Saturn Retrograde in 2019: How It Impacts You

Saturn retrogrades in 2019 between the 2nd of May and the 21st of September and will affect how you learn and the areas of life you will be challenged in.

Saturn Retrograde 2019

When Saturn is in retrograde, people are starting to analyze life from a deeper level, also to focus on what they’re supposed to do. In a subtle way, they’re also starting to understand it’s impossible to always be in control of their surroundings. During this period, it’s suggested for natives to set their priorities straight and to make use of their time in a wise manner.

Between the 2nd of May and the 21st of September 2019, Saturn will retrograde in Capricorn. This planet has been here since December 2017 and it doesn’t plan to leave until the same month in 2020.

So, this retrograde will be one of the few in its path during this length of time. Its influence will be on consciousness at a global level and what’s changing in the structure of the society because Saturn is known to rule over big structures.

When it comes to what people are going to experience on a personal level, they may start to realize it’s impossible for them to control everything and some high and lows with business may take place as well.

Each area governed by Capricorn in a birth chart will be upgraded gradually, natives feeling more responsible and being more disciplined during this retrograde.

It will be easy for many to learn there are some limits in life and that as soon as Saturn will end its retrograde, they’ll be more mature.

Saturn is the ruler of limits, responsibility, organization, authority and boundaries. When in retrograde, it makes people want to analyze all of the aspects ruled by this planet and it sometimes causes them to feel deprived of Saturn’s help, which means they can be frustrated, burdened or fearful.

Just like all retrogrades, Saturn’s inspires natives to think of different ways for them to improve. These transits of Saturn are great for analyzing different structures and understanding how to build long-lasting things.

Since Saturn is moving slowly, its transits to another planet are usually taking 2 months and a half. When a natal planet falls within the degrees of Saturn’s retrograde transit, the resulted transits may end up being of 11 months altogether.

Therefore, Saturn retrogrades are among the most important ones: they’re dominating each year in its entirety. This period will feature many tests for maturity, no matter if natives are in their 30’s or their 20’s.

They’ll simply get more serious in certain areas of life. Saturn represents a paternal figure that disciplines, so when in retrograde, some tension may get released. It’s not about tensions when interacting with others, it’s more something internal.

This is also a planet related to learning and the results accumulated when doing so, which means that during the 2019 Saturn retrograde, it’s suggested for natives to not be lazy and unenthusiastic, even if sometimes feeling overwhelmed by how good things are going and wanting to just enjoy life and its pleasures.

Challenges will come to them, so they’ll have to deal with different tasks and have no time to rest. All the questions this retrograde is going to bring will be related to the past, so people should very much focus on familiar things.

They could choose to visit childhood places in order to feel more inspired. It will be okay for them to return to old habits as this will make them feel good, not to mention they may reconnect with friends from the past.

Furthermore, it will be wise for natives to be cautious when signing documents because Saturn is strongly connected with work and business. It won’t be easy for careers to be developed, but people will get to enjoy great results in this sector if playing their cards right.

It’s important for natives to never lose themselves in front of turbulence and to keep being hopeful. Saturn acts like a pretentious father, but it’s quite rewarding when seeing hard work. After its retrograde, natives will get everything they want in life.

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Written by Denise

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