Saturn Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Saturn retrograde encourages us to let go of some things, postpone new beginnings and learn from the past.

Saturn Retrograde

When Saturn is retrograde, people tend to be more criticizing and to put a lot of pressure on themselves, which can lead to a restriction of their energies and to feeling like everything is against them.

This is a retrograde that brings about unpredictable events, interruptions and difficulties, not to mention how much it requires natives to pay more attention to everything. The thing is, it’s very possible for situations and feelings to change from time to time, moments in which many actions can be postponed and interrupted.

Saturn retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for seeing deeper into things, situations and people;
  • Be careful about moments when limits are challenged as well as working with others;
  • Learn that one needs to endure their own karma;
  • Natal Chart Saturn retrograde means a person has a hard time respecting rules and authority.

What to expect during Saturn retrograde

Saturn in retrograde may convince many people that they need a new purpose in life because this planet has many aces up its sleeve and is quite negative during this period.

Therefore, it’s very possible for individuals to feel unable to deal with their own problem or disappointed in themselves throughout this retrograde.

This transit can also make employees want new ways of dealing with their own projects and to be more in tune with what’s going on around their workplace, which means it’s a good moment for regrouping and making backups.

When in retrograde, Saturn can bring about wisdom and the realization things can’t get done without hard work and motivation.

This is a planet that helps natives endure their own karma, which means it has transcendental effects and brings about a need for more achievements.

Its retrograde pushes individuals to overcome their limits, but only if they’re being aware of how much they can handle and if knowing what efforts need to be done for an “overclock”.

Saturn is very helpful when it comes to seeing deeper into things, situations and people. When in retrograde, people should take their time and think about their own life or to think about what they’ve learned from their past.

This is a period when it’s suggested to leave things the way they are because it’s not at all favorable for new starts.

Instead, plans could be developed, and new methods invented as this way, things will be sure to get done the right way, which means there won’t be a further need to revise them afterwards.

Saturn in retrograde can be a moment of quiet and reflection because it brings about many good ideas and inspiration when it comes to having things done the right way.

During this period, natives shouldn’t quit their job and pursue a new career or even another lover. They need to just be calm until the retrograde has passed because there are many losses, disappointments and obstacles associated with Saturn, especially when people are refusing to control their own life a little bit.

However, it can’t be said this planet is all bad because it can make people more compassionate and able to judge things clearly. It’s just that during it retrograde, more attention should be paid to its restrictions, while practicality needs to be present at any cost.

When it comes to Earthly behaviors and requirements, Saturn in retrograde gives people enough time to re-analyze themselves and their responsibilities.

This planet will always motivate people to do their best and to work with more passion. It reminds everyone that nothing is impossible when efforts are being invested. Therefore, it can be called a celestial body that’s driving people forward and helps them achieve new levels of success in their career, by making them more motivated, aware of their weaknesses, stronger and disciplined.

Saturn in retrograde is also a good moment for reevaluating commitments made for long-term, for changing direction and for escaping situations that are no longer advantageous.

It’s always good to move forward, but not without having an idea about what the right path is and the resources that need to be used.

Saturn happens to be a planet that reveals boundaries, deals with responsibility, brings about discipline and focuses on authority. When in retrograde, people will look over the things related to Saturn in their life, not to mention they’ll feel deprived of this celestial body’s effects when in transits, which means they may be pressured, burdened and frustrated for no good reason.

Just like all other retrograde transits, the one of Saturn is excellent for making reviews and learning from the past, things that are extremely important when it comes to self-improvement.

During this time, it’s a good idea for natives to revisit what they’ve done and what they need in order to always have long-lasting results, no matter what they may be doing.

Therefore, Saturn in retrograde may slow things down a little bit, making room for some reevaluation and for karma. This is a good period to understand deeper meanings and to see what’s wrong with a course of action that may have had bad results.

More than this, it’s a time when karma is revealed, so it’s not unusual for many to feel like they’re being repaid for what they’ve done in the past, not to mention the influence of this transit will most likely be positive and not at all destructible.

Karma should be worked out as much as possible, especially by those who want to evolve as human beings. Saturn happens to be a ruler of this energy, whereas the retrograde puts everything about this energy in motion.

Therefore, Saturn in retrograde is going to be twice about karma. Having a lot to do with time, the same karma is very real and has a tremendous influence over people’s lives, just like Saturn.

Thinking about it, things become all about the past, the present and the future. For example, those who have done something bad in a certain period of their life can expect to be taught a harsh lesson later, when they’ll get older.

People who have only done good will enjoy a peaceful future and won’t have to deal with too many problems because their good deeds will surely be repaid.

Saturn in retrograde is a lot about being responsible for what has happened in the past. It makes events that have occurred more important, so natives should make sure all in their past is in order before moving on into the future.

During this period, the fate may also test them to see if they can take on new responsibilities, which means they’ll be taught valuable lessons.

However, when Saturn is negative, feelings of sadness and excessive shyness can get out of hand. This is a situation when Saturn in retrograde can come and fix these issues by making people admit they may have some problems.

It’s possible many interventions will take place during this time as people would exaggerate with being depressed and staying isolated.

Regardless if they believe in karma or past existences or not, they should pay attention during the 4 months of Saturn in retrograde to what keeps coming back to them. For many, it may be an abusive partner or a situation from which they can’t escape and that keeps bringing them trouble.

Karma can be easily recognized, so it’s suggested to slow things down when identified. People should pay attention very much to it, especially if they want to detach from dark energies and to make their life more beautiful.

A good idea is to keep journals and to perform some rituals meant to cleanse as karma is a matter of awareness and purity. The more people are recognizing it, the easier it becomes for them to be detached from negativity.

A direct Saturn can kill any good mood, but a retrograde one gives anyone the opportunity to look at his or her own rules and to analyze life. During this transit, natives can see what emotions most of the time are influencing them, also what fears their psyche is hiding.

For their life lessons to become valuable, they need to look at their karma, even if this will require them to do this for more than one cycle of Saturn being in retrograde.

Saturn in retrograde in the Natal Chart

Those with Saturn in retrograde in their birth chart may all the time feel guilty and doubt their own abilities. This is a placement that brings about internal fears, even if natives may seem brave and not at all vulnerable when dealing with others.

Furthermore, they may be terrified of letting their loved ones down and not being able to fulfill their responsibilities. It’s possible for them to not have been organized and disciplined during their childhood, which means Saturn in retrograde at the moment of birth can pretty much function like a negative Uranus, also a situation in which natives are being bothered by order and too much discipline.

Those who have Saturn in retrograde in their birth chart may be worried and anxious when having to respect rules and to follow a protocol.

This is also a placement that brings about consequences from past lives, so the present one should be left without debts for the next. It is a very good idea to cooperate with this planet because this can make redemption to happen and good results to appear.

Saturn retrograde in birth charts may reveal people had problems with authority during their past existences. If leaders, they probably have been harsh and abused their own power, not hesitating to mistreat others every time they had a chance.

If the aspects are even harder, it’s possible for them to have been guilty of cruelty and even to have imprisoned others for no reason. Other similar behaviors from their past lives may have been the refusal to help others and the use of people who were weaker than them.

Another thing Saturn in retrograde in a birth chart does is to make everything difficult when it comes to expressing affection and being affectionate because this planet can restrict feelings and cause people to be more secretive.

When this gets combined with no confidence, natives may feel unloved and unworthy, not to mention this planet can bring about depression, coldness, unfounded suspicions and indifference towards sweetness.

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