The Moon in Libra Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She can be quite emotional, especially about the reactions of others and prefers to stay on the safe and easy side.

Moon in Libra woman

The Moon in Libra woman is a master of diplomacy and a very good-natured individual for whom social appearances matter a lot. She cares about her image and she will try to project a respectful and generous impression on her friends.

Polite, with a good amount of knowledge about etiquette and proper behaviors in society, and with a very sociable nature, the Moon in Libra woman knows how to make everyone happy.

The Moon in Libra woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Seductive and generous;
  • Negatives: Vain and fickle;
  • Soulmate: Someone who seeks for more than physical pleasure;
  • Life lesson: Acknowledging that they only have to please themselves.

She cares a lot about what others think and say

Having such good tastes and sporting a very elegant outfit gives one a very good sex appeal and an undefeated attractiveness. This woman literally attracts men like flowers attract bees.

With a subtle charm and a seductive allure that no one can resist, she manages to catch everyone’s attention at a glance.

However, just as she can very easily achieve this feat, she will not let someone else in her life that easily. She will need the time to get to know the other, to see if they are emotionally stable if they bring enough to the table to be worth it.

These women have a natural urge to find someone to share life with, to have a relationship that can make them feel secure, loved, protected, and so on.

But they are very sensitive and emotional, especially to the reactions and thoughts of other people. They care a lot about what others think and say, and these factors can decide the outcome of their long-term plans.

They can either achieve happiness or wallow in pain and sorrow if the cards are not played right.

They may be very generous and kind to everyone else, but their own fulfillment is dependent on the happiness of others. This is enough to judge their character, but unfortunately, there aren’t many who can appreciate it.

She knows that a good life is one where you can have fun and be free. Seeking pleasure is not blamable, nor is it immoral or stupid, but it should be one of the greatest goals of life.

The woman born with the Moon in Libra knows exactly how to find entertainment, how to make friends, and how to make them feel good. For her, seeing her social group entertained is more than enough, and she isn’t so obsessed with getting a relationship.

She takes great pride in defending her ideas and way of life, just as much as having a healthy diet, doing sports, and taking care of her house.

Artistic and creative as one can be, she is very good at picking out decoration, visually pleasing colors, and applying beauty techniques to look better.

The Moon in Libra women are very positive and enthusiastic, and they aren’t able to contain their high-paced energy for too long before exploding outward.

They have a very bright outlook on life and prefer to be generous and kind, rather than have regrets, be a sad story in someone’s library.

Joyful, regarded with high esteem for their politeness and principles approach, these women create a very esteemed impression wherever they go. Thus, they value emotional bonding and human interaction beyond everything else.

It’s often the case that a lot of people whom the Moon in Libran woman has treated with courtesy and respect will respond with unwarranted hostility.

She doesn’t deserve this treatment, but at least she can be content that she has followed her nature and personal principles. Fairness and correctness are the ways in which this native goes about living her life.

The pragmatic lover

There’s one thing that can be said about a Moon in Libra woman, and that is that she can be one hell of a flirtatious and naughty girl. The most important aspect here is that she doesn’t even try to seduce and attract men.

It’s something that comes from deep within, from her attitude and personality, confidence and principled demeanor.

Just as this can be a sign of her highly emotional and playful character, so is the fact that she would like something more than mere physical pleasure from a relationship.

Intellectual fervor, an expansion of the mind’s boundaries, this is what she’s truly looking for.

The Moon in Libra has a need for emotional stability, a sense of security, in other words, a long-standing relationship in which she can self-develop.

For the Moon in Libra woman, love is nothing but the materialization of her traits, nothing simpler. She is a very kind and warm-hearted individual who will always look for the wellbeing of her partner and close ones.

Devoted, spontaneous, and loving beyond compare, she will try to satisfy her partner and fulfill all their desires.

Even more, she is emotional and sensitive just as she is rational and pragmatic, a true unity which brings their ideal of a perfect relationship even closer to reality.

However, you will have to be there for her, actually, involve yourself 110% in the relationship, show her that you care and appreciate her efforts.

As long as you are original and authentic with your gestures of affection and love, she will be yours forever. With a Moon in Libra woman, you have to be patient, attentive, sensitive, and romantic in order to truly conquer their spirits.

This native needs reassurance and validation of her feelings, so be sure to show her that it’s alright to express her feelings, to open herself up, to be more confident when it comes to romance.

Watch out

One of the few things that give the Moon in Libra women a bad reputation is their keenness on over-indulging in seduction and flirting.

Sometimes, they can discover a pleasure and a passion in enthralling men to their whims, and this can lead to a lack of moral principles, in some way.

Moreover, their perfectionist attitude becomes annoying and counter-intuitive when applied to human society.

All of us are imperfect, and when they see flaws and downsides in every relationship, it’s just barking at the wolves, a redundant and pointless observation.

They would better try to solve those issues, or better yet, accept some of those that aren’t so disturbing.

The Moon in Libra women are very indecisive and fickle when it comes to making decisions. They take a lot of time in analyzing and thinking things through before coming to a conclusion. And this can only be annoying and irritating at times.

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