The Aries Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

A monument of energy, ambition and impulsiveness.

The Aries man will always be up before everyone else. He is the one to take initiative, before others haven’t even started their day. He is impatient to begin new projects and he is never afraid to explore what’s unknown.

That’s why he is considered to be such a good leader. Also charismatic, the Aries man is full of energy, plus has a magnetism that makes him important at work and among friends and family.

The Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, symbolized by the Ram. This makes the man born in this sign determined, spontaneous and energetic. There is an unusual strength in an Aries man.

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It is only normal for an Aries man to seek to get into a fight, of words or otherwise. Don’t get scared if he will look for this while out for a relaxing drink. It’s his way of having fun.

As said before, Aries is an impulsive sign, so he will use all the energy he has in this trait to win the conversation.

As he enjoys conversations, the Aries man will always make new friends. Needless to say he is a great chatterer and he always speaks the truth.

That’s why some people may think he has no tact and that he is aggressive. He is good at giving advice, but not that good at receiving it. He is a good friend and he never stays upset for too long.

Love is a battle and this man is up to win it

The Aries man is the most passionate one in the zodiac. His adventurous side makes him exciting for any partner. However, he needs someone with enthusiasm or else he’ll get bored.

With an innate tendency to move from one relationship to another very fast, some people would think he is superficial. Don’t be easy to get for an Aries man. He enjoys the chase a lot.

The Aries man believes that the right partner is out there for him. He will not make the mistake of choosing someone else before he finds his true love.

As soon as he has identified the ideal partner, nothing can stay in his way. He will fall in love fast and he will do anything to get that person.

There are no challenges the Aries man can’t overcome when in love. As a matter of fact, he gets to be more interested if the challenge is more difficult.

If you secretly like bad boys, then the Aries man is the one you should go for. He is a bad boy at heart and the irresistible conquistador but deep inside he makes a loyal and dependable lover.

Needless to say, Marlon Brando or Heath Ledger were both Arieses. Governed by Mars, love is a battle for an Aries. He usually wins at this battle and he likes to fight it as he is also spirited and romantic

He knows how to make compliments, he has the smile of a heart-breaker, and an irresistible aura.

It’s easy for an Aries man to compromise, especially if the partner is doing it too. There will be sparks, as it is a Fire sign, but fires are only healthy for some relationships. The Aries man’s perfect partner will bravely face him.

He would benefit from someone who is strong and feisty, and in the same time understanding. He also likes partners who stand by him in what he may be doing. One thing’s for sure, the Ram will be loyal and he will take the commitment very seriously.

Keep him between the sheets

In the bedroom, the Aries man is exciting and energetic. He has a healthy libido and he demands the same energy from his partner. You will find that it’s adventurous to join an Aries in bed.

The Ram is sure to make you feel love in a different, new way. He has an unmatched sexuality and you need to be careful with him as all this fire may turn what you have built into ashes.

It’s easy to catch an Aries man, harder is to keep him. After you have him, you will discover that he is a sensitive man under a bad boy mask.

The signs with which Aries is the most compatible are Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Commander in chief

There is nothing an Aries man can’t do. His energy has him ready for anything, no matter if personal or professional. He will bring a lot of enthusiasm in solving new problems.

He is not the most patient man, therefore he will get bored of projects that move too slowly. He is sometimes known to be too optimistic.

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

Leonardo da Vinci – A famous Aries

The Aries man was definitely born to be a leader. His strong character, the fact that he is enthusiastic and his preference to give directions make him a good commander.

As he doesn’t like to repeat what he’s doing, he would be great in careers that bring something new every day, he would excel as a lawyer, surgeon, fireman, stock broker, entrepreneur, or as athlete.

His impulsive nature will make the Aries man buy whatever he wants. This doesn’t mean he’s not careful with investments.

He knows how to be cautious, but he sometimes goes wild and spends recklessly. He is more concerned with independence and freedom and not money.

Channel the power of red

A man with high energy would need to eat healthy. And that’s what the Aries man does. When in an embarrassing situation or excited about something, the Aries man’s face will turn red. He may suffer from headaches and sinus issues.

The colour red characterizes people who are impulsive and passionate. Don’t expect the Aries man to appear all in red at an event, but he will surely have something of this colour in his wardrobe.

He is never scared of what’s new, and that’s why he can be a trendsetter among friends.

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