Taurus And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Virgo can be a match made in heaven as these two are very similar in the life aspects that matter.

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The Taurus and the Virgo are two signs that truly understand one another. They are meant for something long-term as they are both Earth signs, and the Virgo falls easily for other Earth signs. Not hurried to take action, both the Virgo and the Taurus study people and situations carefully, before they decide to get involved.

CriteriaTaurus Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus will pursue someone or something only if they are really interested. Passionate and affectionate, they will take initiative with the Virgo if they will be very attracted. And the Virgo will be more than happy to move forward with someone who has a good plan.

Governed by Mercury, the Virgo likes to be engaged in serious conversations and with the Taurus, the Virgo will talk a lot and on any subject. The Taurus is not that big of a conversationalist, but these natives have their ways of transmitting what they think.

When in love, the Taurus leaves behind any inhibition and becomes this sensual being. This native will prove their love to the partner every day, through romantic gestures and considerate gifts.

When Taurus and Virgo fall in love …

The relationship between a Taurus and a Virgo will not happen at high speeds. They will take big decisions such as moving in together only after they have analyzed the situation a lot.

The Taurus is a little bit of a show-off. He will invite the Virgo to the best restaurants and at the most expensive places.

The Virgo lover won’t be that easily impressed. People in this signs like to go in nature rather than stay indoors. Because they are both tactile and sensitive at every touch, expect a lot of hand holding.

This can be a great combination where the generous Virgo will feel completely safe and secure in the arms of the sensual Taurus. They will indulge one another with signs of affection and love.

The Taurus will be the one who will take care of all the planning for the relationship. It doesn’t matter that the Virgo is a good organizer too, the Taurus will lead and their partner will be happy to stick to their plans.

Earth signs are known to be rational and to see things as they actually are. This is why two people born in Virgo and Taurus will work at their relationship, not think they are simply meant to be together.

Their love story will take place slowly. If they are both old-fashioned when it comes to romance, it doesn’t mean they won’t use texting and social media to show their love and send each other all kind of sweet emojis.

The Virgo is known to be over critical and very analytical. People born in this sign are the worriers of the zodiac, the ones who don’t have a relaxed attitude towards life. But they are stable and realistic, thing that will make the Taurus fall for them immediately.

When Virgo cares deeply for someone, they can become too critical and nagging. They are very difficult to be around, especially if you are a sloppy person who lives in chaos and isn’t as obsessed with neatness as they are.

A Virgo will completely reject someone whose life is a mess. Humble and reserved, the Virgo will seem difficult to get and not fancying any kind of relationship. But that’s not true.

They are looking for a partner and someone with whom they can share their life with. The Taurus has determination and a purpose in everything that they are doing, and the Virgo will admire this in them.

However, the Taurus’ stubbornness can make the Virgo raise an eyebrow and seem distant. On the other hand, the Taurus will be exhausted at their partner’s need for neatness and perfection.

But these are things that won’t influence their relationship that much. It will just make them be upset at each other from time to time. The main problem will be in the way the Taurus views common sense. The Virgo is too obsessed with perfection and will want to bring order everywhere. And the Taurus won’t be able to be like this.

The most important thing for the Taurus is security and they will strive to achieve it, something that is inspirational for their Virgo partner. While they may seem boring as a couple, these two are definitely made for one another.

The Taurus and Virgo relationship

Respect and admiration are two words that characterize the relationship between the Taurus and the Virgo. While they will be very clear to each other, when they will talk about their relationship with others, it will always be in very good terms.

They will take part in different sports together. You can find out they are members of different gyms or that they are jogging every day. As soon as the sport they are taking part in is not too competitive, they will be more than willing to do it.

The Taurus can convince the Virgo to no longer be so obsessive-compulsive. They will both be professionally fulfilled, with plans for the future and a few children that are perfectly cared for. Pets will always be around their home.

Happy to attend family gatherings, these two will be the ones who the relatives can count on, the supporting shoulder for when there is a problem. Don’t think for a minute that they will be dependent on one another.

They can function independently very well. Not to mention the Virgo is too controlling and will focus on projects all the time, while the Taurus needs a weekend off from time to time, to procrastinate.

They both value romantic relationships but the way they approach them is different, though. It’s very facile for them to be friends or colleagues as they have common interests and they often like the same things.

The Taurus Virgo love relationship is slow but fulfilling. The thing with both of them is that they take a considerate amount of time before they make a decision.

Taurus and Virgo marriage compatibility

The marriage between a Taurus and a Virgo will be perfect. They will have everything they need, and their children will be highly educated. It’s not a rule that one of them will propose at some point, what’s sure is that they both want a long-term relationship before marriage.

The Virgo is the homemaker in this situation. The Taurus won’t be that much around to decide what tiles to go in the bathroom or what coffee table they should get for the living room.

As parents, the Taurus is caring and nurturing, while the Virgo will want their children to be perfect and accomplished. The most important thing is that they both give importance to parenthood. Their children will be loved and supported.

While the Virgo has a tendency to spoil and pamper them, the Taurus will be the one who will deal with their more serious issues like going to the pediatrician or choosing schools. If it would be for the Virgo, they would be a family with ten children.

Sexual compatibility

The sensual Taurus will always intrigue the detail-oriented Virgo, however, the latter is not that passionate. They will both have to rely on the Taurus for romanticism.

Loving gestures in the bedroom are also the Taurus’ responsibility. This lover will show the Virgo how to be more in tune with feelings and emotions.

On the other hand, the Virgo will teach the Taurus to listen and satisfy their inner desires. In bed, the Taurus will be sensual and passionate, while the Virgo will be practical and daring. They will complement each other, so they’ll have great nights together.

The downsides of this union

Because they are so similar when it comes to their needs and practices, the Virgo and the Taurus will be great as a couple. They both want stability, this making them agree upon many things.

The only major problems will appear when the Taurus will be too stubborn, and the Virgo too critical. Always worried, the Virgo will tire the Taurus with all kind of hypochondriac ideas and treatments for pains that others wouldn’t even pay attention to.

The fact that the Taurus is stubborn will also be an inconvenient. It’s a relationship between a control freak coupled with a rigid person. Virgos need to let go of playing the victim each time things don’t happen as they want them to, and the Taurus needs to compromise from time to time.

The Taurus will be tolerant with the Virgo’s criticizing attitude. They will even appreciate a different opinion. The Virgo will find it difficult to be with someone who’s not at all flexible, but these are minor issues they will both overcome.

The Virgo is so worried and terrified of disappointing others, it will be difficult for the Taurus to understand what he or she is going through. They are both blessed with perseverance, so ultimately, they have found their other half in each other.

What to remember about Taurus and Virgo

Any kind of Taurus-Virgo relationship will be fruitful and peaceful because these two have many common traits. As lovers, they will both be down-to-earth and methodical. The Bull is nurturing and protective, helping the Virgo reveal his or her emotional side. He or she will also encourage the Virgo to engage more socially.

When it comes to money, both the Virgo and the Taurus want financial security and are careful with how much they are spending. As far as work goes, they both know how to prioritize tasks, so they’ll be efficient and successful. Hard workers and methodical, these two can manage their jobs without problems.

But their careers will be put on hold as soon as they will fall in love. They know how to organize their time so they don’t become workaholics. Earth signs, these two wish the same things from life: money, to have fun and to enjoy cultural activities.

The Virgo is the worrier and the Taurus is the lover. The Virgo is so worried about everything because he or she is a very responsible person and because people in this sign don’t want to disappoint.

Taurians are persevering. Not that Virgos aren’t. They are both good at offering sound advice, so you can go to them each time you find yourself in trouble.  What Tauruses want the most from life is to live in peace and to have a comfortable, stable home and the Virgo will be able to offer all this.

Of all the signs in the zodiac, the Virgin is the one that attracts Taurians the most.

The person in this sign is reliable and rational, just what the Taurus wants and needs. Mercury is the planet of communication and the ruler of Virgo. This is why people in this sign have a sharp mind. But at the same time, they are also very organized and good planners.

With a Taurus, the Virgo will have a chance to teach neatness and order. The Bull will carefully listen and become more disciplined. Because the Virgo is too criticizing and analytical, and the Taurus too stubborn and possessive, conflicts may arise between them.

If they’ll abandon their need to control everything, they will be much happier. It’s only normal to not think perfectly the same, so letting go from time to time is the best solution for a good relationship to stay good for a long time.

Both patient and pragmatic, Virgo-Taurus will also be a good match in the bedroom. All the Taurus needs to do is to relax the Virgo and take his or her mind of work. As said before, Virgos tend to stress too much, but the Taurus is patient, so all should be well.

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