Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon: An Orderly Personality

You can’t beat the Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon people at making the best plans.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon natives believe in progress and nothing else and they will ask others to make out of this a priority too.

Their main purpose in life is to question what’s conventional. And they are very methodical when doing this. But they need to remember that their way is not always the best one. Annoying others with their ways is something they do every single day.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Helpful, cheerful, assertive;
  • Negatives: Absentminded, competitive and overly dominating;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can understand their obsessive side.
  • Advice: They need to engage their family with their chores.

Trying to change people is not something anyone should focus on. Critical and always looking to improve themselves after carefully observing and analyzing is what they do all the time. Their main challenge in life is to make a connection between their mind and their emotions. These two traits, when working together, can make a person invincible.

Personality traits

The influence of the Moon in Virgo makes these Aquarians more responsible and competent. These natives believe in causes and they want the humanity to get better.

Because they’re also in love with concepts, they would do a great job as doctors, social workers or anything that puts them to the service of others.

Not to mention they’re able to detach themselves from whatever problems others may have. While flexible, amiable and attentive, they are also cold. This combination of Sun and Moon makes them unique and very critical.

As far as analyzing people and situations goes, they are very intelligent and effective. They are usually honest and convincing. When it comes to giving advice, they are the best.

Their plans are usually meant to succeed because they make them with confidence and don’t hesitate to use everything they know. They need their time to think and never act until they have weighed all the pros and cons of a situation.

Aquarians are independent, original and friendly, Virgos are practical, precise and discriminating. This means their natives are objective. Not at all emotional, they are the thinkers of the zodiac.

When they need to detach themselves, they can drop all of their passion and see things from far away. There’s no one more insightful and better at judging people than them. Unfortunately, they can be too demanding of themselves and of others. And they want only clarity of mind and logic.

Matters of the heart really don’t interest them. It’s because they are also living with the rational in mind. Both the Aquarius and the Virgo are known as logical creatures. Emotional issues are something they never bother themselves with.

You can be sure they will always do their duty and take responsibility. Their combined personality is all about neatness, cautiousness and persistence. They give great attention to details and when they need to focus on a problem, they can forget altogether about everything else that’s bothering them.

These Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon people rely only on facts. Their critical eye will help them analyze problems with care and calm. It’s not common for them to make mistakes.

When it comes to their taste, they prefer expensive things. Their home will always be in good order and their clothes always clean. They will put everything together according to colors. Because they analyze all the time, they have developed an intuition that tells them how people are feeling.

But they can be interpreted as not caring because they don’t want to give advice unless they are asked to. They definitely need to learn how to display affection if they want more harmony and to be happy. They would be great as businesspeople as they combine scientific knowledge with practicality and negotiation.

All Moon Virgos can find happiness when they need to work hard. Being busy and bringing their contribution to projects is something they need to do all the time.

Because they are workaholics, they can suffer from psychosomatic diseases. Stress is something they are dealing with every day. The organized and structured Virgo makes the inspired and idealistic Aquarius more disciplined.

These Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon individuals will express themselves creatively because they’re intelligent and have a lot of knowledge. They will never allow others to influence them. But when they will get together with brilliant people, they will definitely be impressed.

Their superior air may cause them trouble. It’s necessary they interact with everyone and don’t stay behind an intellectual barrier that they have put up themselves. Being uptight and critical is in their nature.

The fact that they are perfectionists from the Virgo’s side means they are almost all the time unhappy, even with themselves. They shouldn’t allow their own nature to make them exaggeratedly accurate and precise.

Living without stress and being more open-minded would help them develop more effectively.

Not wasting time with emotions

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon people know where they are heading in life. They may not follow the same road as anyone else, but they will surely continue.

Their partner should be open to talk anything, they don’t mind when someone disagrees with them anyway. They will simply move on and not even hold a grudge.

Because they can’t attach themselves to a person doesn’t mean they are robots. They just don’t like to waste their time with emotions or thinking how to act in order to be appreciated by their lover.

These natives sometimes prefer to walk alone in life. If they happen to have companions, they are more than happy to share their life as long as their freedom isn’t threatened.

Moon Virgo natives need a plan that they can put into practice on the go. They are always looking to improve, whether themselves or the house they are living in.

Being busy is what makes them tick but as a downside, they can also be nagging and constantly worried. If they want to no longer be tense, these natives need to talk things through with their other half.

Someone who can understand their obsessive side and the fact that they have to analyze everything would be perfect for them.

The Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon man

While others try to protect their emotions by building imaginary walls, the Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon man simply detaches himself to such an extent that some people may get the chills seeing how cold he can be.

But his communication skills will remain intact. He presents himself in a mannered way, but he doesn’t get any closer. Don’t expect him to ever pursue a relationship.

He’s good with people and doesn’t mind being in the public eye. That’s why he’s such a great salesman, teacher and even politician. He’s liked by everyone, especially when he talks about his favorite subject: health.

He’s known for being innovative and for wanting to help the humanity. Because he’s outspoken and nice, he’ll have many friends. People will know he’s a good person who’s always ready to help.

If a smoker, he will have lung problems. Not to mention the nervous system issues he will get from too much stress.

The man with this Sun-Moon combination is not the most attractive person at a party but when seen from up-close, many ladies will start to think he’s really appealing.

Not to mention he’s always clean and neat. And he wants someone who is the same. Realistic and organized, the Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon man may seem boring but he isn’t. There are many ways through which he can surprise others. Life next to him will never be dull. Adventure seems to find him no matter where he’s going.

The Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon woman

Down-to-earth and able to put her ideas into practice, the Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon woman is nice and studious. She will probably write poetry for protests because she’s both creative and a revolutionary.

She has style and taste, so don’t be surprised if she has a penchant for fine jewelry. This Sun and Moon position means life will put her through some important changes.

She will probably travel and move house quite a lot. Her main health problems are usually related to her nervous system and circulation. When she will face crises, she will most likely be provoked by others because she lives too correctly to ever make mistakes.

And when she’ll react to unfairness, she will stress and thus, get sick. This lady wants a home, a relationship and a job that requires her to be an intellectual.

Only this way, she will be able to concentrate. Inventive and resourceful, she will come up with all sort of formulas and solutions to problems. When in love, this girl acts just like a scientist would act when coming across a new species.

And this can make men feel like it’s not their place to chase her. She’s not the person with whom someone can live a romantic love story like in the movies.

As a wife and mother, she will help everyone become their best. But when her loved ones will become emotional, she won’t know what to do.

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