Uranus in 6th House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus makes people feel limited by a routine so they will likely seek a profession that can inspire and can mean something more for them.

Uranus in 6th house

People born with Uranus in the sixth house in their birth chart can get very bored with an everyday routine and need to do all kind of unusual things. They should spend their time doing something unconventional and work in an environment that allows them to express themselves or their originality.

They would be better working on their own, and in a group only if they have enough space to be themselves. The 9-to-5 job doesn’t suit them and since the 6th house is responsible with work, the planets here can show what these natives are talented at.

Uranus in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Unusual, modern and dynamic;
  • Challenges: Inconsistent and untrustworthy;
  • Advice: They should ask for help when they need it;
  • Celebrities: Amy Adams, Mika, Whoopi Goldberg, Denise Richards.

Individuals having Uranus in 6th house are good with technology, at coming up with all sort of unconventional ideas and at bringing progress in science. The same house is also the ruler of health, so Uranus here means people with this placement should approach their own health by experimenting with all kind of diets and new physical exercises.

A rebellious personality

The 6th house deals with health and routine so with Uranus being here, natives of this placement may have some issues respecting a schedule and even dealing with work and their own health because they want to escape everything that confines them.

These people always want a fresh start and to use unconventional methods that may confuse others.

In case Uranus is in conjunction with their Ascendant, they will experience irregularities and even tensions when it comes to their everyday life.

For example, when it comes to work, they may decide to do something that isn’t considered “normal” by the society.

Routines make them agitated and they really don’t want to adapt to society’s norms. Any limits and boredom cause them to be depressed as they prefer to be challenged everyday by hazardous situations.

It’s essential for these natives to find a job that doesn’t only stimulate and bring them variety, but also offers opportunities for the employees to be inventive.

Everything that requires them to think and to do something out of the ordinary is very attractive to these individuals. Meditation, yoga and alternative medicine make them curious.

Uranus is considered an eccentric planet, which in the house of work and health influences people with this placement to hate authority and to not want to adhere to the strict guidelines of a conventional workplace or the society all together.

Many will see them as always having crazy ideas that can’t be made reality and even ridiculous. However, there will also be people who think of them as geniuses because they seem to be very inventive.

They are the type who comes to work and makes the day better with a good idea. It’s normal for them to quit and to get fired from time to time because they either got bored with the job or they’ve treated their colleagues as idiots.

Others will never know how to deal with them because they’re really unusual and only want to do unconventional things.

At least they’re very well-read and informed about the latest news in science, so their unorthodox methods will be respected as they happen to have a lot of knowledge, no matter the subject of conversation.

Natives with Uranus in the 6th house are very sensitive when it comes to fairness and are trying all the time to be as perfect as possible.

When it comes to the everyday life, they do not have any control over it. If not aware of all these things, they may not get to see their plans put into action due to a lack of practicality.

Their unconscious reactions would in fact be a psychological response to their desire to become more adequate.

The more Uranus in 6th house people will be involved in chaotic situations, the more pressured and thinking everything that happens is beyond their control they will get to feel.

It’s easy to determine what their inner thoughts are just by looking at what’s happening in their life and they’re dealing with it.

When chaos seems to surround them, you can notice how they’re all the time thinking of their inadequacy because they seem worried.

As soon as they’ll learn how to work with their thoughts and energy, they’ll get to turn chaos into excitement and to become more spontaneous or free.


Uranus in 6th house natives are always responsible, no matter how much they do unexpected things. Expect them to find inventive solutions to any kind of problem and to bring their own personal touch to everything.

It’s like they’re making things their own way and manage to be successful. It doesn’t matter if they’d be working on a project for work or organize something for their loved ones, their plans will always seem to have the little details in place.

Many will appreciate their style and will want them around as they don’t hesitate to give a hand when needed. However, because they’re so perfectionist, they may end up focusing too much on details that don’t matter.

Their high standards are sometimes impossible to be achieved. Uranus in 6th house individuals love freedom, so it’s a good idea to never push them to do something they don’t want to.

These people should think others are also capable of great solutions and plans because they can’t be the only ones who are right all the time.

If Uranus isn’t in bad Aspects in the 6th house, they will be very flexible when it comes to what to do with their own life, deciding to either work on contract or as freelancers.

They may be attracted to science and technology because they really have talent with these and this placement of Uranus makes them very curious. In fact, this house will encourage any kind of project this planet may come up with.

They’re usually those people who have blogs, vlogs and work online because this way, they don’t have to respect a schedule and get inspired by Uranus to be creative.

Furthermore, these natives are very good at communicating with the public and can deal with any change or unexpected project better than others.

Those who spend time with them love the way they talk and how they never forget to include everyone in their life. Uranus in 6th house people can really know how to remove the pressure and usually help others feel more appreciated.


One of the problems Uranus in 6th house individuals have to face is related to their own high standards. When someone doesn’t manage to live by their ideals, they become very criticizing and nasty.

It’s important for them to not be the perfectionists they usually are when it comes to others because no one wants that.

If Uranus is in negative aspects in their 6th house, they may not be able to do something for others just because they want to give a hand, but because they only have hidden motives.

For example, they will take care of someone and expect something in return, which means many will not appreciate them. It’s possible they have health problems when it comes to detoxification and metabolism, like intestinal and bladder diseases that can also be related to their past lives.

As a matter of fact, in a different life cycle, they may have even been physically impaired or suffered from a mental illness that had them depending on others for survival.

Therefore, in this life, they may have this pattern hidden in their unconscious and want to run away from giving a hand to those in need as they’re reluctant towards neediness.

Individuals with Uranus in 6th house should accept imperfection and think life is worth living even if things aren’t going so well. It is their mission in life to become as realistic as possible and to realize they may not have all the time the required potential, but also that this isn’t in any way a big problem.

They should get used to paying attention to every little detail and in the same time be careful not to exaggerate with this because it can get them exhausted.

Having some fun and relaxing would bring them a lot of new energy, having Uranus reacting spontaneously and in an enjoyable manner each time something unexpected would happen.

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