Leo and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

This friendship has a special charm as there is some kind of magnetism in the way these two get along.

Leo and Sagittarius Friendship

The friendship between the Leo and the Sagittarius is based on how strongly the first feels for the latter. While giving attention to all their friends, Leos seem to be more attached to Sagittarians because these natives are friendly, enthusiastic and humorous.

When friends, the Leo and the Sagittarius will surprise one another with the many talents they’re having. For example, the first can teach the latter how to be more practical and to handle money, while the Archer helps the Leo have an open mind and how to focus on what seems impossible to get done.

CriteriaLeo and Sagittarius Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

The Leo surely does their part

It’s true the Leo will be annoyed because the Sagittarius is never on time and the latter won’t stand how the first always acts like royalty. This is a situation in which opposites attract in the friendliest manner.

Sagittarians are very open, charming and sociable. These natives are also all the time looking for a new party to join and an adventure that can help them make more friends.

It can be said the Leo is sociable in the same manner as he or she is always open for more fun, even if natives of this sign are sometimes trying to control everything.

Because the Leo can lead and the Sagittarius doesn’t have a care in the world, these two are opposites who can be best friends.

Furthermore, they’re both active and courageous, so it’s impossible for them to ever get bored when spending their time together.

It can be said they’re very able to have together a friendship for a lifetime as they’re both explosive and want to do as many interesting things as possible.

These natives love living in the moment and can encourage one another to only go for what’s best in life. The fact that the Sagittarius is focused on the philosophical side of things can make the Leo humbler.

The mutual respect and admiration between them is tremendous, not to mention they’re both charming and have a special magnetism.

When going places together, they simply radiate because they’re both highly energetic. Neither of them is patient, and the Leo can be bothered by how much the Sagittarius is socializing and flirting, all the time.

However, their friendship is always interesting and truly exciting. While the Sagittarius treats life like an open book, the Leo is all the time focused on getting things done.

Both of them love to socialize, only the Leo needs to always feel like a leader and to rule. After all, he or she is the king of the jungle, whereas the Sagittarius is an Archer who’s aiming for the best target and slowly takes action to achieve it.

Therefore, Sagittarians can see different nuances to a situation. The Leo loves to entertain, so he or she will make all kind of jokes in order to make others laugh.

Being a Fire sign, this native is motivated when helping people mingle and when he or she collaborates with everyone. Those Sagittarius who are friends of Leos can be sure they’ll never get bored and that there will always be something to make them laugh because their Leo friend is always making a good joke.

Furthermore, Leos are very protective, which means their friends are always kept away from danger. It’s impossible to describe how loyal these natives can be and how much they’re ready to give up on themselves in order to help others in difficult situations.

Those who need someone to support them should make friends with a Leo because he or she is very reliable, not to mention how natives of this sign are always keeping their promises.

As soon as someone will enter their life, they’ll forever be there for that person, regardless of the situation. They’re natural born leaders, just like the lion in the jungle, so they love to rule and to be responsible for their closest pals.

When someone attacks the friend of a Leo, this native doesn’t hesitate to immediately retaliate and to become scary. Even when their companions are being wrong, they don’t mind being defending and protective.

How these two complete each other

Friendship is very serious for these two, so their commitment is sincere and long-lasting. Most of their friends know to call them when in trouble.

Sagittarians are very kind and devoted to their loved ones, no matter if they’ve known a person for only a few days. They don’t like drama and can’t be patient with those who don’t keep their word.

While very loyal, these natives don’t hesitate to always be honest and to openly talk about the negative traits of their friends. While having many acquaintances, they can’t keep up with them all, so it’s very possible for them to just disappear for a while and after to come back in order to recuperate all the lost time.

As a matter of fact, they’re known for doing all this and for being good at reconnecting with people they haven’t seen in years. Sagittarians think a good conversation is more important than remembering birthdays.

Both Leos and Sagittarians are respected by many of their acquaintances, which means the mutual respect they have for one another is rightful.

The Archer will think he or she has found his or her companion and partner in crime when being friends with the Leo.

Both being Fire signs, they’re only interested in new adventures and possess endless passion. While the Leo loves being in big crowds, the Sagittarius doesn’t mind going through life alone.

The experiences they’re having together are usually unforgettable because they’re both dynamic and possess fiery temperaments. Furthermore, they can convince one another to be more daring, which means they become unstoppable when focusing on the same things.

The similarities between these two are not only on the surface, but also on a deeper level. For example, they both love to perform and to be themselves, not to mention that when together, they’re not afraid of being vulnerable.

It’s possible for them to just sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, but most of the time, they’ll engage in new adventures and live life to the maximum.

Both are energetic and highly intellectual, which means they’re very compatible as friends. There will be many activities they’ll do together, not to mention how much they love to collaborate with one another.

The Sagittarius loves to take the initiative and is less lazy than the Leo. Both want an interesting life, so they’ll agree on doing just about anything. Furthermore, they’re great as business partners because the Leo has many ideas and can innovate.

The mutual admiration between these two is forever present, and they’re both honest and dependable. Their friendship will develop in time, even if the Sagittarius doesn’t like when the Leo is being selfish.

The breath of fresh air the Sagittarius is

Sagittarians are the students of the zodiac because they love to explore, to expand their knowledge and to make as many new friends as possible. For others, these natives are just like a ray of sunshine. The best thing about them is the fact that they’re able to transmit their positive energy to anyone.

They will never be pessimistic because they have this ability to see only what’s best, regardless how dark and difficult a situation may be. They’re always saying things are going to be okay and they’re most of the time right.

The planet ruling Leo is the Sun, while the one ruling Sagittarius is Jupiter. Both these celestial bodies have masculine energy and can combine with one another very well, considering they’re pretty much the same.

The Sun rules over the self, whereas Jupiter influences everything to expand and abundance to happen. Therefore, the natives ruled by these planets will be focused on personal development and sometimes exaggerate, but only when together.

The fact that they’re energetic means they can keep up with one another’s force and enthusiasm. The Sagittarius may become tired of seeing how the Leo is selfish, but the arguments between these two won’t last for too long as the first is always focusing on what to do next, whereas the second is too optimistic to ever think a small fight can have big effects.

The Leo is fixed, the Sagittarius is mutable, which means the latter can show the former how to be more insightful, whereas the Leo can teach the Sagittarius how to act more diplomatically.

The Sagittarius will not like at all how the Leo is bossy, vain and sometimes superficial. However, both are very loyal to one another, so they want to enjoy some great times together rather than to argue.

The greatest thing about their friendship is the fact that they can be a team and that they have mutual admiration for each other. When friends, these two will focus very much on both personal and worldly affairs.

Their roles in the connection between them can be established from the beginning, and their combined forces will only bring them both great results.

They love being friends because they’re always playful and the Leo likes the jokes the Sagittarius makes. In return, the Archer appreciates how much energy the Leo has.

They will travel to many places and spend a lot of time outdoors because they’re both physical creatures. The Leo will secretly think the Sagittarius is lightheaded, while the Archer will be bothered by the Leo’s selfishness.

They will fight over these things, but never anything too serious because they really understand each other and can see their life together is much more beautiful than when they’re being apart.

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