Love Compatibility Between the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

When these two are together their relationship can’t ever be boring and they will fight for attention.

2 fire signs

When two Fire signs are together, they can turn life into a real adventure. More than this, they inspire and encourage one another.

Problems between them may appear when they both reveal their temperament and are struggling to dominate. This is when the drama happens, and the pair starts to no longer get along so well.

Two Fire signs love compatibility in a nutshell:

  • These two would spit Fire like dragons when arguing, only to makeup passionately afterwards.
  • This is one of the strongest love connections as these two are drawn to each other and have so many things in common.
  • They’re both high-strung, impulsive and have a big ego, which can bring them many problems when it comes to relationships.

Anywhere where there is Fire, a warmth is radiated, also the willingness to risk and to take an any adventure. More than this, natives belonging to this element can be the life of any party because they’re playful and very spontaneous, also fun.

Both eager for love

When it comes to taking action in love, Fire element signs rely on their own instincts and seem to have a sixth sense for things, not to mention how reckless they can be.

At least their intuition is usually right and always telling them where to go and what to do. Fire is being kept alive by the Divinity, which means they’re all over the place and spreading their joy without expecting anything.

This is because they have a tremendous lust for life. If feeling down, they should try and train their enthusiasm more. They also need others to support and admire them because what they like the most is being appreciated.

As far as learning other elements’ wisdom, they do this the hard way because they resist learning from others and want to work only with their own methods.

All the zodiac’s elements have something to give, with the Fire having a special glow and nourishment.

Fire signs will never have boring relationships because they’re enthusiastic, eager to have all the attention on them and egocentric.

They want to have things their way, so it would be a good idea for them to try more and agree with the people they love, as a fight with them can turn into something of huge proportions.

They can hurt others’ feelings and not leave a way for reconciliation in a second. These natives are driven by their emotions and don’t give too much importance to logic, which means they’re impulsive.

All this doesn’t indicate they can’t think logically, it’s just that they prefer to listen to their heart before their mind, relying more on intuition and less on what their thoughts are telling them or facts.

Since two Fire signs gave many things in common, they can understand each other very well. They’re most of the tame Twin Flames, so they’re supportive with one another, also reflecting the light that makes them unique.

More than this, when one of them doesn’t want to act logically, the other has the ability to notice what’s wrong and fix it. These two signs would spit Fire like dragons when arguing, only to makeup passionately afterwards.

Their element is pure energy, so they’re both more oriented on taking action than on making promises. If in love, they can turn their relationship into something very deep.

As a matter of fact, some of the strongest love connections are between two Fire signs because both parties involved go for things in life and Fire is highly attracted to Fire.

The thing with them is not getting together and having a relationship, it’s more about how long things are going to last.

Their connection could be long-term if they both avoid being competitive, which can be difficult to achieve. Fire signs need to do meaningful things.

Intense, fun and spontaneous

When together, they need to focus their energy on destroying common enemies, not on each other. Even if this is happening, they can still have some sparks making them argue.

They love being challenged and can’t resist being quiet when someone contradicts them. Also, because they’re both passionate, they need to have their flames burning all the time, so they’re looking to argue and to have contradicting opinions.

When it comes to motivation, Fire signs rely only on themselves and are go-getters, also independent and individualistic.

They’re high-strung, impulsive, rushed and have a big ego, which can bring them many problems when it comes to relationships.

Many can see them as insensitive and harsh. There are also the situations in which they operate at a lower level and don’t trust their own forces, moments in which they need to spend more time outside and to physically challenge themselves.

Intensity, fun and spontaneity are some of the words that describe them best. The relationship with them can be compared to being burned by their Fire because they never allow anyone to get bored and hate routine.

In order for them to be happy, they need to do unpredictable things and to spice up their life. They know how to seduce and love chasing the person they like.

The person who wants their heart needs to be out of the ordinary, bold and courageous. A relationship between two Fire signs can be quote intense.

Two people belonging to this element can be passionate one moment and have the other, when together. At least they’d never get bored or lie to one another, not to mention their energy would be positive.

When liking someone, Fire signs aren’t shy, nor reserved. They act fast and want to make the first step. However, they don’t enjoy playing games, so it’s a good idea to not be late for a date with them.

They’re honest and straightforward, so no one has to guess their feelings. This means they express themselves openly when looking someone. More than this, they prefer to make a first move on someone fast because they don’t want the connection they have to burn out.

What’s also great about them is the fact that they don’t usually hold grudges and allow things to pass without returning to them. This helps them a lot when it comes to relationships. When it comes to the bedroom, they’re very passionate and want to make their partner happy.

Bringing joy everywhere

Different from Earth signs, who take things slowly when it comes to relationships, they move very fast and can go through all the stages of a relationship in only a few weeks.

They want to take on new adventures, so they’re never stuck doing menial things, which can be great if they’re coupled with someone timid. At the same time, they seem to have great empathy because they only let their heart rule them.

This can help them with their relationships because they can understand what their partner may be feeling. Just like the element representing them, they have a temper and can’t stay still for one moment.

They’re also warm and destructive, able to get reborn from their own ashes and to keep going when having enough fuel. It’s easy for them to get turned on, but they need to be handled with care.

Fire signs manage to bring joy no matter where they may be going, so they can turn dull moments into very enjoyable ones. Their energy can be difficult to contain, just like the one of the Fire. They want to work on themselves and are very individualistic.

These people have great potential and can keep the world moving. They don’t allow anything to motivate them because they’re self-motivating, high-strung, active and forceful. This is their nature and no one can change them. Besides, they’re self-confident, courageous and active.

Others should fear them because they have the ability to destroy, especially with their words. Impatient and reckless, they’re also childlike and honest.

Some people may find them irritating because they say what goes through their mind. This is why they’re not suited for more sensitive individuals who can get hurt by any nasty word.

It’s not their intention to cause harm with their words, they just simply seem to do it without realizing. More than this, they can’t control themselves, especially when expecting to be gratified and recognized for their accomplishments.

While Fire can keep people warm, it’s also dangerous because it burns. People born in this element are exactly the same, as they can be gentle and kind, as well dangerous and destroying.

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