Taurus and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can only thrive if both understand and take advantage of the complementarity of their signs.

Taurus and Sagittarius Friendship

The friendship between the Taurus and Sagittarius can be quite troublesome because the first is stable, whereas the latter thinks only of adventure. The Bull wants harmony and peace, the Archer is only interested in new and exciting things.

These two may find it difficult to have a common ground, but nothing is impossible because both of them are honest and appreciate nothing but the truth.

CriteriaTaurus and Sagittarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeBelow average★ ★

The Sagittarius will always tell the Taurus when he or she is being too stubborn or boring. In return, the latter will make the former more attentive when he or she is acting irresponsibly.

A beautiful combination

If they want to be friends forever, a Taurus and a Sagittarius need to understand how their partnership works, not to mention there are many things they can learn from each other.

While the Sagittarius loves the new and taking on challenges, the Taurus focuses on feeling secure and respecting tradition. In the beginning of their connection, the Taurus may demand too much from the Sagittarius, but he or she has enough patience to wait for the Archer’s appreciation towards the comfort their friendship has to offer.

Their approaches to life are different because the Bull is calm and very down-to-earth, whereas the Sagittarius wants only to explore and to do something exciting.

It can be difficult for the latter to accept such a fixed personality like the one of the Taurus, and the other way around, the Taurus can’t understand why the Archer is so agitated.

The Taurus is able to offer the Sagittarius security for his or her dreams to become a reality. Furthermore, the latter can show their friend what excitement and complete stimulation mean.

The planet that rules Taurus is Venus, whereas the one ruling Sagittarius is Jupiter. Venus is the ruler of luxury and beautiful things, Jupiter is all about being optimistic, having luck, exploring and learning new things.

The combination of these two celestial bodies is focused on everything that’s beautiful and expansive, on masculinity and femininity, which means the Taurus and the Sagittarius can really support each other.

Each friend with their strengths

People who happen to be friends of Taurians already know how these natives are very loyal and supportive. A Taurus will never back down from helping or from fighting for his or her friends.

This means Taurians are reliable and truly honest when offering their friendship. Life can happen suddenly and surprisingly, so a Taurus is always the best person to have around.

He or she can save anyone from different desperate situations, without asking anything in return. Taurians are very dependable friends who don’t mind being there for their loved ones, in times of need.

Many natives of the zodiac need someone as serious and reliable as them because it’s difficult to just keep up with life and help is needed all the time.

Taurians don’t mind being the ones to whom others always turn to, because they’re not scared of any difficult situation and can save the day, regardless how extreme the circumstances are.

It’s easy for Taurians to make friends, but many may confuse their ability to interact with superficiality. However, these natives are in fact very sensitive and don’t usually trust people at the first “hello”.

On the contrary, their friends need to prove their loyalty and to take the relationship with them very seriously. It can be hard to tell who’s the best friends of a Taurus because he or she takes his or her time to decide and doesn’t reveal too much when comes to feelings.

Always good intentioned and ready to offer their generosity, Taurians never become mean or cynical, even if they’re very realistic and their demands can surprise anyone.

They’re always doing what they’ve promised and expect others to be the same. Taurians can make anyone feel secure and really protected because they’re good providers of stability.

Therefore, the Bull is able to make any other sign feel safe. As a matter of fact, people in Taurus are obsessed to protect their loved ones and to keep them away from any harm.

They’re never allowing vulnerabilities to interfere because they’re very responsible and prefer to guide others in doing the most logical thing. Furthermore, they’re courageous, powerful and don’t mind taking on the burdens of others in order for these to all the time feel protected.

The Sagittarius can’t be tied down and is obsessed with telling the truth. Natives of this sign are all the time thinking outside the box and are eager to take part in any kind of new adventures.

It’s suggested to never interfere with their way of life because they’re only sharing when ready and hate being told what to do. Furthermore, the Sagittarius needs a reason to do things, so he or she gives meaning to everything that seems more or less important.

These natives are not very thoughtful, but when paying attention to someone, this means they’re really appreciating that person.

Flexibility needed

The Archer wants to move around, the Bull needs stability. The Sagittarius will always act on impulse and feelings, whereas the Taurus thinks only of practical results.

The first belongs to the Fire element, while the second to the Earth one.

These two need to understand each other when they’re being friends because only this way, they can become a great team that takes advantage of the complementarity between them.

While they may not agree about everything, they can still reassure one another that their friendship is important and that their arguments can never stand in their way.

The Taurus is fixed, whereas the Sagittarius is mutable, which means the first is constant and able to stick with a project, while the other changes according to motivations.

As a matter of fact, the Sagittarius loves variety and moves from one project to another without caring too much about any consequences.

If the Taurus convinces the Sagittarius to be more down-to-earth, the latter can become all of this, but only if also allowed all the freedom in the world.

Furthermore, the Taurus can give the Sagittarius a lot of help with the realization of big dreams and important visions, because when with the Bull, the Archer is less unpredictable and flighty.

In return, the latter can teach their friend how to be more flexible. These two can learn a lot from one another because they’re both pretty extreme in their ways.

While one of them can’t stick to something, the other insists too much on doing the same things, all over again. The Sagittarius can help the Taurus have a more exciting life, while the other way around, the Bull can teach the Archer how to enjoy stability and traditions.

People born in Sagittarius have a lot of charisma, are thoughtful and enthusiastic, which means they can easily make friends. As a matter of fact, their optimism can disarm anyone.

They want to take part in new adventures, to live life as it comes and to meet people from all corners of the world. Furthermore, they’re protective and very generous.

However, they can’t stand having responsibilities and they really don’t carry an emotional baggage. When someone asks of them to be more thoughtful, they become angry and restless.

A pair of stubborn friends

Because Sagittariuses and Taurians have very different approaches to life, they can often fight.

It’s difficult for these natives to respect traditions, to have patience or to keep a secret. When contradicted, they become preachy and impulsive.

The Taurus is too stubborn to ever accept the fact that the Sagittarius is impulsive, while the other way around, the Archer is annoyed by the simplicity of the Bull.

When good friends, these two need to understand they can adjust to one another. For example, the Sagittarius should understand a more rational and secure approach like the one the Taurus has is indicated, while the Taurus should learn how to just go with the flow, just like Sagittarius does.

The best thing the friendship between these two offers is the fact that they both can gain a new perspective when spending time together.

As soon as they open to one another, they can become a wonderful team that communicates and doesn’t mind dealing with any difference of characters.

Therefore, the friendship between the Taurus and the Sagittarius can be fulfilling and happy, even if the Taurus finds the Sagittarius puzzling, with all of his or her enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the Archer doesn’t understand how the Bull can enjoy routine so much. When the Taurus will organize the same surprise party for the Sagittarius year after year, the latter will be speechless because he or she can’t grasp the idea of how this can happen all over again.

However, these two can still admire each other because the Taurus loves how the Sagittarius is relaxed, while the other way around, the Archer adores the Bull’s sense of humor.

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