Uranus Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Uranus retrograde is asking of you to be real about what is happening in your life and to trigger changes you have long wanted to make.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus happens to be in retrograde for 6 months, every year, time in which it’s producing many changes. This transit can be very harsh, powerful and even extreme when it comes to what people are experiencing and changing about their hearts, their minds and their entire lives in general.

Being a malefic planet, Uranus in retrograde usually has negative effects on natives on top of giving them an exacerbated need to be more independent. Nothing is guaranteed during this period because unexpected things may appear, and many changes may need to be done in order for life to be smooth again.

Uranus retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for revisiting past decisions and shifting the narrative;
  • Be careful about remaining stuck in the same situation for too long;
  • Learn that your intuition can show you, during this transit, which way to go;
  • Natal Chart Uranus retrograde means a person is quite opinionated and aloof.

What to expect during Uranus retrograde

What Uranus in retrograde is asking from people is for them to be as real as possible, to face their fears and to deal with what doesn’t seem to be working in their life, in order for them to become whom they really want to be.

It’s normal to have to deal with obstacles during a lifetime, especially when Uranus is changing everything. Some people may find its effects to be exhilarating and positive, others may feel nervous and damaged during this transit.

Either way, Uranus in retrograde can inspire natives to explore new levels of their own being by making them deal with the unexpected. Only their nature will determine if they’re feeling happy or scared about it.

Those who aren’t happy in a relationship, with a job or a home will be immediately informed by Uranus something is not happening as supposed to.

It may be difficult for some to understand this planet’s messages, so such individuals may feel anxious during this planet’s retrograde, but no matter their feelings, they should pay attention to this transit and make the changes they so much need, whether if these are about getting a new partner or finding another job.

Moving around is very important when Uranus is in retrograde, so people should get real about what they want from life, courageous and ready to go after their dreams.

The transit of Uranus in retrograde lasts for 155 days each year, period in which this planet is moving backwards 4 degrees in the zodiac.

Changes to the inner self and the responses given to the external stimuli need to be made when this is happening. All the aspects this transit is making are indicating what changes should be adopted and which areas of life need more attention.

Some people may have realized what’s about to happen and have probably tried to make some changes when the time wasn’t right, so taking advantage of Uranus in retrograde to do what they want in life it’s a very good idea for them because fate will be by their side.

Many changes are meant to allow personal freedom, other to make things more efficient, but no matter the situation, Uranus in retrograde gives natives the ability to process everything internally and to take the necessary steps as soon as Uranus has become direct.

Those who have been rebellious and disrupted others with the changes they wanted because they were young and didn’t know better will be influenced by Uranus in retrograde to become more aware and insightful, or to respect authority and to appreciate its importance.

Many astrologers are saying this planet deals with trauma and that its effects are very strong, making people feel like they’re all the time dealing with difficulties.

However, Uranus is more inclined to release anxiety and to bring about positive changes, not at all something detrimental. Its signatures are all about pure genius, inexhaustible creativity and an ability for authentic self-expression.

When this planet is in retrograde, internal changes should be done in order for something to happen on the outside. Retrogrades are periods of time in which people should revisit their past actions, revision themselves, ask for their rights and connect with all the energies of this planet.

Uranus is helping natives to feel free and to express their individuality as much as possible. It’s a planet that’s asking for unblocking to take place, for people to just spread their wings and fly wherever they may want to, not to mention it will be done at their own pace.

It’s not imposing any restriction and wishes for individuals to be themselves. Retrogrades are able to take the energies of planets and to turn them towards the inside of people, which means during their periods, natives should process what’s going on and take their time to understand what everything’ supposed to mean.

This can be done by being alone and contemplating. Uranus in retrograde will deal with the energy of any change and make it internal, which means new opportunities that allow development to take place can reveal themselves very often during this transit.

However, all this can make people feel like they’ve been electrocuted because change sometimes brings chaos and makes people feel like they’re spinning around, not to mention very nervous.

What to do about it

The secret of Uranus in retrograde is to determine where the energy of this transit will appear, in which area of life.

If aware of what this transit is trying to influence, natives have better chances at remaining calm, no matter how well or badly things are going for them. Being able to deal with change while being cool can bring about many positive shifts to the energies of a person.

Many people will notice that during Uranus in retrograde, their personalities are completely different. Others will have an unexplained need to make changes into their life and to become impulsive from calm.

This transit brings about times in which natives are supposed to go with their intuition and use their imagination as much as they can. It wouldn’t be a good idea for them to go on a holiday alone, far away from the partner, when Uranus is in retrograde, though.

This planet is very helpful when having to look at things with a new pair of eyes because it can reveal what new and advantageous directions need to be taken. It can be said it’s a very good influence when it comes to this.

The Universe will always try to push people in new directions, so change and looking at things from a fresh perspective are absolutely necessary.

It’s true some are not very happy when having to deal with change, but this will happen anyway, so they’ll have to face it with courage.

A negative influence of this planet is when it makes people less focused on the everyday life and conventional methods, which means they can no longer distinguish between true value and what’s going to just pass by them without leaving a mark.

Uranus in retrograde encourages emancipation. All people are aware, deep inside their heart, of what makes them feel trapped and what they should do in order to change this situation. After all, no one else is making them experience such negativity, it all starts with themselves, so blaming others about this is not at all a good idea because it wouldn’t be genuine.

Using the transit of Uranus in retrograde to become freer may sound like a crazy idea, but if done properly, courageously and kindly, it’s possible for natives to find their own resourcefulness and to heal themselves, those around them and even the entire world.

Uranus in retrograde in the Natal Chart

People who were born when Uranus was in retrograde may fear any change and not trust new technologies, progressive methods or innovative ideas.

It’s possible for them to never accept their eccentricities, as opposed to those with a direct Uranus, who are eager to show how eccentric they are as this makes them feel proud of themselves.

In many ways, Uranus in retrograde in a birth chart is a lot like a strong Saturn. The energies are the same and the natives with such placements may respect the rules and the norms imposed by society only to a certain point, after which they’ll start to rebel, only to calm down after a little while and to become their old selves again.

Uranus in retrograde has a strong influence on what natives are thinking about changes happening in society. Therefore, they may fear political regimes falling and restrict their revolutionary behavior as much as possible.

It wouldn’t matter how much they’d believe in the power of protesting, they’d still not participate to any demonstration. This may be related with the fact that they’re scared of the unexpected and of violence altogether.

Since Uranus in retrograde is only working with what individuals are feeling inside, many may be rebellious in nature and never show it, which means they can develop some serious mental problems.

Some other phobias natives with Uranus in retrograde in their birth chart may experience are very much associated with the energy of this planet and its home, which is the 11th House.

Therefore, people with such placement may have problems trusting their friends and those who are in the same groups as them.

It’s possible for them to reject any new political and social concept, not to mention everything the human race is supposed to experience in order to advance and build a bold future. It’s not like they’re opposing progress, they’re only scared of what change might bring, which makes them very skeptical about the new.

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