Scorpio Color: Why Purple Has the Best Influence

Purple enhances intuition, boosts luck and makes one more attractive both personally and professionally.

Scorpio Lucky Color Purple

The color Purple, the bright shades of it especially, are steeped in spiritual power, a philosophy of the mind that takes everyone to a new awareness, one marked by open-mindedness, flexibility, intellectual curiosity, and optimism.

Scorpios who like purple are the types who want to develop themselves constantly, to expand their perspectives each and every day.

The Scorpio lucky color Purple in a nutshell:

  • This color is linked to the powers of imagination and expressivity;
  • It strengthens the emotional nature of Scorpio, lowering agitation and increasing focus;
  • Purple helps fight inner tension, fears and anxieties.

Why the color purple is so great for Scorpio

When Scorpios really let themselves loose and release all the pressure, the resulting aura is going to take a dark tint of purple, an indigo of some sorts.

This goes to show that they have deep feelings, passions, that they can be both calm and agitated at the same time. It also points toward a noble heraldry, an uncommon descent, the pride and extravagance, a feeling of inner power.

Interestingly enough, unlike green, purple appears very rarely in nature, in the forms of flowers mostly. It’s not a color we’re used to, not one that we’ve been exposed to, and it shouldn’t have such great effects.

But, the truth is different, especially for these overly-active Scorpios. Upon taking a glance at an orchid or a purple painting, they are immediately soothed and calmed, inspired and nudged off the trodden path.

The purple color has long been thought to be linked to the spiritual world, to how it affects us, the intuition and preternatural abilities that others seem to have.

Some people are able to peer through the veil, to access otherwise inaccessible knowledge, gain powers and attain a state of higher consciousness.

Well, besides being the color of extreme vitality and feminine tenderness, with romance and grace being the essential traits, purple also takes one through a spiritual journey of the mind.

It can take many forms, but purple seems to instill a sense of fascination toward the mysteries of the world, to admire the grandeur of the whole design.

However, when taken to an extreme and over-used, purple can lead to aggression, feelings of agitation and inner disorder, egocentrism.

A lack of purple also has detrimental effects in the form of apathy, depression and the lack of willpower. This happens because purple is made up of two colors: one hot, one cold, each with its own nature.

Just to observe how this color is the symbol of royalty and superior levels of existence, or even a higher social status, is how, throughout time, purple robes and even the Greek togas signified authority, status, superiority. Personally, it increases creativity and imagination, higher professional attainments, and leads to insightful wisdom.

Philosophers are especially attracted to purple because it’s a color strongly related with one’s sense of existence, with the eternal questions that have plagued us ever since the beginning, with spiritual awakening and the search for the truth. It’s a very deep and complex color.

Moreover, it’s also connected with one’s dreams and aspirations, a materialization of fantastical desires, idealistic ideas, of escape from the harsh world, into a better and funnier one.

It fulfills our innermost dreams, seeks to harmonize outer expectations with inner desires, to attain a special equilibrium, a connection between physical and spiritual.

Emotionally, Scorpios who like violet are kinder and more generous, willing to help others in spite of personal issues or lack of time. It stands for humanitarianism, empathy, general altruism, the struggle against injustice in all of its forms. Discrimination, racism, domestic aggressiveness, cheating, all of these are wrong and worth fighting against.

Violet will also increase creativity and put more emphasis on imagination, of finding new ways of seeing the world, coming up with innovative ideas, finding inspiration in the little things and putting all the efforts toward an artistic endeavor.

Complications can also appear from using too much purple to mask some inconsistencies or increasing one’s happiness artificially. These natives should think it through before choosing to immerse themselves in the powerful strength of purple.

It’s very rare, intense, mysterious, and extremely profound. Only the initiated can hope to have a chance at unlocking its true potential.

Lighter shades of purple are, of course, associated with feminine charms and grace, elegance and sensitivity. In general, Scorpios who like purple resonate well with a lot of colors, they are very flexible and tolerant, but only what is profound and extravagant could hope to have any effect on them.

Channeling the power of colors

White, orange, yellow, red, and patterns of brown, are all colors deeply enjoyed by Scorpio natives. They bring them great luck most of the times. The only ones they should avoid are blue and green, with everything in-between.

Being so aggressive, impulsive, and intense, one of the most dynamic natives of the whole zodiac, the Scorpio will have a tough time getting through life.

There will be plenty of harsh times, disappointments, psychological traumatic events, dramatical arguments, obsessions, compulsions, and so on. It becomes a paralytic poison from a time onward.

The only way they can fight these inner ghosts is by appealing to something higher than themselves, at the astrological forces, the power of colors. They should incorporate darker shades if they want to get over tough times, to overcome fears and uncertainties.

Just to realize how deeply immersed the Scorpios are in the occult realm, almost reaching to peer through the veil to the other side of the natural world, Halloween falls in their sign. What could be more symbolic than that?

The time when supernatural forces are said to resurface from the recesses of the deepest abysses is associated with the Scorpios. They are generally psychic and interested in these topics.

Whenever there are greater things afoot, important, essential events that they have to pay attention to, then purple is the way to go. Whether it’s about changing jobs, having children, marrying, habit elimination, nothing works better than wearing purple.

It will stabilize their emotions, make everything seem easier to accept. All the decisions will come naturally, without having to force them.

Whatever life throws at these Scorpios, they are prepared to face it. In the face of overwhelming adversities and unstoppable enemies, they will take one step at a time, filled with ambition and willpower. Brown will also help in these regards, fill them with confidence and daringness, leaving behind all the insecurities and fears.

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