New Moon in Libra: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Libra is great for gathering information to help you take the right decisions.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is about gaining balance through new ways and seeking to view things from a different perspective. This is the ideal time to borrow from the tempered attitude of the Libran native.

Try to channel their energy and retrospectively look back on the past and learn from it, as well as put forth all your efforts to forge a new future with the accumulated knowledge.

The Libra sign is more of a thinker than a doer, because these natives want to first take a look at all options, weigh them down accordingly, and only after that come to a conclusion on the matter at hand.

Under this New Moon, you will hesitate more than usual and will prefer to have quite a lot of people around you, perhaps for moral support. But remember that you need to give something back to those you are relying on.

So try acting with more kindness, generosity, honesty, and do some favors to those close to you. Seek for harmonious bonds above all because if you try being amicable with toxic individuals who won’t have a beneficial effect on your development, then it’s all useless.

Projects should be completed through team effort, during the Libra New Moon, because this can greatly enhance your relationship with people who have the same viewpoints.

They can be of great help in the future when you’ll be in need of capable individuals to help with your future plans. Librans are masters at the art of persuasion, and so will you during the New Moon. So don’t even wonder where all this charm you are benefiting from came.

The New Moon enhances our social skills, even more, making us free ourselves from any social fears.

Interpersonal relationships, and the way people perceive them are of the essence during the New Moon, and it’s highly advisable for you to actually start taking care of this aspect.

The problem of friendship, of camaraderie, comes knocking on your door because it may arrive a time when you might feel you are lacking the support of those you deemed trustworthy, and it’s going to be quite a desperate situation if there’s no one else to offer you the solace you crave for.

The New Moon in Libra is every native’s occasion to put another stone to building their way up the social ladder, make a good impression, and gain the trust of like-minded people.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Libra to:

  • Prioritize your plans for the future;
  • Help others voice their opinions;
  • Revamp an important relationship in your life;
  • Make amends to someone;
  • Consider all sides of an issue or story.

Romantic contradictions

There really is something to look forward to during this time when the New Moon advances in the astrological space of the Librans. Why is that? Because, by default, these natives are safeguarded by their protective planet, Venus, which is responsible for social relationships, harmonious partnerships, charisma, persuasion and one’s social sense.

So under this New Moon, you might benefit a little from the passion and intuition of the Libra and may find it easier to approach your love interest.

Some will feel at ease expressing their deepest desires whilst others may resort to a bit of manipulation to get what they want. In any case, approaching people is a breeze during this New Moon.

There are many ways in which people could use their skills, it all depends on them. Now that we know what the influence of the Libra gets us all up to, just think what happens when the New Moon’s resurgent energy is involved too. They will effectively have their abilities doubled in intensity and efficiency.

The New Moon may bring some contradictions as well, perhaps referring to social sacrifices that you may be asked to make in order to meet the expectations of your lover.

Some may meet someone special during this lunar activity but don’t get your hopes too high because there are still quite a few things to determine before being able to proclaim yourselves soulmates.

What to do during this New Moon

There are a few things that one could do in order to fully capitalize on the energy that the New Moon endows us with.

First off, you should learn to say “no” when you don’t feel like doing something because, whilst an affirmative answer will indeed increase your sociable likeableness, it will eventually bring only frustration and a drop in their self-esteem.

Even though some may feel during this lunar activity the need to create a healthy relationship with everyone, one of collaboration and mutual understanding, this is not always possible and you should be ok with this.

Moving on, all natives should also learn to take care of themselves, as far as beauty standards go. It’s not such a superficial thing to go for, as long as it’s something personal, with no other goal in mind other than to be happy with themselves.

And they should find the time to do this, even if they may have to give up on some other activities. Under the Libra Moon you may feel more affected by this kind of decisions and choices but there is really no need to.

You might find that you are interested in practical lifestyle aspects during a New Moon in Libra. You are using your intuition and great taste to combine the many elements around you to give off the impression of ultimate beauty.

As far as relationships go, you might find that you try to go even further, subconsciously, during this period. It’s a sudden impulse, more than something planned, but it’s alright.

The New Moon represents a chance at change, at a complete transformation as far as professional life goes, too.

There will be many opportunities coming up, and you have to be sure that you have what it takes to efficiently make use of them. This astrological event endows you with the potential to change your life, but that’s where its manifestation ends, and where your input begins.

You are inclined to borrow from the Libra’s need for partnerships and the need to generously contribute with all your effort but you need to remember that ultimately, is all a matter of how you make use of your skills and willpower.

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