Sagittarius As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Sagittarius friend doesn’t beat around the bush and will say things to your face, also remaining very loyal and dependable during hard times.

Sagittarius Friendship

You’re going to like the Sagittarius friends because of their adventurous and overly enthusiastic personality. They are literally on the run anytime you see them. Nothing really manages to make them stop. Always searching for the next point of interest, for the next social event to visit, the Sagittarians always end up with the spotlight on them.

However, they are not just mindlessly meandering about, playing and having fun. No, they actually have a much more profound and deeper personality, one aimed at the truths of the world, the philosophical implications of existence itself. They will take you with them, but don’t hold them back from any new adventures.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Sagittarius friend:

  1. They are kind and generous with anyone who manages to win their trust.
  2. They are open-minded and flexible in thinking and in no way judgmental.
  3. They are absolutely in love with the new, the challenging, and the artificial.
  4. They are loyal and devoted to a fault.
  5. They are the life of the party.

Challenging friends

It’s hard to keep up with a Sagittarius when it comes to friendships. They are unbeatable. Kind and generous with anyone who manages to win their trust, they will never abandon the boat when in needed. They are loyal and devoted to a fault.

They don’t care about any rewards, and you don’t have to feel responsible or obliged to respond the same way. It would be ideal if you did that, but they do it all unconditionally. And how do they help? By offering invaluable analyses and systematic break-downs of problems.

They don’t beat around the bush and will immediately tell you if something’s wrong without paying attention to any unnecessary details. They only care about the truth, and as such, there will be times when their interlocutors end up hurt by the bitter allegations they throw their way.

Moreover, they make for great leaders and spiritual guides precisely because they are very responsible, intuitive, and dynamic.

When no one has the courage to take on a challenge, they are the first to come up in everyone’s mind. Even when they end up finding the solution, they will share the glory with all their friends, without expecting anything at all.

However, there is a slight downside to their generally helpful and supportive nature. They do it because the truly see you as being desperate and incapable of doing it yourself.

This comes as a result of their competitive streak. You can’t face them nor can you raise yourself to their level.

Even more, you’ll have to think it twice before entering a contest against Sagittarians. They are kind of hypocrite, willing to cheat in order to secure an advantage, but spiteful if you cheat.

Be careful what you wish for because the Sagittarians will not hesitate to bring you the bitter truth if that’s what you’re asking for. Moreover, don’t be surprised when you’ll see them become distant and entirely focused on solving an issue.

In order to find the best solution possible, they want to be objective, to get rid of all extraneous distractions, and to concentrate on finding the solution.

This is their way of doing what’s best, so you don’t have to worry or become upset. It’s not because of you, not at all. Be patient and wait for them to come back to their old self.

You’ll be happy to find out that they are open-minded and flexible in thinking. Different viewpoints don’t put them down. Instead, they are very excited and interested in seeing other ideas coming from different sources. Diverse cultures can generate completely innovative solutions and mentalities.

They are intrigued by how other people see life, how they deal with problems, and what their philosophies are. They are absolutely in love with the new, the challenging, and the artificial. Having fun with friends while visiting a foreign country seems like the best idea for a vacation for them.

The Sagittarian people are really careful about how they spend their money. Financial administering is one of the few essential issues that they deal with in full possession of their concentration and mental abilities. These things can’t suffer any delay.

You shouldn’t even think about trying to con or deceive them with money because you won’t like it when they get their revenge. And it’s going to be a cruel, slow, and torturous vengeance. The thing is, you’re going to lose a faithful friend who would have stood by you against any sort of enemy, had you not made a blunder.

Friends who really care

These natives are the types who will be loyal to their friends even in the most difficult of situations, and even if destruction is near, they will not leave. No matter what, they will have your back. However, at the same time, they don’t like having to deal with your dramatic issues or be involved with fake people. They hate that the most.

They will always point out your mistakes if there are any, all for the sake of getting better. This might make some people back away, but the ones who stay are bound to evolve. Two Sagittarians will make for quite the explosive combination, the adventurous combo of the zodiac.

Just be flexible and put your best ideas to good use. Release all your emotions and pressure, try to envision having a good time with them, coming up with brand new ideas for activities. You’ll see these Sagittarius natives lighting up like a Christmas tree.

However, don’t try to lock them in a cage or hold them against their will. They will try to escape, not because of pride or selfishness, but because they are freedom-fighters, independent wanderers of the world.

When they want to share something, they will. They have reasons for everything they do, so just be patient.

You may start believing that they don’t care that much or that they don’t know how to express their affection. However, the truth is, they are slow to trust you, but once they do, expect acts filled with love and compassion. They never do anything for the sake of doing it.

The best thing about Sagittarius natives isn’t that they feel no fear about doing new things or braving dangerous situations. It’s that they overcome those fears.

That’s what it means to be a Sagittarius. And they also incentivize you to do the same, to challenge yourself constantly, to step out of your comfort zone.

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Written by Denise

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