Full Moon in Libra: What It Means And How To Take Advantage

Full Moon in Libra favors strength of character so will trigger a storm of emotions over those who dwell in indecision.

Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra brings about many social relationships and an increase in the efficiency with which people socialize. Matters of generosity and of people being drawn to one another, not only with love in mind, will be of focus.

The Moon influences us all to be very appreciative of what we have, kind, understanding, and know how to behave in a respectable and admirable manner.

During a Libra Full Moon you should:

  • Let go of past grudges;
  • Worry less about your decisions;
  • Open your heart to your partner;
  • Talk less and listen more;
  • Deal with financial matters.

Everyone seems to borrow from the truly ingenious technique of the Libra to make others become more open and joyful all around, they copy the gestures and unconscious reflexes of those around them, thus establishing a sense of intimate closeness to them.

With the sheer imagination and designer sense, the Librans will have no problems in refurbishing their house to fit their extravagant ideas. It will literally be something out of stories, an imposing manor filled with great mysteries, the air of noblesse all around it.

Their artistic sense is out of place in a world filled with tediousness, ignorance, superficiality, and that’s why they’re quite special in this regard and they will lend this style during times when the Full Moon will occur in their sign.

The balancing energy of the Full Moon in Libra

The energy that the Full Moon in Libra endows everyone with is of a special nature, having to do with their internal emotional awareness, introspection, self-analysis, inner observation as a part of the development process.

Relationships are bound to succeed during this time because natives will be careful who it is they’re meeting with, and if they’re the right person for them.

If already in a stable marriage or relationship, under the guidance of Libra, people will find out that it’s much easier to connect with the partner, have fun together, do some common activities together. Romantically, they’re going to have a blast, going the extra way to win over their partner once again.

If you don’t want the Full Moon to take you on the road to excesses, and destabilize your inner balance, then you really have to stop for a few seconds, take in all that you’ve accomplished until then, observe your own abilities, what progress you’ve made, and then think of the next plan to set in motion.

If you don’t do this now, then quite possibly you won’t have the chance later. Life has its ways of solving all the little contradictions, and it’s usually done in the most destructive way possible. Solving all the problems now will not only eliminate this risk, but also get your hopes up, and increase your confidence.

The Libra Full Moon offers you the much-need willpower to put your life in order, to organize all the chaotic little things that have been bothersome for some time now, or strip them from any importance they might have in your life, once and for all.

This sign stands for inner balance above all, so it’s normal the astrological event tied to it will increase this trait even further, taking it to a whole new level.

These natives will do anything in their power to reach that equilibrium and act with confidence, patience, in order to have the best result. Reckless abandon is less than desirable, and impulsivity is not really the wise choice during a Libra Moon, be if Full or New.

When is Full Moon in Libra?

The Full Moon of the Libra takes place between March and April when the Moon passes through this Cardinal Modality sign and when the Sun is in their opposite sign, the Aries.

During this period, under the emotional nature of the Moon, people will feel everything at a much more intense pace than before, and they will often find themselves in quite problematic situations because they couldn’t take control of their emotions.

Thus, emotional instability when faced with life decisions is the trademark of this astrological motion. On the other hand, when the Moon goes through the Air sign of the Libra, the fluidity of emotions can also give way to something good, some real-life lessons to be learned.

Everyone needs to understand that they have to find a way to put them to work for them. Their goal, to find perfect balance both in themselves and in the world around them, shouldn’t be such an idealism anymore.

The Full Moon in Libra would aim to strengthen one’s character to make them not even flinch when faced with the harshest and sturdiest of obstacles. The Libra is graceful and so should be everyone’s reaction in the face of aversion. What else could you expect from the calm and tranquil Libras?

The Full Moon may not be considered by many a good time to start a relationship but perhaps this is just what some need in order to truly put their lives in order.

Important to remember

The most important thing to remember here is that the Libras are the masters of their own destiny. They seek to create a life of comfort, where nothing is to be wanted, a place where they feel protected from all dangers.

Moreover, if we’re talking about an ideal lifestyle here, everything has to be in perfect order, an equilibrium of the elements. Henceforth, the Full Moon in Libra will question one’s attempts at bettering their lifestyle.

It’s also got something to do with how they view themselves, how they perceive the world, their personality, character, inner balance. If there are too many repressed emotions hiding within, something bad is bound to happen eventually.

Obviously, this cannot go on for an extended period of time, because it’s going to spend one’s energy supplies, as well as destroy their inner balance, make them sloppy and inefficient. It’s quite noticeable when this sort of thing happens, during a Libra Full Moon.

Romantic partners will often be the first to notice the changes and to signal that clearly something’s wrong and say something about it, but most importantly, it’s the professional life that’s affected.

Some alone time is often called for during this Full Moon, just a while to calm down the whirling thoughts running amok through everyone’s heads.

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