged situations or people by herself. Furthermore, she relies a lot on her instincts and tends to go with the flow rather than to plan, which means she doesn’t need marriage to define whom she is.

The wedding ceremony and the idea of togetherness don’t bother her in any way. As a matter of fact, she’s very happy about them, but she doesn’t want to hurry anything.

This lady can be very happy next to a possessive man who has a lot of passion for her. If having a family, she’ll sacrifice herself for them when asked to because she has a noble soul and is generous with both her money and time, which means many may feel obliged to be by her side and to give her a hand.

She wants a more aggressive man because she’s herself like this and never shy or soft. If not respecting and valuing him, she won’t be with this person for too long.

However, the gentleman who will accept her domineering ways can be by her side forever. Impulsive, fiery, enthusiastic and happy in bed, this lady needs to be satisfied in the lovemaking sector or she’ll become restless.

When in the mood to be attractive, she dresses in bright colors and wears sexy lingerie. The Aries woman wants a man who’s complete and successful, also who can tame her in a gentle way.

She’s a visual person who needs a lot of stimulation, to be kissed and helped with all the work around the house because she gives a lot of importance to her home, which she’ll always keep clean and comfortable.

However, those living with her should avoid using her things. Being loyal, she expects the same thing in return from her man, so she wouldn’t hesitate to get her revenge if cheated on.

She doesn’t want to be jealous, which means she can let go of relationships altogether when feeling threatened by a possible breakup or another person her husband may like more than he likes her.

She can also ask for some explanations when suspicious, but her man will most likely not tell her the truth because he wouldn’t want to let go of such an energetic, passionate and sexy woman.

When it comes to sex, she has a high libido and can enjoy any weird experience. Her partner will love her for the gestures she’s making in bed, her moles and the way she becomes rough when turned on.

Intelligent and realistic, the Aries woman in love doesn’t need to worry about anything if her husband doesn’t want to be by her side anymore.

However, she doesn’t want to fail in any aspect of her life because she’s a serious person, which means she can sometimes go crazy over insignificant things that in her opinion, are impeding her for reaching perfection.

As soon as committed to her partner and feeling like he’s respecting her enough, she’ll want to marry this man and to be his for a lifetime. This lady is not at all the type to push men into marrying her, so many will admire her for such a behavior.

The downsides of her role as wife

The Aries woman can be very selfish, not to mention impulsive and untactful. She can obsess about herself and not notice when someone special is trying to get into her world, so she can even do this to her own husband.

The fact that she’s passionate also means that she’s impulsive. She can spend all of her money on useless items or be involved in a relationship in which she’s only taking and not giving anything back.

Furthermore, she may never be ready to make a compromise for her other half, but she expects him to do anything possible for her.

It may take a while for things to happen this way, and her selfishness may destroy her marriage or turn it into a complete chaos. Loving herself too much can also be her own doom.

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