Uranus in 2nd House: How It Determines Your Personality and Destiny

This placement of Uranus prompts people to choose an eccentric career or to even show their talents in unexpected ways so they are likely to gain a special status.

Uranus in 2nd house

People born with Uranus in the second house in their birth chart are not at all like others when it comes to money and possessions. Some of them may not even care where they’re living and will keep their needs to a minimum. Their need for freedom is tremendous, so they don’t want to feel tied to any possession or object.

However, don’t think they won’t make a good living because they can even be the type who puts money aside for rainy days. Their financial situation may go from one extreme to the other, so they will have periods of time when very rich and moments when they don’t know what to put on the table.

Uranus in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Inventive, focused and ambitious;
  • Challenges: Moody and stubborn;
  • Advice: They should seek to embrace he transformations their life goes through;
  • Celebrities: Cary Grant, Gary Oldman, Charles Aznavour, Franz Kafka.

As the second house is the one of money amongst other things, the planets here indicate how the natives can work on their finances. Therefore, the presence of Uranus here indicates these people may make a living with the help of technology, their originality, when working in groups and even when supported in business by their friends.

Unconventional and impulsive

Uranus in 2nd house natives may make their money in the most ingenious and innovative ways, probably by inventing something that’s related to technology, by having a job that’s unique, by dealing with electronics or even by making scientific discoveries.

In any case, they’ll always be unconventional when it comes to financial opportunities, so expect many changes to happen as far as their wealth goes, or for them to have many ups and downs with their money situation.

As said before, being helped by their friends or even the government may be the solution for them to make a good living.

Eccentric, unconventional and a really strange planet, Uranus placed in the second house, that rules over possessions and finances, means people of this placement have all of these characteristics of this celestial body when it comes to the way they’re making a living.

It’s possible for them to have the most eccentric career or to their salary coming from a business that seems at least strange for others.

They will experience many fluctuations with their income, so it’s very normal for them to one day suffer from famine and the other to be in malls, buying the most expensive things.

Uranus in 2nd house individuals are the type who gets fired more times than others. It seems that only strange things happen to them at their job, so their superiors may not tolerate unusual happenings around the workplace.

For example, they could come up with gossip about their bosses or cause a fire in the kitchen of the building where they happen to work.

There are many celebrities who have Uranus in the 2nd house. Many of these natives decide to take the self-employment path, but this means having money one day and wondering if business is ever going to get better the other.

At least they are able to make enough and compensate for the quiet days, during the busy periods.

They seem to always have a fascinating story about their work because it’s common for individuals having Uranus in 2nd house to experience all kind of unusual happenings.

Many of them don’t want to work from 9 to 5, so a different type of job can bring them constant fluctuations when it comes to salary and profit.

They may have a need to be secluded in order to soothe themselves and to be as sensual as they can, but only in privacy. These natives may be attracted to voyeurism as this allows them to participate and in the same time be detached in sex.

Also, they can like pornography and seeing others kissing or being engaged in sexual activities. Many of them will unconsciously need to be isolated from their own body’s pleasures because as children or in their past lives, they have had some unpleasant experiences with their bodily functions.

The 2nd house is the ruler of value, finances and possessions amongst other things like comfort.

Uranus happens to be responsible with awakening, so in the 2nd house, it may cause consistent changes, when it comes to the system of values natives have, to happen.

Because it makes significant changes, people having Uranus in the 2nd house may change their values many times during a lifetime. They’ll give up outdated methods because they think growth can’t be possible without bringing in the new.

Some of them may start around their 30s to no longer consider wealth and to only think of spirituality. Others may get engaged in projects that don’t offer them a stable income.

Either way, many of them will be attracted to make money from what Uranus rules over, for example, technology, the sciences, the study of the universe and computers.

These natives are more inclined than others to take risks when it comes to the financial aspect, so they should continue being inventive and oriented towards the future because they may lose money many times, so they need to make more in order for them to have a comfortable life.


Uranus in 2nd house individuals love nice things, so their impeccable taste can’t really be seen in others.

They can buy really unique art pieces because they don’t like everything that’s mainstream, therefore, the collections they may have at home can be very rare.

These natives want to invest a lot of sentiment in what they hold dearly into their soul, so don’t expect them to go and buy whole collections of art pieces for the reason of just keeping them their home.

Buying the pieces one by one is more likely to bring them the joy of collecting. Thankfully, they’ll most of the time make enough money to get what they want, considering they’re very hard-working.

While they may have a different style than other people, their logic would always have them doing a great job, no matter the line of work.

In case Uranus is in a comfortable position in the 2nd house, the natives with this placement become more interested in owning and physically engaging in different activities.

They may be so detached when it comes to other people’s physicality that they could easily work as coroners or butchers.

Usually generous and kind, these natives don’t like to feel stressed about what they own, so they will often give their possessions away.

Uranus in 2nd house natives inspire people to live the way they want and to not care about finances that much. They appreciate comfort though, so they’ll work hard to have a nice home and make their loved ones happy.

Very efficient at their job, these individuals will use their creative abilities to finish projects in the most efficient manner. Many will appreciate them for always getting things done fast and the correct way from the first time.


Having Uranus in the 2nd house may be a problem when having to come up with solutions fast.

If people are pushing them around to get things done in quickly, Uranus in 2nd house natives become annoyed and allow their stubbornness to take over.

In this situation, expect them to be very cold and not interested in what others may have to say. Proud of being slow, this attitude of theirs can’t always be the right one as they should be more spontaneous and come up with answers faster, considering the world doesn’t move at their pace.

The more they’ll try to be quicker, the more rational and good at making decisions they’ll become. Rebelling against those who are trying to make them act fast is not at all indicated.

They should also not think they always know best because their logic and approach can’t be all the time perfect.

Not to mention how stubborn they are in accepting other people’s opinions, especially of those who don’t agree with them.

People with Uranus in 2nd house should learn how to listen because many would appreciate them for being open to discussions.

In case Uranus is in a challenging position here, they may have problems with their physicality. For example, if they’ve been held on a baby-leash when very little, they may feel terrified of being too close to people as adults.

Their body would simply no longer be responsive to closeness because they’ve been kept too close when very small. It’s possible for them to also have repulsiveness towards the process of chewing food, so they may want to only eat alone because this way no one can see how messy they are.

Uranus in bad aspects with Venus, the planet of the 2nd house, or any other difficult planet for that matter, which can be Neptune, Saturn or Pluto, can make natives with such placements unconsciously feel that their bodies are not good enough, so these people would engage in all kind of masochistic practices as a relief.

These individuals need to undergo hypnosis or talk to a therapist and determine what makes them feel uncomfortable, in order to become healthier from a psychological point of view.

Furthermore, Uranus and challenging positions in the 2nd house may make them completely uninterested in possessions.

They won’t want anything in their name, be it houses or cars, because they’d feel restricted and stressed about owning.

With the same placement of Uranus, individuals may not want to borrow money, even when in the most difficult situations of their life, for the same reasons.

It would be great for them to be self-employed because they’d have enough independence to make money the way they want to.

As a matter of fact, many of those who work as freelancers have Uranus in 2nd house because this is how the energy of this planet influences them.

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