Moon in Libra Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Libra’s diplomacy and patience.

Moon in Libra

As an individual born with your Moon in Libra, your natural characteristics are amplified to a great degree. As such, these natives will try even harder than others, under the watchful eye of the Moon, to achieve a perfect unity of being, and attain stability in their lives.

Balance and equilibrium are the catalysts of a perfect life for these natives, no matter what Sun sign they may carry, and even though they may be satisfied with what is simpler, and less opulent, it does not mean that they have it easy. Just think about it, how easy can it be to always be in the search for balance?

Moon in Libra in a nutshell:

  • Style: Balanced and Cautious;
  • Top qualities: Rational, optimistic and approachable;
  • Challenges: Exaggerated expectations and criticism;
  • Advice: Say more of what you think without fear of judgment.
  • Celebrities: Amelia Earhart, Louis Armstrong, Marie Antoinette, Walt Disney.

Aesthetically pleasing

These Libra Moon natives possess a keen intuition when it comes to arranging their environment in a way that reflects their constant search for equivalence.

They want for everything to be in a perfect order, in its rightful place, because they love sensing that feeling of comfort of a work well done.

They believe that what is beautiful has to be proportionate, equidistant, with accurately measured shapes and forms, in other words, the whole picture has to be the very definition of harmony.

This can be applied concretely, let’s say, in the way that they organize their homes, the arrangement of the furniture, the colors used.

But it can also work on an abstract level, in their thought patterns, and the way they approach most situations, with a calm, rational, and systematic mindset.

With their qualities, the range of working places they could approach is very varied and complex, because anything having to do with decoration pretty much fits their capabilities.

Their aesthetic sense, as well as the reflex to keep everything in perfect order, are suited well to such endeavors.

If you think about it, given this native’s infatuation with justice, fairness, and honesty, they would have a splendid future working as a lawyer, judge, or prosecutor.

Their need for ongoing love

One born at the time the Moon was in the sign of the Libra will always be seeking for the comfort of closeness, the feeling that there is someone there when you most need it.

Love, commodity, domesticity are the essential aspects of a good life for this native, and so they will try to maintain a relationship for as long as possible, even if it may be a toxic one overall.

Even if they find themselves forced to raise the white flag and abandon the ship, they will almost immediately start looking for another relationship.

It acts as a form of refuge from the constant dangers of the outside world, as well as an anchor, an emotional support through the trying times.

Unfortunately, because of this sense of immediacy and desperation, they will often incorrectly judge, or won’t judge at all, the person they’re getting close to, which can lead to disappointments.

An innate feel for diplomacy

Diplomacy comes as the normal follow-up to these natives’ innate sense for order and equilibrium. Each and every argument or conflict is composed of two sides, one of the truth, and the other of lies. One is right, and one is wrong.

Now, the thing is, these natives weigh both perspectives with the same set of principles, and they can see the veracity of both, but, eventually, they help the opposing sides reach a consensus.

Even though their objectivity and impartiality are basically in charge, they can make the most efficient decision at the moment, taking into consideration what is good for them, and the others around them.

Now, in day-to-day issues, where friends are involved, or even close people, this impartiality may appear as a form of betrayal, when they are not on their friends’ side, even though it’s still called a sense of justice and fairness. To them, that is more important than interpersonal bonds.

Furthermore, it seems that their aesthetic sense can also lead to some downfalls, and wrong paths because they find themselves taking a liking to some things that may not necessarily be worth it.

Positive highlights

Such individuals born under the watching gaze of the Moon in Libra manage to find the most efficient, and balanced, solution to almost any problem, one which seems to be to everyone’s liking. How they do it, that’s their secret!

It’s quite obvious that they are always surrounded by like-minded friends who appreciate their directness, honesty, steady-mind, and most of all, the proclivity towards an ordered life.

Discordances, conflicts, especially those that devolve into aggressive bouts of anger, are their worst nightmare, and they would sooner leave the premises than try to mediate such stressful issues.

Most admirable and intriguing about them is that they discover a tiny bit of themselves every time they observe people around them, because through a thorough analysis required to mediate random conflicts, they find out the warring sides’ motivations, thinking patterns, and maybe they could empathize with one of them.

In love, they are obviously searching for someone with approximately the same set of skills, personality, the same tendency to become obsessive about cleanliness, order, and an organized working space, as driven by the tidy Libra.

The downsides

Because of their obsession with balance, perfection, and equilibrium, the Libra Moon natives will constantly break up with people who don’t conform to their expectations, and this includes romantic relationships.

The emotional Moon will actually allow them to view these things as natural so they won’t really experience any feelings of guilt about this.

They may be quite idealistic and search for the impossible, but telling them that and actually expecting them to change is just like drinking five shots of Tequila and expecting to walk straight for more than ten meters. Next-to-impossible, correct.

They keep on emphasizing the flaws of everything and everyone around them, and this attitude obviously annoys those who want to get closer to them. Not to mention that it creates a bleak atmosphere around them.

It’s just like they don’t care at all about feelings, emotions, instead acting as little robots who were pre-programmed with a code of conduct, and some directives.

Surprisingly, these natives can give up their overly-exaggerated expectations, or even their other desires, when they seek for the acceptance of others. But this is when the sensibility of the Moon kicks in and they actually end up in some rather illogical situations.

There is a need in them for social acceptance, especially that of close ones, and the avoidance of judgment, criticism, or any sort of mockery. They don’t want to be put in situations where they have to admit to their inner issue regarding the search for perfection.

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