Uranus in 3rd House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus encourages natural free-thinkers who love to juggle new ideas and to gain knowledge on subjects that most people haven’t even heard of yet.

Uranus in 3rd house

People born with Uranus in the third house in their birth chart really know how to communicate and are very attracted to anything innovative because they think in an original way, not to mention they’re most of the time ahead of others when it comes to how they’re approaching life.

These natives prefer to do unusual things and hate to get bored. This means they’re different than others, perhaps eccentric, yet still loved and appreciated as they remain open and friendly with anyone.

Uranus in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Sensual, witty and down-to-earth;
  • Challenges: Obstinate and pessimistic;
  • Advice: They should sometimes keep their thoughts to themselves;
  • Celebrities: Halsey, Usher, Julianne Moore, Lara Fabian, Kevin Hart.

Natural free-thinkers

It’s easy for natives with Uranus in the 3rd house to get bored or to no longer keep their interest in something because their mind is always pursuing new subjects and wants to evolve.

They will study until later in life and always have a curiosity when it comes to the most unusual subjects or philosophies of life. Everything that’s new and interesting makes them thrive.

These people simply love to find new ways of expressing themselves, especially through writing and public speaking. It’s possible for them to suddenly want to become writers.

Every change they’re making in their life is intended at breaking the routine. Expect them to not associate themselves with drama because they really don’t like exaggerating. It’s good for them to get out of their shell and take some risks from time to time.

The more they’ll express themselves in the presence of their friends and relatives, the happier they will feel.

In case Uranus happens to transit their chart towards the Ascendant, they will want to make changes in the way they look and behave.

The new appearance and upgraded manners will reflect the way they actually feel inside. Uranus in 3rd house individuals want to express themselves freely by being original, innovative, unusual, focused on intellectual subjects and appealing.

They’re natural free-thinkers who love to juggle new ideas and to gain knowledge on subjects that have just been launched to the public.

It can be difficult being friends with them and never having an opinion because they’re all the time curious to hear what other people have to say.

New Age methods, the paranormal and everything that has to do with the mystical makes them want to know more about these things.

They can be the type who wants to reform and to make things work by applying new methods. It’s important for them to travel, so they won’t hesitate to take the plane to an exotic destination when feeling like there’s something they need to discover there.

Changes and all sort of strange experiences related to the just mentioned things will happen in their life all the time. More than anything else in the world, Uranus in 3rd house natives want to be independent and as objective as possible.

They can’t stop learning new things and connecting with different people, so they may choose to study on their own, especially when young.

Censorship makes them feel terrible because they think individuality should be expressed as it is. When it comes to learning something new, they don’t seem to have any patience and become agitated when new information is presented to them.

You’ll never see these people reading manuals, no matter how complicated the system they need to work on is. This can be very accurate especially when Uranus in 3rd house is also associated with Mercury.

If someone would restrict them in any way, or impede them from communicating their thoughts, they would simply run away from that person.

Great poets and storytellers, they can have great success writing novels and even articles for a blog online. They don’t think of time as something linear and are usually pretty chaotic.

For example, they can just take a conclusion and work with it before seeing the facts that actually formed it.

In case Uranus happens to be in contact with Mercury in the 3rd house, the natives of this placement would have no problem coming up with new ideas concerning the everyday life.

If they’d want to continue being creative, keeping a journal or recording their thoughts would be one of the greatest things they could do.

As the planet of everything that’s unusual and eccentric, Uranus in the 3rd house influences natives with this placement to be shocking with everything they’re saying and writing.

Many see these individuals as crazy, but in fact they can be real geniuses. They have a good sense of humor and never bore anyone with their thoughts and words.

It’s easy for them to keep people centered and down-to-earth because they’re always telling the truth and can act unexpectedly, so you can learn how to master the chaos when around them.

Some will appreciate people with Uranus in 3rd house for being open and sincere, others won’t stand their ways. In their childhood, they probably have been very different than other kids and if having siblings, you can be sure one of them is as eccentric as they are.

When these natives travel, they encounter all kind of strange situations that seem scenes from a movie. Therefore, they will always have a good story to tell and begin their greetings with “You’re not going to believe what just happened to me!”.


Uranus in 3rd house individuals should realize others don’t get as excited as them when it comes to new things. It’s suggested they sometimes let their interlocutors take over the conversation and they just sit in the background and listen.

Since these natives have a good flow of thoughts and actions, it’s very easy for them to deal with any kind of difficulty. Their mind is always open and they really don’t respect any tradition or outdated moral.

If Uranus happens to be in a comfortable position in the third house, they become able to retain a lot of information and never get overwhelmed by complex concepts or original ideas.

These people are the type who can learn more than one thing at once, so they’d always be ahead of their time and dealing with what’s new in terms of technology, social issues and media.

They have a great way with writing and public speaking because they seem to get to the heart of the issue when talking about something interesting and popular.

There are many political figures and activists who have Uranus in 3rd house. It seems people with this placement really know how to share what they’re interested in and how to get their message through to others.

Uranus in 3rd house natives love to go with new perspectives and to have the opportunity of learning something every day.

They don’t mind sharing what they know and their honesty makes them really appreciated for whom they are because many people want to know the truth and hate being sugarcoated.


Uranus in 3rd house natives need to be careful not to participate in conversations when not asked to.

It’s true there are many things happening in their head and that they don’t want to miss any opportunity to talk, but interrupting others when saying something is not all the time working in their benefit. Not to mention many won’t understand or appreciate their conversational style.

They should just step back and learn how to listen to what others may have to say because they’d surely learn become more diplomatic so their partners of conversations can appreciate them for being tactful. As well, being more observant can have them learning many new things too.

When Uranus in 3rd house is feeling uncomfortable, the natives of this placement may have suffered some trauma during their past lives, while they were traveling.

That’s why, in this life cycle, they may be terrified of public transportation, bridges over water, tunnels and vehicles.

Their unconscious would expect for tragedy to happen each time they’d be going somewhere by car, airplane or any other type of transportation.

The same natives may also be very stressed if Mercury is not in any way in a comfortable position from Uranus in their chart.

As a matter of fact, when Uranus in the 3rd house and Mercury are in bad aspects, the chances of phobias are very high, to the point of no longer thinking logically. In this situation, these people would have to identify the root of their problem by visiting a specialist.

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