The Fire Element: Love Behaviour of the Fire Signs

Fire signs don’t hesitate to make the first move in love and wish for their romances to be as fiery and exciting as their lives are.

Fire element love

People born under the Fire element have a unique spark in their eyes. They’re full of light, warm and can impress anyone. When in love, they’re innocent and give their everything to their partner, not to mention they tend to listen more to their heart than to their mind.

The Fire signs and love

  • The Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • The Fire element makes one always ready for action and quite impulsive, even in love;
  • With a fiery temper and always on the go, these signs with to enjoy an exciting and fulfilling romance too.

These people are independent and want to have fun more than anything. The person who happens to be with them should be careful to not get burned by their tremendous energy.

Just like the fire can climb any mountain, they accomplish what they set their minds to. People love them because they’re exciting and have good vibes.

People born under the Fire element are sensual, wise, reliable and down-to-earth. At the same time, they’re very physical and rely a lot on their senses, which means they make amazing chefs, gardeners and even lovers.

The signs belonging to the Fire element are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Fire elements can easily be noticed in their personality because they’re always positive and enthusiastic, also ready for action and impulsive.

More than this, their temper is fiery and they never seem to have patience. When it comes to love, Fire people invest all their energy and don’t mind making the first step if interested in someone.

They tend to do things their own way. For example, the Aries doesn’t hesitate to initiate a conversation, the Leo keeps on flirting to get more attention, while the Sagittarius loves to lay down a path towards a new adventure with the person he or she likes.

While Fire people hurry to start things, they usually don’t take their time to make commitments.

It can be said the Leo is the one to commit more often because Leo is a fixed sign and likes being with the person who allows him or her to be domineering for a lifetime.

The Sagittarius doesn’t like being tied down, so he or she is the most difficult when it comes to being in a long-term relationship. What Sagittariuses need the most is to be allowed to be free.

When it comes to the Aries, this sign is in the middle because the Ram wants to commit but not if someone is pushing him or her to do it. As far as romance goes, Fire element people enjoy it a lot.

Leo has a lot of love and wants to express it loudly, the Aries enjoys the chase, and the Sagittarius wants to turn romance into an adventure. Fire signs also have a lot of passion without faking it.

When into someone, they give their all, while if they don’t like a person, they don’t hesitate to say it. They tend to jump straight into bed, so they should make an effort and try to restrain themselves a little bit.

When ending a relationship, those belonging to the Fire element do it very quickly. The Aries immediately moves on, the Sagittarius enjoys his or her freedom.

The one having a hard time may be a Leo because Leos tend to hold on tightly to their connections. As soon as wronged by someone, these people show the Fire in their heart and can be very destructive.

When happy with their partner, they’re loving, fun, bright and funny. Leos and Sagittariuses can understand Arieses very well, which means they’re also compatible with them.

The Aries also gets along very well with the Gemini. Aquariuses and Libras can understand the Aries’ fire and temperament.

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