Libra Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Libra woman is quick to exaggerate her defects and worries but only because she seeks perfection and to please her partner.

woman with a Libra sign

The Libra woman wants to feel love, to fall in love, and to find a partner that will provide her with that sense of belonging that she craves for so much.

However, she also wants to find equilibrium in her life, a balanced lifestyle, for her to have equitable relationships with the people around her.

Pros Cons
She only takes things at face-value.She is too cautious for her own good.
She takes good care of everyone.She is avoidant when it comes to confrontations.
She makes a charming companion.She can be a tease sometimes.

Especially with her partner, she doesn’t want any unfair or demeaning treatment or for him to act with superiority. Be fair with her, always listen to what she has to say, and it’ll be perfect.

She needs equality in her relationship

However adorable and charming she may appear on the outside, like a fragile and tender cutie, you’d better watch out because she’s very firm and resolute with her decisions as well.

The Libra woman wants to have peaceful and harmonious relationships with those around her, free exchanges of ideas and calm discussions, but if someone hurts or offends her, she will retaliate in force.

She wants to be treated like a human being, with respect and dignity, and given her ladylike persona, she also expects some romanticism there.

Equality is one of the most important things in her perspective, and she won’t ever abandon this principle. Act like a prick who expects his woman to do some things just because, and she’ll get sick of it.

She has quite the tastes and expectations of what she wants to do with you, so don’t take her to some boring and plain places because she won’t be impressed.

This woman is artsy and appreciates beauty wherever she sees it, so capitalize on that. In a relationship, while she might want to get her way in some regard, she won’t just disqualify your points of view from the beginning.

She will even be ready to abandon some of her desires just to reach a consensus, and this is quite admirable. She really knows how to put her acting skills to good use, to cherish and bask in the love of her partner, in the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

Venus gives this woman plenty of charisma and adorability to topple empires and conquer the hearts of men around the world.

She’s in love with the concept of beauty, of the aesthetic principles embedded in the world and the nature of man.

She will use these ideas in her sexual life, for example, where she puts her imagination to the test constantly. Romantic gestures are quite common to her, but she will eventually get bored with the routine. That’s when she’ll slow down, and you just have to wait for her next peak period.

This Libra woman wants to find perfection, a partner which will fulfil and meet all her expectations. She wants him to be romantic and give her a beautiful, shiny lifestyle in which she’ll bloom.

Moreover, she would expect him to know exactly how to please and impress a woman of her calibre, what to say and do, to be understanding and sympathetic to her problems, one to please her totally.

She wants to be passionate, to be romantically and emotionally conquered before anything physical.

The Libra woman is in love with being in love, and when she’s not in a long-standing relationship, she’ll be flirting all day long, going on romantic dates, long walks in the park, with admirers just around the corner.

However, when in a relationship, she wants to be given enough leeway to fulfil her desires, to have fun and be free, to talk to people, engage in flirt, and so on.

This is why a jealous and possessive partner will have quite the problems dealing with her tendencies. Her perfectionism can be quite the passion killer when she notices that no one can rise to her impossible standards, but enough romance and affection will make up for that.

Comfort and encourage her

Curiously enough, if her partner isn’t exactly what she wanted from life or if he doesn’t meet her expectations, she wants to actually fall out of love, to throw away her feelings, like it was something you could do because you wanted it.

The Libra woman is usually very determined and active in the pursuit of her happiness, and she will take what’s hers without asking for permission.

Men who lack this initiative and courage will be left behind from the get-go, and she won’t look back. She does respect the social norms, which is quite contradictory, but this is who she is.

Her intimate life will be marked by periods of extreme open-mindedness and keenness, but also of long stressful moments where she’s uncertain, unsure, unable to commit to anything.

If you comfort and encourage her, showing her that everything’s cool and nothing bad is going to happen, it might help quite a lot.

She will feel guilty and have a lot of regrets if you demean and criticize her for these insecurities though. With someone who understands and respects her, she will give free reign to her thoughts and desires.

Anything could happen with a Libra woman next to you. Today, she might be desirous, affectionate and loving, willing to show deep compassion, but tomorrow she might be self-centred, cold, and acid.

How can you deal with these spontaneous changes? The answer is simple. Just get to know her to the most intimate of details, how she reacts, what she likes and hates, and that she’s a very loyal partner in general.

If you understand her personality and resonate with it, if you have plans for the future and a great potential, she will be fair, understanding, and very dedicated to helping you.

Don’t even think that you can stop with the romantic attitude once you conquer her and you’re in a relationship. She’ll want to be complimented all the time, to see the smile on your face when she enters the room, to be admired for her beauty and intelligence.

Be understanding and realize that communication is key with this native. Any problems, anything that you want to change, to do differently, she will be quite happy and content that you talk about these things with her.

Don’t put your mark on her and never be possessive. She’s sociable in general, and you will have to indulge these escapades from time to time. Just be steady-minded and patient.

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