Are Libra Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Libra jealousy surfaces when her partner flirts with someone else, even innocently.

The Libra woman is different from her male counterpart because she gets jealous from other reasons. While they are also interested in avoiding conflict and being appreciated, the Libra ladies are more likely to get drawn down the rabbit hole.

Don’t try to make a Libra woman jealous because she will most likely win at your game and you’ll end up hurt. Jealousy is a strange feeling because it’s related to possessiveness.

When you’re feeling jealous, you think the person you love may run away and no longer be yours. The Libra woman is attractive and elegant, so many contenders can take her from your arms.

Don’t play any games when with her, and don’t think of trying to make her jealous. She will not take it and you’ll end up dumped.

There is no way a Libra woman will turn up the jealousy volume for the wrong reasons.

For example, she gets jealous when her partner is engaged in flirting. Someone who’s involved in a relationship shouldn’t do that.

There’s another reason why the Libra woman could get jealous: when she sees you are spending more time with someone else and not with her.

When she gets involved, the Libra woman gives herself emotionally, and she doesn't want or like to waste emotions on people who aren't deserving. Click To Tweet

You don’t have to necessarily flirt to make this lady jealous. Just paying attention to someone else more than you are paying her would suffice.

When being with a Libra woman, it’s enough to overcome some emotional limits and she will feel like she owns you. You will have to discuss with her some rules that will determine where you both draw the line regarding emotions.

If you’re not doing so, conflicts may arise and that would be awful for her. At the beginning of the relationship, the Libra lady will hide away her jealous and easily possessive tendencies because she won’t want to scare the partner away.

But in time, she’ll show her true character and her lover will understand that she can get jealous too.

When the Libras are in love and in a relationship, they become very possessive as they have worked very hard to make things work. It’s like how some people are with their most valuable possessions.

As soon as you have seen the Libra woman’s possessive side, she will start to show it more often. But they will express their jealousy only if the partner is asking them to.

Jealousy and possessiveness are two ugly feelings the Libra needs to overcome. Loyalty is very important to a Libra woman and she is a very loyal partner herself.

You flirting with someone while in a relationships with her would obviously be a mistake. Just be clear with what your feelings are and everything should be fine. Communicate with her and identify why she may feel jealousy.

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