Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can be rather tricky as these two want different things but can still have fun together and trust each other.

Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship

The friendship between the Cancer and the Sagittarius can be difficult because the Cancer wants someone reliable, while the Sagittarius believes only in freedom and can’t stay in one place for too long.

When the Cancer will want to be at home and watch TV, the Archer will want to explore new territories and to take part in new adventures. While the Crab pays attention to money, the Sagittarius spends without thinking.

CriteriaCancer and Sagittarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

If these two start to think of their differences as something that makes them strong, they can be friends for a lifetime. For example, the Sagittarius can teach the Cancer how to be more adventurous and try things that he or she would have never dared to do.

Different ways of approaching life

It’s true the Cancer will despair seeing the Sagittarius is always late and the other way around, the Crab can negatively influence the Sagittarius’ good disposition with his or her moods, but they’ll mostly get along very well, not to mention how much they can learn when interacting with each other.

In order for them to be good friends, they need to wait for their connection to become warmer. This way, they’ll be able to offer more of themselves when being good friends.

While the Sagittarius is only looking for thrills and to take as many risks as possible, the Cancer wants only security.

Early in their friendship, the Cancer may want more dedication, something that the Sagittarius is not willing to offer. With time, the Archer will learn to rely on the emotional support the Crab has to give.

These two have very different ways of approaching life as the Cancer relies a lot on emotions and tradition, whereas the Sagittarius likes to experiment and to be in the middle of things.

It can be difficult for the latter to get used with how many emotions their friend exhibits. In return, the Cancer may not accept how restless and eager to do new things the Sagittarius is.

However, the Cancer can make sure the Archer keeps being focused on making his or her dreams come true.

The Sagittarius can teach the Cancer how to have fun and to take control of his or her life by being bolder. The latter are known to sometimes destroy their own friendships because they’re either being manipulative, feeling insecure or possessive.

There aren’t too many people who want to get manipulated or are open to reassure their friends about their support all the time. Cancers can suspect their best pals of a lot of wrongdoing, so their loved ones may always have to justify themselves in front of these natives.

The Cancer friend

People born in Cancer are very tenacious and when they want something, they just go after it without thinking twice. It’s great to know one of them because they can be great role models and the best friends in the world.

What’s incredible about Cancers is that they’re not trying to take others out of their comfort zone. They just don’t mind taking the lead in the hope that they will be followed.

It’s amazing how these natives can see only what’s best in their friends and encourage these to make something of themselves.

The Cancer is very loyal and gives a lot of importance to friendship. People in this sign treat friends like family. Being ruled by the Moon, they’re giving and very motherly. Sagittarius has the planet Jupiter as a ruler, so he or she is more focused on being optimistic, traveling and relying on luck.

Cancers are very protective and treat everyone like family because they need to express their love and feelings of care. Anyone who has a problem can always turn to them for a solution.

However, these natives can get easily hurt and find reconciliation difficult. Very emotional and relying only on their intuition, they sometimes think they need to do much more for their friends, which means they can become intruding in a very hurtful way.

It takes them a while to find a group of friends because they don’t trust easily and are very picky.

The Sagittarius friend

Sagittarians are those lucky friends to whom everyone is going for some fun times. Those who are sad and feeling lonely should definitely turn to the Archer in order to lift their spirits and to become happier.

These natives don’t mind singing, impersonating, telling jokes and simply spreading their positive energy all over the place.

Being optimistic, enthusiastic and fun, they immediately attract friends. Their advice is very appreciated by those who have to deal with stress and need to be more aggressive, which means their presence is cheerful and encouraging.

They usually have many friends because they pay attention to everyone, even if they know who’s their true friend and who’s only an acquaintance. They always come up with great ideas of doing something, either if it’s about going out for a meal or throwing a party.

Their curiosity is tremendous and they love having friends from all over the world. These natives love traveling a lot in order to see people and to have a great time. They’re known for having high ideals and for being interested in all kind of philosophical and spiritual ideas.

Sagittarians are very optimistic and don’t insist on the same problems for too long. They love to just live life as it comes to them, so they don’t hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity.

These natives have a contagious energy and can make anyone feel optimistic and joyful.

Furthermore, they’re known to be very giving, even if they don’t have that many friends with whom they can be really open. They expect loyalty and to be respected because they’re very giving themselves and treat everyone as family.

Sagittarians are very honest and restless, which means they can’t be involved in something steady and friendships that will last for a lifetime. When they won’t hesitate to tell the truth, no matter how hurtful, and start to once again brag about their adventures and achievements, few of their friends will still want to stick around.

What to remember about the Cancer & Sagittarius friendship

The Sagittarius could wait on the Cancer to become spontaneous and as excited of new ideas as he or she is. It’s possible that in friendships, Sagittarians become a little bit possessive, not to mention they have a quick temper and can be very moody from time to time.

They hate dishonesty and betrayal, so their friends should be careful to never offend them. Anyway, they remain friends with only a few people who have resisted next to them over time.

When friends with Cancers, the connection between these two is full of expansion because it combines both feminine and masculine energies and these two admire one another very much. If having common goals and interests, they can achieve anything together.

The Cancer is belonging to the Water element, whereas the Sagittarius to the Fire element. The second wants to be free, while the first needs to feel stable from an emotional point of view.

The Sagittarius is always active and adventurous, the Cancer relies only on emotions. It may take a while for these two to understand one another, but there are many things that complement each other in them, so their connection can be exciting and very beneficial for both.

Even if not seeing things similarly, they will still give importance to the same values and resolve the conflicts between them in a peaceful manner.

The Cancer is cardinal and the Sagittarius mutable. This means the Archer simply loves jumping from one idea to another like feelings dictate him or her, whereas the Cancer is more into making plans.

The latter needs to give their friend freedom because these natives need their own space. The first will always work on the plans of the second, even if the Sagittarius has moved on and started something new.

The same Sagittarius can teach the Cancer how to be open minded and less rigid. The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that they can make one another feel secure.

It can be said they’re strange when together because the Cancer is very emotional and can just start crying for no reason, whereas the Archer is too optimistic to ever feel down.

The Cancer is obsessed with having a comfortable home and a domestic life, the Sagittarius doesn’t mind sleeping just about anywhere.

While different, these two still like one another because the Cancer can respect the Sagittarius’ morals, while the Archer appreciates that the Crab is honest. These two will trust each other a lot when good friends.

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